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  1. Picked up a 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe Club Coupe. The stock 6 runs great, although I do hear what sounds like a mild knock. I'll be making a decision on keeping the flathead and doing a rebuild, mild cam, increasing compression including dual carb and dual exhaust,,,,, OR ,,, I found a 1953 Chrysler Hemi V8 that I think would look great. Either way I want to keep it a manual transmission. Has anyone done this swap or knows about what is needed to make it work? Outside of maybe a disk brake conversion, I'd like to keep the suspension,,, and the swap, as stock and period correct as possible. Any thoughts? Thanks,
  2. rhelm1953,, I'm the new owner of a 50 Plymouth Special Deluxe 2dr,,, I'll save your suggestions and work on the upgrades this winter! I'll bug you for more detail then 😉
  3. PT81Jan,,, You sir are a genius! Added the sewing machine oil. Went on a test drive. I heard it briefly, then the sound went away. Drove it a few miles and the noise did not come back. Thanks! And, Plymouthy Adams,,, thank you too! Dropping the fan belt would have also isolated the problem.
  4. Thanks for your input. I agree with diagnosing from noise, then trying to describe it. I'll put the car on jack stands and listen some more. I'll also lube the generator bearing. I was told the engine and trans had been rebuilt, but that doesn't mean much. If I get more of a clue after today I may have more questions. Thanks again,,,
  5. Just picked up a 50 Plymouth Special Deluxe 2 door coupe. Drove it on a 450 mile round trip with no issues. BUT, today I was driving and suddenly I heard a new and troubling sound. It was a sound that is similar to a heater fan running a high speed. The car ran ok, shifted ok but the sound was still there. I eliminated the heater fan as a cause but the sound persisted. The noise remains with the clutch in or out in neutral. Once back to the house, I shut it off and checked the fan belt,,, it was fine. I started it up again and drove around the block. The sound had gone away at first, then with a little acceleration, it returned. The noise is not there when revving the engine while parked but it is there when driving. Again, it sounds like a high speed fan that you hear above the normal engine sound. So,,,,, what could it be? It sounds like it's about the same RPM as the engine. Could it be a clutch noise? Through out bearing? I'll test drive it again tomorrow, not getting far from the house, and will get more of a description and more trouble shooting with clutch in, out, in neutral, driving in 1st, 2nd and 3rd,,, etc,,,.. Any idea's or thoughts?
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