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  1. HotRodTractor

    The D.C. P15 Update

    That is perfect timing Don. I was just going to start trying to poke around in your collection of pictures to figure out what fan control you used so I could effectively wire it in. I figured that switch was an override and wasn't going to wire it back in unless I found out I needed one. I started the car from inside last night using the switch and push button on the new harness..... so I'm getting closer! Also I found my home internet problem - some critter was eating through my phone line, so a new line has been ran and I can get some pictures uploaded now to show progress.
  2. HotRodTractor

    The D.C. P15 Update

    Well I'm not sure about all that.... But I do want to get her up and running and on the road. Lol
  3. HotRodTractor

    The D.C. P15 Update

    Well as most know by now, I purchased Don's P15. It needs some wiring to get back on the road, and I plan on doing some interior updates and upgrades - but first things first... time to make her run! I've temporarily mounted the fuse center on the inside firewall above the clutch pedal. I can get to it, but its not readily visible unless you are looking for it. Even then.... I have something in the works to cover it up. I have the new turn signal switch mounted on the steering column. I have mostly test fit the new gauge setup that Don already had into the dash. I had to do some slight filing on the corners of the new billet piece and I had to knock off the sharp edges on the original trim piece. Hopefully that will be mounted in place tonight. I have also started tossing wires around from the new wire harness and turn signal switch - its a spaghetti mess.... but things are starting to sort themselves out into general directions and bundles. I haven't started running any wires to the back yet.... I'm going to pick up some more supplies and run at least two more wires out back to cover me for future reverse light(s) and a trunk light. Well.... there should have been more pictures, but I am having a hard time with my internet connection at the house for the last week and a half..... hopefully that gets resolved soon. Anyway, back to laying on the floor of the car. I want it running from its own switches and wires by the end of the week..... and I won't get a chance to work on it the first couple of evenings this week. Jason
  4. HotRodTractor


    I'll give you a call tomorrow evening. I'm just the opposite. No land line - only a cell #. lol
  5. HotRodTractor


    The whole availability question thing is a default facebook response. I HATE getting them when I list things for sale.... but then I went to inquire about something and instead of it opening a message window up - it just automatically sent that message. VERY stupid. When someone asks me my bottom dollar - I usually add money to my price (say 5 or 10%). 9 times out of 10 they don't notice the price went up. Sometimes they even ask more questions.
  6. HotRodTractor


    I went and looked at that truck - it was a good solid truck that I thought about buying. I've become particular though and decided that if I was going to buy another truck it has to have certain options. (namely corner windows and the earlier gill style - I just like it better, totally a personal preference). Saturday, if all goes well - I'll be under the dash of the P15 running wires. I'm quickly going to run out of driving time if I don't get that done. lol Shoot me a message and we can swap cell numbers.
  7. HotRodTractor


    I'm not all that far from you - just about 10 miles northwest of Urbana. I'm fairly familiar with Pilothouse trucks as well - all in all I think I've had 12 through my hands in the last 20+ years (mostly parts trucks, but a couple of runners). Working on one that I hope will be ready to go late next spring/summer. I also just picked up a pretty rockin Plymouth P15 that I will be hitting hard rewiring over the next couple of weeks. The yellow truck in my avatar came from the Troy area about 18 years ago. Pretty sure the red and black pilothouse that was for sale in Western Champaign county this summer went in that general direction... but I could be wrong. It was a nice truck and I know they had it at the Firecracker show in Urbana July 4th.
  8. HotRodTractor

    Gone but not forgotten

    Thanks Don. I saw the wires were labeled and that you had already started down the path of sorting them for how they need to be routed. I didn't see a wiring schematic, but I might have missed it. I did find the paperwork for wiring the taillights up in one of the boxes. Pete/Don - it was many of those forum threads between the two of you that solidify my desire to rock out a "hot rod" flatty. I simply wasn't in a position to buy Pete's car when it came up for sale. It worked out for Don's car though. I'm going to get the wiring straightened out and then start putting miles on her like intended while I also start a push to get my Pilothouse finished with a very similar setup to what is in Don's old P15 (its always going to be Don's car - people are going to recognize it as that for years as I have no desire to do drastic changes to it, visiting rights are granted).
  9. HotRodTractor

    Internet pictures

    If you post it on the internet. Its there forever. Things get copied, saved, moved, whatever, but it is still out there somewhere. In fact there is an Internet Archive that I use from time to time to go back into history of changed, or even dead and defunct websites to try and retrieve information, or even pictures/videos/files.
  10. HotRodTractor

    Gone but not forgotten

    When I get further into it, I'll start a thread on getting the wiring done, and some other little things that I am going to do. Right now my free time has been spent just trying to map out a path to getting the wiring done and road worthy. I think I have most of the stuff scratched out on a notepad in the couple of hours I have spent. Its very obvious Don had a lot of it already mapped out and started down the path. No matter what I do though - I doubt I will ever come to the level of documentation that Don has done on this car. That is dedicated effort just by itself. BTW Don - when you read this - do you recall what wire harness fuse block kit this is? I was hoping there was a nice diagram somewhere that mapped out which fuse was which without me having to map them and write them all down.
  11. HotRodTractor

    Correct Build Photo Guide

    Start with this: https://www.amazon.com/Dodge-Trucks-Restorers-Collectors-Reference/dp/1583880879
  12. HotRodTractor

    Gone but not forgotten

    My farm shop is about 2 miles down the road from my home - when I got it off the trailer I took it for a quick drive down to the shop to unload some parts and sort out some stuff. On the way back home I leaned on her a bit and ran it up through 4th. Definitely a fine running example. I can't wait to get things buttoned up to take her for a proper ride.
  13. HotRodTractor

    Gone but not forgotten

    I made it home, gave it a quick shower, and she is now sitting in my garage. Hopefully I can start digging into the wiring a little bit this week.
  14. HotRodTractor

    What is the limiting factor on mopar flathead rpm?

    Going off of memory... of the 25" blocks, the 265 is the largest displacement, but the shortest rods. The longest rods would be in the 237. (Same block, shorter stroke = longer rod). I know I was going to get a set of 237 rods and test with a 265 crank, but I fear that the rods might get too close to the cam/block to be useful.... its pretty tight in there on the 265.
  15. HotRodTractor

    Door Lettering Anybody?

    No door lettering here..... yet.... still trying to decide the direction to go. I think I might letter the door with the farm name and logo, and then have a magnetic sign to slap on the doors for the other small business I am starting up.

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