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  1. HotRodTractor

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    Under Coatney, over Coatney, whatever it all is, my P15 is covered with it....
  2. HotRodTractor

    Got a non vehicle hobby? Like knitting?

    Somewhere I have a picture of a dash I did with broken cab glass from one of the first Pilothouse trucks I bought. Probably drew that 20 some years ago.... its somewhere... just not sure where at the moment.
  3. HotRodTractor

    How Much Should I Pay For A Decent Torque Wrench

    Unless you need it ASAP - you can pick up a used 1/2" drive Snap-On for under $200 pretty easily and then send it in to be calibrated to make sure that it is in spec. I use them just enough that I justified buying Snap-On pieces (I have a couple of different ones with different torque ranges). Snap-On (or any professional level tool) holds value too - so if you decide you don't really need it or use it enough - you can get most of your money back out of it. Also - check pawn shops - I have picked up some great nearly new or never used professional tools on occasion, but its totally luck of the draw.
  4. HotRodTractor

    Happy Thanksgiving to all...

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. HotRodTractor

    Got a non vehicle hobby? Like knitting?

    I want to buy a nice cabinet saw - but I struggle with where I would set it up at and leave it. Perhaps some day.
  6. HotRodTractor

    Got a non vehicle hobby? Like knitting?

    I've been known to scribble on some paper. This selection of subjects are still vehicle related though.
  7. HotRodTractor

    When you have more questions than answers.

    The biggest advantage to multiple carburetors on an inline engine is better fuel distribution. The entire intake design isn't exactly all that spectacular on any of these. Dual carbs improve that, triples (one for each siamese runner) improve that yet further. As such - no - you don't really want to run a progressive linkage as you loose that improved fuel distribution. But a real danger would be over carbing it. I drove a stock 218 with a single carb for a long time (1953 Pilothouse) - now the P15 has a 251 with dual carb and dual exhaust..... night and day difference (it also has a shaved head and camshaft for full disclosure). That 218 while was a good smooth runner has nothing on the setup with duals.... but there is also several factors in play. I do agree that firewall clearance is a real concern.
  8. HotRodTractor

    When you have more questions than answers.

    To elaborate a little more. On Don's P15 that I have become the caretaker of (251 equipped) - it has a modified stock intake with a pair of D6G1 carbs - those should have 1-9/16" throttle and a 1-1/4" Venturi. I also have a factory 25" dual carb intake complete with factory E9K1 carbs - those have a 1-11/16" throttle and a 1-1/32" venturi. Now if it comes to triples... I would look at smaller carbs like a B6P1 which has a 1-5/32" throttle and a 1-3/32" venturi (just going off my limited notes - do not take this as gospel - there might be and probably is a better choice out of the Ball and Ball collection, but I have yet to find everything condensed into an area to help make decisions like this). Not sure if any of that helps or hurts - but I stand by my statement that with the right carbs it would be OK. Its just a matter of finding 3 matched carbs that are the right ones.
  9. HotRodTractor

    When you have more questions than answers.

    Triple carbs with the RIGHT carbs would be OK. The Ball and Ball carbs have been offered in so many configurations over the years I am sure there is a set of triples that would work splendid on a stock motor. The problem is - I have no idea what carbs to tell you to look for other than ones with small venturis. If they can tell you what carbs would work and you have room to fit everything - then I see no issue. Without that magical piece of knowledge or the desire to figure it out.... then I wouldn't go that direction.
  10. HotRodTractor

    Source of front shock mount

    I've read in passing about using them - I assume its stiffer (as I think that is what it might need, but I really want to drive it more first). I know I am going to swap in some F100 shock mounts - that might placate me for handling.
  11. HotRodTractor

    Trans Brake for a 48 Plymouth

    Yup - I bet the rear end has a parking brake built in. I'm in the process of hooking up a new set of cables now on my P15. Right from the factory brake handle to the brake levers on a Charger rear axle. I should have pictures of the setup mostly complete tomorrow evening.
  12. HotRodTractor

    Wanting to update P15 with 06 charger hemi and parts

    All the more reason to keep it EFI.
  13. HotRodTractor

    Wanting to update P15 with 06 charger hemi and parts

    You stated in the first post you wanted to update to 06 Charger parts to become a reliable driver - I'd like to thing that an 06 Charger with fuel injection is a much more reliable driver setup than a carburetor conversion. Quite frankly that article is poorly written when they start talking about how involved EFI is - that is someone that is scared of the tuning power that a computer can be capable of. I like carbs and points - but that doesn't mean I consider them to be the best thing since sliced bread for a daily driver setup. For the amount of money spent making the conversion you could have a much nastier EFI motor with better street manners.
  14. HotRodTractor

    Source of front shock mount

    I was just looking at these - it looks like they are available in 5-1/2" and 6-1/2" OAL - I haven't had an opportunity to measure the P15 to see what is needed. Also while on a similar subject - I have read bits and pieces about using a Jeep front sway bar - does anyone know what Jeep I need to be looking for? I haven't looked at it hard enough to be able to determine it yet.
  15. HotRodTractor

    An Immodest Proposal (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)

    Those two station wagons would probably be $4000 each here and in much worse shape. Plus - you are doing this work - the original poster already said they weren't a mechanic, so that means little to no tools, and it would take a while to get things going - assuming they don't want to just farm out all the work. We have all the seasons with lots of moisture plus salt on the roads. Things flat out rot into the ground here in short order.

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