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    68 years old, happily married and love old cars and trucks.
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  1. Can anyone tell me how to remove the headlight and panel light knobs from my 53 B4B ? I would also like to restore them to original condition. Haven't had this truck very long and am still learning how to fix it. Any info would be really appreciated. Trying to keep it as original as possible but don't know anyone in my area of West Central Ohio to talk to. Seems like they are very rare around this area. Thanks in advance. ( Peen )
  2. Peen


    Ok, I should be home all evening.
  3. Peen


    Sorry I don'y have a cell phone. ( only person in America who doesn't have one ) Home phone is 937-335-5381. Usually home in early evening. Look forward to talking to you. ( Steve )
  4. Peen


    HorRodTractor. Yes that is the same truck you are talking about. I bought it last week of June and took it to the Firecracker show the next week. Actually won a trophy with it. Been to many cars shows this year and have not seen another one. That includes the Hot Rod show in Louisville and we were just over in Gas City for the Ducktail Run and James Dean shows and didn't see any over there either. Still needs some work but it is still a nice truck. In process of making a headliner for it now. Might be taking it to the Bradford Pumpkin Show Sat. Not sure yet because of the weather. Anyway thanks for getting back to me. Have a good one and will talk to you later. Peen. ( Steve )
  5. Peen


    Hi from Troy, Ohio. Just joined the group. Would like to know if there are any members around the west central Ohio region that I can talk to about my 53 Pilothouse. Been to lots of car shows around the area but till now have not found another one. Anybody else around here got one? Would like to hear from you.

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