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    My hobbies include my 1954 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe Convertible and fishing.

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  1. captden29

    new battery

    my computer skills are bad. tried to look up old threads on buying a new battery, which ones may be better. I need a group 2 for my 54 Chrysler with a 265. I have bought from batteries plus in the past but do not have good luck with their product. the one in the car had to be replaced under the warranty 2 to 3 years ago, and is now getting weak. maybe I should just go up the street to advance . I know there are more expensive ones like optima, but not sure if I should spend the money. many are made overseas, poor quality. seems like we are stuck these days and have nowhere to turn. capt den
  2. captden29

    Why Different Oil Viscosities?

    10w 30, detergent conventional.i have been around the dial using different oils. now i buy whatever is on sale. were the weights rated differently in 1946? maybe a 20w was thinner or thicker. capt den
  3. captden29

    Thoughts on Flat-towing?

    DON' T try this with a powerflite. that tranny has a pump in the rear of the tranny that will pump when you tow it in neutral or not. that is why you can push start a car with that tranny. capt den
  4. captden29

    Heater Core & Control Valve Access ‘53

    there are a few that ar54e inside, but they are not that far up and a little searching will find them. capt den
  5. captden29

    1950 Wayfarer sedan

    any 23 inch block. i think up to 1952 in passenger cars. capt den
  6. captden29

    Freeze plug troubles

    mike, dorman makes a plug that you do not have to dimple. it goes in the blocke and it has a nut yo tighten and it expands the plug into the hole. a little sealant and you are done. part # 568-010. great for when the block is in the car and you have no room to swing a hammer. they have been in my car now for 2 years, no leaks.blowout resist to 300 PSI. 1 5/8 diameter. about $5.00 each at any auto parts store. capt den
  7. captden29

    53 New Yorker brake booster problem

    the return line to the master is only for any fluid that gets past the diaphragm in the booster. capt den
  8. captden29

    heat riser info

    thanks for the reply. i got the info on the heat riser that i need. how do i find these links next time i want these sights? capt den
  9. captden29

    heat riser info

    where is the site that explains the operation of the heat riser? how do i get to the classified? i want to sell a manual for the industrial engines. capt den
  10. captden29

    Starter repairs

    nice work.good looking car. i love the grill on that year. i guess the broomstick just holds it open wider. start it and drive it. capt den
  11. captden29

    mufler explosion

    it was a combination of things, but the dist. was in properly but the wires were off by one or two.the timing was bad because i played with the arm on the underside of the dist. not really knowing what it is there for. i still do not know why it is there and the manual does not mention it. what big box store sells mufflers? i ordered new tune up parts that are NOS and not Chinese. i put all the old stuff back in and the car runs fine. what's the old saying about if it's not broke? while i got the car up for the muffler i can do the universals. i finally found a set for a reasonable price. captden
  12. captden29

    mufler explosion

    trying to do a simple tune up, i ended up with the wrong rotor. after cranking too much with no start, a spark got into the system and blew the muffler apart. i tried to contact Kepich exhaust for a new one as that is where it came from. their phone number is no longer in service. are they out of business? where else to look for just a muffler? 1954 Windsor 6 cyl. capt den
  13. captden29

    251 L head runs bad HELP!!!!!

    you need steel core wires. try a new condenser. china stuff can be bad even new. 118 lbs of compression is like a new engine. check the dist. lead wire to the points. the insulation can wear off from the dist. plate moving when you accelerate. capt den
  14. captden29

    rear axle bearings

    thanks dodge. i seem to not understand the way this is set up on my 54 Windsor. i should have mentioned the car and year. i believe the axle has 2 bearings, and i only wish to do the one in front of the seal. maybe i need to look more carefully at the manual. the one i want to service only takes grease from a small hole in the axle housing. i am told that the grease in there can be dried up and needs replacing and the bearing repacked or maybe replaced. capt den
  15. captden29

    rear axle bearings

    i would like to clean and grease the rear axle bearings but i do not have the special puller the book calls for.is there a newer puller available,or some other way to remove them. what about the seals? i am nervous about this job. old age i guess. was a time i would just dig in and figure it out as i went along. i want to drive the car longer distance and feel this maintenance would be a good idea. i am sure it was never done before. thanks, capt den

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