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  1. Yes there were some factory grill guards available and different styles depending on the year. I have always been partial to this one with the "D" in the middle of it. Only pic I could find quickly, sorry its not the entire thing - I could go out and snap a picture later, but I think you get the idea.
  2. I haven't started looking into it, but I want to do similar with my 1-1/2T. I'm wondering if I can somehow adapt something like a ZF5 or NV4500 to it. Not really designed for that heavy of a truck, but used in modern pickups for the type of loads that would be used on a vintage truck like these. Probably not easy, but doable. Another issue that always needs to be brought up... parking brake..... and axle swap is the best way to solve that, but might not be ideal for a heavy truck.
  3. Yesterday I picked up an addition to the farm - an 1948ish (still somewhat unsure on exact year) Ward Tractor sold through the Montgomery Ward mail order catalog. These tractors were built by the Custom Manufacturing Corporation and marketed under a long list of names, but were more or less all identical. These tractors were build using mostly military surplus parts and depending on the exact options and manufacturing location, they were more or less Dodge trucks with big rear tires. The Ward tractor now under my care has a little less in common with the typical Dodge truck as the rear axle is very different. It utilizes a Timken rear axle with outboard planetaries - there were some versions that did use actual truck axles with a 2:1? gearbox between the transmission and the rear axle. This particular tractor has a 230ci 6A engine, with a fluid drive clutch assembly, a 5 speed New Process transmission. On the right side of the transmission is an auxilary PTO assembly that runs a 540 PTO shaft to the back of the tractor to power implements as well as the belt pulley on the side. There is also a PTO hookup to run a PTO shaft forward if desired (not sure if it was ever used like that). It has the before mentioned Timken rear axle with planetaries and utilized hydraulic drum brakes for the rear wheels. The dual exhaust was a factory option from Custom and this tractor is basically stock when it comes to the exhaust. This tractor is also converted to LP at some point in its life. I have a large LP tank and misc parts that were originally on the tractor, but now it currently runs off a 20lb LP tank stuffed up under the hood to reduce the weight and make it into an antique pulling tractor. (also notice all the extra weights and it has wheelie bars on the back). These tractors were governed pretty low from the factory (2100rpmish I think) - and consequently they were pretty low on power because of that. I think this tractor is about a 48hp unit as it was shipped from the factory. My plans are to restore the tractor to like new condition - eventually - for right now, I'm just going to clean it up and make it presentable. It needs a good bath, a wax, some wiring cleaned up, some paint on the pulling parts, a little TLC to the LP setup, and it should be good to go. I should note - it sounds damn good under a little load - and I think its going to fly in road gear based on the very little bit I have drive the tractor. I've been hesitant to take it out and open it up as I don't think there is much propane in that little cylinder and I know how much my LP Deere drinks under load.... that grill cylinder isn't going to get me far. Anyway - I hope everyone enjoys something a little different, but mostly on topic. If anyone has any experience on these engines running on LP - I'd like to pick their brains on vaporizers and LP carbs.
  4. They just want you to post a wanted ad in the classifieds to keep the clutter out of the forum.
  5. You know me well! I do want to add a Silver King or a Plymouth to my collection. First - though I want to add an actual Chrysler powered tractor to my collection. I have one I am going to look at on Saturday actually..... I was already planning on taking a lot of pictures because I am sure many people have never seen a WWII surplus Chrysler powered tractor before - this one has a 230ci engine, fluid drive, 5 speed??? truck trans (what I have been told), a 2:1 gearbox that was tank surplus, and a truck rear axle with planetary gearboxes on the ends.
  6. My reference book says it was a $3 option in 1955.
  7. Very nice to see this back and progressing. I love the proportions - I always twitch when guys chop these trucks and chop the rear window(s) instead of doing what you did. This approach just makes more sense to me and it looks right in practice.
  8. Yes I see a side view. Do you have a front view?
  9. Do you have any pictures of the front of that motor? I don't believe I have ever seen a setup quite like that.
  10. I know I wish I had kept all the 1 ton wheels I had years ago. I had no idea that they were that hard to come buy when I was stripping those trucks down for parts - I left the wheels on the trucks as it made it easier to load the carcasses up for the scrap yard. I was young and dumb.
  11. When you do get the correct cap - make sure to toss some dielectric grease in those holes to help keep that corrosion from happening again. I went through almost the exact same scenario with an OT tractor around Labor Day. I fought with that thing.... it would start, but hard and miss something terrible... which really sucks when its only 2 cylidners! Anyway.... I thought I had it, took off down the road and a couple of miles later it was back missing. I left it run along side the road while I got off to troubleshoot it..... I no more and got close to that distributor cap and I got hit with a nice blue arc. Everything was new except the cap and rotor (didn't have them in the shop when I thought I had a spare set). That cap was extra junk..... and the Pertronix setup with the 45Kv coil was doing its job as best as it could. lol
  12. I'm interested in the responses here as I am sure I will run into a similar problem with a project of mine. First thought - is the engine mounted as low as you can get it? There are front and rear sump oil pans available if that would help get things lower.
  13. My first Mopar experience would have to be memories of an early 80s extended cab pickup we used around the farm. It was 2 tone brown and tan. I specifically remember playing in the bed of the truck sitting in a hayfield/pasture area just south of the dairy barn and I wasn't very old. After that came a couple of red regular cabs - the only way I could tell them apart when I was a kid was one was an auto, and one was a manual. By the time the 90s rolled around the farm was using Fords..... so it was short lived. If I had to guess we were all Fords by the time I was 10. By the time I was 14..... I remedied that by starting to drag home Pilothouse pickups..... by the time I was 16 I had a pretty solid driver. There are times I wish I had never sold that truck. Fast foward and my latest Mopar experience was under the hood the the D.C P15 this afternoon. I was going to clean and gap the plugs as I fouled them out yesterday somehow.... don't know any more than that. I couldn't located my spark plug cleaner to make the job easy (been cleaning and reorganizing the shop, so everything is a mess).... so I figure I would just pop in a new set of Autolite 306s... I only had 4 on the shelf as they got some 386s mixed into the pile (for my Deeres). Such is my life. Minor setbacks. lol
  14. Granted I can't see that entire pickup..... but I also can't imagine there is so much wrong that it couldn't be repaired...... what you can see in that picture looks pretty decent.
  15. How about a 14 spline input? I agree that is probably S10 case - but the whole reason people search out S10 T5 transmissions is the shifter placement on the tail housing - which this is obviously not correct for an S10. Without a lot more information - what you have is a spare parts box.
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