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  1. OK, so here's a cunning mod for you...

    Nice to see someone else on here with some CAD skills and a 3D printer. That is a pretty good use for a home FDM style printer. I've used nearly all the different additive manufacturing processes in some way or another within the last couple of years. Right now I'm working on a design that I will have 3D printed directly into sand and then pour some aluminum.... Easily the cheapest way to get a couple of highly detailed castings without sinking money into all the complicated patterns.
  2. Fantasy to Reality

    Posting them on forums such as this helps - also having the file names something that makes sense and representative of what is in the picture helps as well. If you really want to get a lot of attention on Google upload them to places like Pinterest and put a bunch of identifying tags to help the Google search bots locate, identify, and catalog the picture.
  3. Thermostat housing

    Liability. So many big companies are so afraid of litigation that they only have exact fit in the system. The days of "making it work" don't work for them because what if someone didn't do it right and caused issues to either people or property and then tried to blame someone other than themselves. Its a sad state of affairs, but most big companies just don't want to deal with it. Either buy what my computer says is an exact fit or buy nothing.
  4. Would you be interested in trying to make a mold and a few sets of lenses?  I have one uncracked original lense and one cracked one.

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    2. casper50


      before they were used to make a mold mine would need a couple of small inperfections fixed.  the best one has a few small chips near one screw hole and the other has some cracks going across the midle flat.

    3. HotRodTractor


      What is your email address? It going to be cleaner and less public than continuing the conversation here.

    4. casper50



  5. Anyone know of someone that casts plastics?

    I've made molds and cast parts before. The ideal thing is to have a sample part and then make a mold using a product like what you have listed. The trick would be finding the right resin to make what you want. Its been a while since I have done it, but it wouldn't take much time and I could have a decent mold in a couple of days of having the raw materials and parts. Cast lenses would be VERY shortly after having a good mold. Depending on the resin, you might need a vacuum chamber, which isn't a big deal for such a small mold, but it does add to expense for a couple of one off parts. Another option that I have toyed with in my mind - there is a fairly translucent 3D printer filament available that when coated can have good UV stability. Going this route it might be easy to make stock replacements - but if someone desired something a little custom it could be accomplished by changing the base model. I have the equipment to do this as well.
  6. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    That is certainly part of the plan for this summer! I plan on having everything squared away and the chassis DD ready by the end of the summer and want to display it at a local festival that I attend every year (usually its antique tractors - but I think a fully functional and awesome chassis will get some attention sitting beside one of my Deeres). Hopefully I can mate the body to the chassis before winter and finalize all those details to make it road ready by next spring.
  7. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    I've got a ways to go.....
  8. Edgy heads being poured now

    I would totally buy one if I was in the position to do so right now. Life has thrown me a little curve ball so I didn't get in on the presale buy, but those are the lumps of life.
  9. That is a cool tag! That is definitely not the head I sold.
  10. Edgy heads being poured now

    Honestly I think getting a new cast head from a short production run for these prices a pretty decent deal.
  11. Edgy heads being poured now

    So we agree that if the manufacturer gives you the CCs of the chambers then its OK - and those numbers should be easily provided to you for a new head no matter what the material it is cast in. The way your post read it was like aluminum it was a great unknown, but making it of iron would solve that. Making new heads out of iron wouldn't be difficult, but it would be spendy because of the new molds required.
  12. Edgy heads being poured now

    Why would you be guessing at combustion chamber volume and compression during a rebuild? How does making them out of iron change that?
  13. Get together?

    I'd be interested in attending an event - the biggest thing is to pick a date and see who all can make it.
  14. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Ok.... for some reason I thought that was some sort of PVC mockup.... The first step in welding is ensuring you have good clean metal.
  15. 265 Dampner

    I was told this engine was out of a firetruck. It has dual carb and dual exhaust and is a 25" engine. I can't find anything stamped into the pad on the engine block and someone has added throttle governors under the carbs (and then removed the butterflies!). Beyond that I don't know much about it.