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  1. 50 Coronet first start and drive.

    my first car, 1950 meadowbrook. love the square gauges. tinted green if i remember right. engine sounds great. was that a 12 volt start up? i also remember the back seat. capt den
  2. Question on freeze plugs?

    the key word in jb weld is "weld". these plugs should pop when needed. this is not a hemi engine. if jb weld works for you, that's fine. a sealer like permatex will definitely make any removal later much easier, especially with the engine in the car. i use jb weld for permanent fixes. good product. capt den
  3. Question on freeze plugs?

    not sure JB weld is good as a sealant.too permanent, maybe? i use a product called boatlife. it is typically used in marine application for watertight seals hardens , glues, seals, but can be easily removed. capt den
  4. 49 and 50 Dodge/Plymouth parts compatibility

    fastback, i have 2 arm rests for a 1950 Plymouth. front doors. they need restoration. also, a clear plastic knob for the end of the shift lever. yours for postage if interested. capt den
  5. Bernbaum Bowl Fuel Filter

    fuel flow in this area is rather slow, so it is probably working correctly. drive the car and you will know. capt den
  6. 47p15 Plymouth original 15" steel wheels

    if your drums have the locating pin then a new wheel must accommodate that. they are 4 1/2 by 5 bolt pattern, capt den
  7. 53 new yorker trunk switch?

    never knew about the mercury switch. my trunk light is not working so i will check out the advice here. 54 Windsor should be the same. capt den
  8. the screws that hold the carb sections together can loosen, try to tighten them. most likely the carb needs a quality rebuild . vacuum advance diaphragms rot. check that and replace.timing?usually about 2 degrees btdc. check your manual. are the new wires steel core? look inside the cap for any burning. these new parts we get now are often low quality. capt den
  9. i use 235 75r 15 on my 54 Windsor. no rubbing and they handle well. no whitewalls though. i used to use skinnier whitewalls as they can be gotten anywhere and much cheaper than cokers. wide whites are nice, if i could afford them. capt den
  10. Head Gasket Replacement

    got head bolts from the machine shop that milled the head for me. i will get the # off the box when i go out to the garage later. capt den
  11. 1950 Spitfire problems

    head gasket will have breaks, pieces missing, usually between cylinders. if you had a new one, or picture of a new one you will see where there is damage. did it blow white smoke when it started running bad? that would be coolant sucked into the engine at a point where the head gasket blew. keep us posted when you look into this further and more info can be given. local car club guys are always willing to lend a hand. nice looking car. captden
  12. 1950 Spitfire problems

    pull the head. blown head gasket will be obvious. crank it over and any stuck valves will be obvious. either one of these issues are fixed easily. capt den
  13. Mopar wheels

    Greg, you mean me. yes, my car came with me from NY and it is all original. i attend that show every year. hope all is well with you. dennis,aka capt den
  14. Mopar wheels

    i am also in need of one rim for my 1954 Windsor. i am in Wilmington, NC. just found out yesterday why the one rim is bad. captden
  15. Car shows

    my club had a cruise in last night. the trophies[6] are provided by the business where the cruise takes place. they also judge. we bring the music,50/50 equipment, PA system, and we do the parking. no charge to anyone. ours is small, usually 40 cars or so. good time for all. the club makes no money, but when we do we are a non-profit, so it goes to various charities. the people who own these cars can easily afford to pay 20 or 25$ to enter other shows. capt den