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  1. HotRodTractor

    job rated emblem

    Actually..... I do have 3D scanning technology. I can scan directly and make a point cloud and ultimately make a 3D model.... but for this it best to make a silicone mold directly from the part. Are they different side to side? If you can just give me some rough dimensions and maybe a weight I can run numbers and see what it would cost. Essentially take the originals, make a silicone mold from them, make wax models from the silicone, and use the wax to do some lost wax casting and finish up with some plating (which I need to check to see if I still have a resource for...).
  2. HotRodTractor

    job rated emblem

    Do you have one good emblem that can be copied? I have the means to make it happen, but it would probably take a few of them to get the cost down. Are those hard to come by?
  3. HotRodTractor

    B-1-F-170 Farm truck in the making.

    Well right now its sitting in the barn. I cleaned it up, got her running good, and got headed down the path of finalizing a bed design, and work/life has gotten in the way of going any further. I'm in the process of changing some things though, so hopefully if all goes well there will be some traction this winter on the project.
  4. HotRodTractor

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    So - I am sure I am very much the young guy in this conversation - and even I get fed up from time to time. I just recently put a truck on the road (OT vehicle) that was sitting in my shop for 3 years because I didn't have the desire to mess with it. I stripped the transmission out of it, rebuilt it, and then it just sat there.... waiting on me.... I was fed up and too wrapped up in life to mess with it. Step back. Take a deep breath. Find a local guy to fix it. Go for a short drive. Then decide if selling it is what you want. What should be a "simple" fix should be done to at least help you recoup your funds as best as possible - so it should be done either way. Just drive it again before you make that decision.
  5. HotRodTractor

    The rarest part ever?

    This thread makes me sad. Years ago I junked a few trucks that had some of these options and I didn't realize how rare they were until it was much too late. I know I trashed at least 1 passenger visor, a fresh air kit, dual horns, and at least two mirror dividers. Now I'm gathering a ton of these parts together to build a "factory hot rod" and I could have saved myself a ton of time and effort. lol Oh well. I can't change what I did 20 years ago. At least I saved some of the odd ball stuff.
  6. HotRodTractor

    Bad Reproduction Fender Stone Guards on Ebay

    He never did buy any of my "P" heads. Oh well.
  7. HotRodTractor

    The Maestro, George Asche Jr.!

    I need to make it over there. I also need one of those t-shirts - too cool!
  8. HotRodTractor

    start with 12V, run on 6V

    How is your timing? A bit too advanced can make the engine hard to turn over - especially when hot.
  9. HotRodTractor

    Edgy Heads

    I'm not trying to be confrontational. I just am trying to help - mostly because I couldn't find this update: https://www.moparmontana.com/whats-new/edgy-cylinder-head-shipping-update This says what I was saying, only its a bit more optimistic than my predicted end of August/September. Have a nice day.
  10. HotRodTractor

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    I like it!
  11. HotRodTractor

    Edgy Heads

    I'm fairly certain this is the first batch that is being cast. The pre-order for December delivery wouldn't be being cast now as they are doing pre-orders to make sure they have enough orders to justify the costs to get the casting run done. I understand they originally thought they would ship the first orders the first week in July and I believe they are behind on their original time table.
  12. HotRodTractor

    Edgy Heads

    So since this is the FIRST time they have been cast (post made 7-15-18) and machining won't happen until after Speedweek - then I wouldn't expect your heads until late August or September.
  13. HotRodTractor

    what are the rules cruise in/ car shows

    I would venture to guess that was ONE guys opinion and not that of the overall club putting on the event. I wouldn't judge the club by the actions of him. I would however let a couple of people in the club know what took place - their reaction will allow you to better judge the club.
  14. HotRodTractor

    Edgy Heads

    If i read this correctly - THIS is the first run being cast right now and they are just taking orders for a future casting: https://www.moparmontana.com/whats-new/casting-has-begun
  15. HotRodTractor

    Edgy Heads

    I might be mistaken, but I think the 25" heads were just cast and the 23" heads have yet to be cast.

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