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  1. Here is what I have found. I have found that my 6V hot wire going to my gas gauge has visible of being burnt and my gauge is also burnt at that female terminal. I have a new gauge, but now I am worried to clean up that wire and install again with the fear that I would burn up another gauge. What would cause this wire to get hot like this, and or where else should I check? Obviously I can trim back the exposed wire and reinstall another end, but not sure if I needed to check anything else.
  2. I am trying to figure out the same thing. I show 6V reading on my SW terminal. I assume if I test GA wire and see zero Ohms then my unit would be bad. Not to infringe on Go Fleiter post.
  3. How/where would I see if the tank is ground?
  4. Since I’ve owned my 50 Coronet for a year my gas gauge hasn’t worked. Tonight, I checked and found that I am getting 6v to the gauge. I assume this means my sending unit it bad? If so, how do I replace it? I see in the trunk a locking ring, does this come off and sending unit comes out the top of tank? Thanks in advance.
  5. My friend has a 54 Chevy that he is going to install new rear springs, but they will lower his car about 2 in. I'm sure its a new spring, but de-arched in a way to then lower the car. I am also wanting to lower my 50 Coronet, but before I purchased 2in blocks I was wondering if this option existed for our Dodge Plymouth makes?
  6. Thanks both for the responses. The post seems very tight, I will need to get some penetrating oil on it. Thanks again.
  7. When closing my hood (50 Coronet) I have to give it a few hard slams to get the latch to close. I can not see anywhere where the hood is hitting, but hard to latch. Are there any latch adjustments?
  8. Where did you find this empty case?
  9. 50Dodge


    Picture with original rims and white walls is the current look. Thanks for all of the help deciding on the tire size.
  10. 50Dodge


  11. 50Dodge

    Dust Cap

    I am going to be putting the original rims back on my 50 Dodge. They were not on when I purchased the car. Does anyone know what dust cap I need? I am wanting to go with chrome lugs and dust cap for now but so far, I can’t find a dust cap that will fit.
  12. Thanks BobDeSoto for info.
  13. Sorry, forgot to mention I will be putting the original rims on. They came with the car, but no tires.
  14. Correct the current tire and rims are not stock, came on the car when purchased.
  15. Ok, I am getting ready for some new rubber for the 50 Coronet. When I bought the car it had/has air shocks with 235/60/15. I have to keep max air in shocks or they rub the fender lip. My original spare looks to be a 7.10 which I converted using your guys' references to be either a 215/75 or 225/70. I would like to run the 225/70 as they are a little shorter and wider. My plans will be to then drop the rear 1.5-2 in. Does anyone see or have had any issues running 225/70? Pics would be appreciated also.
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