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    I'm married, 68 years old, and have found the car of my dreams.
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    My hobbies include my 1954 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe Convertible and fishing.

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  1. captden29

    Starter Removal

    on my 54 Windsor it took every wrench of every angle to get the top bolt off. it is hidden behind the starter motor body. not impossible but time consuming . not familiar with what a moon wrench is, but i may even have some. i buy unusual size and angled wrenches at flea markets if they are cheap. always found a need for them if only once. capt den
  2. captden29

    48 Chrysler New Yorker starting issue

    my car has sat for 3 weeks due to the hurricane. i tried the wingnut thing and the car started very fast. thanks. now back to installing new carpet. captden
  3. captden29

    48 Chrysler New Yorker starting issue

    so John, if you loosen the wing nut on the air cleaner the gas you put in there goes directly into the carb? none goes into the oil bath area? i always take the whole air cleaner off to do the same thing. capt den
  4. captden29

    46 dodge oil pressure

    54 Chrysler only has idiot lites for amp and oil, so i never know the oil pressure.i do know from owning other mopars of this era that 20# at idle and 40# running are good numbers. if it ain't broke...…! capt den
  5. captden29

    Bath time

    Russ, my 54 has a 265, which is silver. trans too is silver. oil pan is not green. i keep meaning to lube the linkage joints. the trans is very difficult to get in drive after not using the car for a while, but loosens up after driving a day or so. i am afraid the issue is in the steering column, but may just be the linkages. i will try my pressure washer. capt den
  6. captden29

    need help with carpet

    thanks for the replies. ebay has it all! i am going to try the instabind that greg showed. like to make it more of my own work. will let you know the results. capt den
  7. captden29

    need help with carpet

    i purchased carpet for my 54 Windsor convertible from JC Whitney. a fair product for the price. it needs some cutting to fit well. i have cut the front. now i am not sure how to prepare where it is cut so it does not keep fraying. also, where can i get a grommet for the dimmer switch hole? i just had the seats recovered and they are beautiful. the carpet is a dark grey and the seats are a red and off white. i will post a picture when the wife gets home and she shows me again how to do that. this may inspire me to get the car painted. maybe maaco?. budget is important. thanks for ant tips. captain den
  8. captden29

    Door won't open. 1952 Dodge coronet

    i once closed my door on my 54 Windsor and a screwdriver was left along the bottom. door did not want to open after that. i forget how i got it open after that, but once i realized what it was i figured it out. capt den
  9. captden29

    Wheel cylinders and parts

    these guys can re sleeve. apple hydraulics, NY, 631 369 9515. capt den
  10. captden29

    armrest removal 1954 chrysler windsor convertible

    don, i tried peeling back material but got nevous as it seems glued on. there are nuts or bolts there somewher, just installed as a mystery. and dodge, i am trying some upholstery shops today, and will also try WPC
  11. captden29

    armrest removal 1954 chrysler windsor convertible

    i wonder if i should paint the new ones, chrome or powdercoat them? dennis
  12. captden29

    10 Inch Wiper Blades

    at the 10 inch trico wiperblade store. only kidding. a company called Ficken sells blades for the old cars. look them up, but i may have an address or phone # ssomewhere if you cannot find them. dennis
  13. captden29

    armrest removal 1954 chrysler windsor convertible

    i could buy new ones if i cut or torch the old ones off. any source for these? dennis
  14. i am trying to remove the armrests. the handles are off, door panel pulled away, but the armrests appear to be bolted to the door from behind them where i cannot see what is there or even get a hand in there. the arm rests are covered with material all around, they do not have bolts under them as in my 53 imperial. i do not see how they could have been put together this way, let alone be removed. funny thing is there is duct tape on the paper panel under the door panel. this was not used in 1954, so someone has been in there. may not be relevant to this issue. does someone know the procedure to remove these? thanks. capt den
  15. captden29

    1952 Suburban restoration project

    really cool car. probably very rare today. i love that floor shifter, and even though i need auotomatic for my arthritis, i would occasionally drive that car just for the shifter. good luck with it captden

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