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  1. Had an interesting project come up today. A friend came accross a 1925 Chrysler, title says Model unknown but I assume it is a B-70. The frame, motor, suspension etc. has been restored and the body mostly restored. The problem is, the body is not mounted to the frame and the person who was restoring it died. All the hardware (bushings, bolts, washers, basically everything) are missing and I have no idea what it will take to mount the body to the frame. Anybody have any idea where to start on a project like this? I'm looking at it next week and figure I'll just have to figure it out. Any and all ideas welcome. Thanks, Todd Daily Drivin'
  2. "I'm overhauling a 55 Coronet and need to rebuild the front end. The service manual lists a bunch of "Special Tools" that have part numbers don't match anything. I see a lot of front end tool kits but don't know exactly which tolls I need. Any help with what tools I should have on hand when I tear into it? This is my first one and don't want to get a bunch of tools I either don't need or won't work. thanks, Todd
  3. I've been soaking to no avail. Even tried to lightly tap them back out but don't want to break anything. Wish there was some way to get them apart. I'll keep working at it. Thanks
  4. Working on a 55 Coronet. I have 2 of the outside door handle plungers stuck pushed in. Removed handle but Service Manual says nothing about how to disassemble them. Any tips on getting them broke loose? Thanks!
  5. I'm working on a 63 Dart for a turn signal switch. Looks pretty straight forward except not sure how the horn ring comes off. Does it just press and turn or are there clips to pry? Also not sure how to get the wire clips out and back in the plug.
  6. toddb

    1955 Coronet

    Thanks. That should help a lot.
  7. toddb

    1955 Coronet

    Great, I'll check them out. Thanks
  8. toddb

    1955 Coronet

    Thanks! The wheels are temporary. Looking for original wheels and hubcaps for wide white wall tires. Need to find someone with a supply of used parts.
  9. toddb

    1955 Coronet

    Here you go, hope the whole car cleans up as well as the left quarter did.
  10. toddb

    1955 Coronet

    Yes, it has dash shifter. I'll post some more pics in a little bit.
  11. toddb

    1955 Coronet

    Just got it home so will post some pics tomorrow. It has an L6 with an auto trans. Overall pretty solid and complete. Thanks
  12. toddb

    1955 Coronet

    I am new to the forum and just got a 55 Dodge Coronet. Having just got it I don't yet know what I'm going to need yet. Can anyone tell me who might have parts as I need them? Thanks!
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