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  1. Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    I've been looking at various styles of hooks like these for my truck with the exact intention of using them for tie downs for both a load and a possible "truck cap" idea that I have been mulling over to use as a small camper when traveling. I'm a long ways from building the camper/top, but I'm hoping to start in on the sheet metal soon.
  2. Assigning a value to a Pilot House

    Just being honest - with the new pictures - the condition of the wood bed, the bend grill pieces, the fenders with the typical cancer covered up by some sort of badges, etc..... I'd lower my earlier estimate. Running/driving reliably and a good interior do help it though.
  3. Assigning a value to a Pilot House

    I like it - and its a tough question as to what it might be worth - I have seen them sell all over the map like many suggest. I can tell you that I have been watching the prices around the country on Craigslist and Ebay for the last year and my knee jerk reaction is that you probably have a 10-12K truck. Obviously I don't know any details other than the pictures you posted, but that would be my guess. More pictures and info would help narrow it down. You do have a nice exterior - a very clean and maintained/updated interior, and probably a mechanically sound drive line.
  4. Power Steering Idea

    Speaking of power steering setups for these old trucks..... as I was out playing with some other vintage iron (tractors) not too long ago... the thought occurred to me.. I wonder if anyone has used a Behlen power steering setup on these old trucks. Plenty of old tractors running around with these add on systems installed into the existing steering columns.
  5. 48-50 Grill Bars

    Ain't that the truth! LOL I'm all about that 48 grill life.
  6. DODGE logo art

    If you have a good picture of the art you can easily convert it using a program like Scan2CAD. It has a free trial download for a period of time too... so you don't have to buy it unless you find it really handy.
  7. My son has started our Scarebird conversation

    I have the same hand hydraulic tool for making flares - it works awesome and makes me wonder why I messed around with the old style hand screw setups for so long.
  8. I would like to see a B&B carburetor with governor.

    I know on my factory dual carb setup it has a governor under each carb....both conveniently missing the plates... lol I have no intentions of using them at all when I put it all back together.
  9. Motor transport stand

    I don't have any pics or measurements off hand - but I've built a couple different styles for these engines. I've found that basically building a box with tall sides that support the oil pan rails on both sides seems to work best. I have that mounted to a pallet with a couple of ratchet strap locations to secure it down. Of course I also have easy ways of handling pallets so that also drove that decision.
  10. First Experience With Scarebird

    Did you call/email them back and ask that they either ship earlier, or refund your money? Of course if you can't find that exact part and that is what you need, you will either have to wait for it, or make your own.
  11. Any Flathead Experts in Minneapolis?

    If that isn't the truth..... I used to have boxes of old Champion plugs that I have pulled out of 2 Cylinder John Deere tractors that ran like crap.... tossed in some Autolite's and ran like a top.
  12. Discontinued the loaning of my Miller Tools

    If something needs to be machined I might be able to help depending on the complexity. (I just don't know the tool or anything about it).
  13. Bellhousing details for transmission swaps

    Perhaps a mod can edit the title of the thread to reflect it as a search for bellhousing information so the bias towards a particular swap can be removed.
  14. Bellhousing details for transmission swaps

    Technically this information is invaluable for any transmission swap - so feel free to add up pictures and dimensions of your bellhousing as well.
  15. Unnamed car, help

    What does it say across the front? I can't make it out in the picture.