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  1. captden29

    Oh, what to do? AND Are these wheels stock?

    really cool car. probably very rare today. i love that floor shifter, and even though i need auotomatic for my arthritis, i would occasionally drive that car just for the shifter. good luck with it captden
  2. captden29

    4 wheel alignment

    thanks for the replies. worn shackles and bushings are probably the usual culprits. capt den
  3. captden29

    1950 Fuel Pump

    if your fuel line to carb runs very close to the exhaust manifold this can heat gas in the line and possibly cause your problem. i moved the line on my car a way from the manifold and that helps, but these cars are known for this problem . some have added an electric pump to eliminate this problem. capt den
  4. captden29

    4 wheel alignment

    i read an article on a 51 Plymouth where the man said he ahd a 4 wheel alignment done on the car. is that possible on a 51 Plymouth? i thought only front wheel drive cars get this. also, he said he reset the steering. not sure what he meant by that either. says the car drives so much better. has anyone any idea what was done to this car? capt den.
  5. captden29

    1st car show with the coupe

    how does anyone keep a car that long and yet it remains beautiful? i guess it was restored, but few people would spend the money and time to do that car. many parts are not available. a good steering wheel is very difficult to find. anyway, the car is great. capt den
  6. captden29

    coolant in plug wells

    probably gasket at thermostat housing. capt den
  7. captden29

    Setting timing

    red to block and black to positive gives you two grounds.
  8. captden29


    what is an air soft BB ?
  9. captden29


    they are the ones i used about 15 years ago. when i called around, i was told often that nobody had the kits for this booster, or they just did not want to do that one. guys at power brake said "no problem ,about 3 weeks". i just looked up my old receipts and it was $275. they gave me a veterans discount. did a great job. i found them in hemmings. working under the car to remove and replace was not easy. hope you can drive it this year. capt den
  10. captden29

    Convertible Top Hydraulic Motor reproduction

    wish i had thought of using a later year motor, even if 12 volt. live and learn. the shop you are using should have no problem to do the work in 2 weeks or less. these motors are very easy to take apart, clean and put back together. capt den
  11. captden29

    Convertible Top Hydraulic Motor reproduction

    i had the motor for my 54 Chrysler rebuilt 3 times.nobody really knew what they were doing even though they claimed to know. it ended up worse than when i started. finally broke down and bought a new one from hydro-e-lectric in florida. bought the wiring to go with it too.i have not yet installed, but i expect to in the next few weeks, weather permitting. your pump should clean up, as mine had that same powdery stuff in it when i first took everything apart. cleaning that fixed the pump. main issue with the motor was the brushes.they had gotten brake fluid on them and never were right again. they would leave residue on the commutator so it would only work a short time. they are spot welde to the motor and nobody would replace them. good luck. by the way, i hope you disconnected the pistons when manually operating the top. still not easy for one person, very easy for two. capt den
  12. captden29


    bypassing the booster is not a hacky way to get the brakes working. it will simply give you perfectly good manual brakes like all the other Chryslers built that year that were not equipped with power brakes. the booster can then be rebuilt at your leisure and reinstalled later. you get to drive the car. captden
  13. captden29


    hemmings lists several rebuilders. i used a guy in calif. back in about 06. 300 then, maybe more now. i can find the name somewhere if you have no luck. also, you can simply bypass the booster on these cars and just have manual brakes that will work fine. just split the brake lines out of the master to the front and rear. my 54 Windsor has a booster, but it was bypassed sometime before i bought the car. just not eager to pull the booster and spend the money for the rebuild. also, if the diaphragm in the booster fails, it will allow the vacuum line to suck all the brake fluid out of the system and you will lose ALL braking in a very short time. this happened to a 53 imperial i owned, but luckily i never left the property that day. i then had the booster rebuilt. if you pull the front seat out there is a cover in the floor you can remove for easy access to the booster. i am a fan of these 50's Chryslers. capt den
  14. captden29

    Flush convertible top cylinders

    i already spilled brake fluid in the car in the past trying to fix what was there. i will be neater this time.i have been nursing the original motor, but finally gave up and bought a new one. hope it is worth the money and time. capt den
  15. captden29

    Flush convertible top cylinders

    i do not wish to did-assemble the cylinders, but i can take them out of the car and clean and flush to get all the brake fluid out.the film that vintage sent shows how that can be done. the new pump i bought recommends ATF, but brake fluid is also acceptable. the original pump used brake fluid. the mopar film shows the exact system i have, so it is a tremendous help. i never knew how all the adjustments worked. the top mechanisms were always a mystery. not any more. thanks to all who responded with advice. capt den

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