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  1. I can’t tell you DJ. I have two of these manifolds both are identical. However the “busted” freeze plug is a shadow they are both there and original.
  2. Ken, this is my listing. It is not a scam. There is no damage to the manifold and the carbs are naturally staggered DJ, look at the Offenhauser website.
  3. https://wilmington.craigslist.org/pts/d/wilmington-plymouth-intake-and-carbs/6821943505.html
  4. I have tried a new gasket and it leaks even worse than before. I’m uploading pictures of the gasket and filter.
  5. Does anybody happen to know the thread size for the fuel inlet on the stock carter ball and ball carb? Im running dual carbs now and would like to swap the hard line for a barb fitting that threads directly into the carb.
  6. Thanks for all the help guys. Ive tried a new gasket when i changed the filter. I noticed it only leaks out of one specific spot so im assuming the lid is warped.
  7. Ive got a 218 that runs like a top with about 50 psi oil pressure when cold and about 40psi when hot. However once the engine warms up oil begins to leak from the lid of the oil filter where it meets the body. It is the style that takes the reusable metal filter and has the center bolt to tighten the lid down. What would cause this?
  8. Update. Got the car timed, running, and the carburetor and timing tuned in using a vacuum gauge. Turns out previous owner had put the distributor in 180 out amongst other things.
  9. Gonna have my dad crank it while I slowly rotate the distributor tomorrow.
  10. I set tdc using the timing plug removed and a piece of thick wire watching it rise and fall and listening for the valves opening and closing.
  11. The points will open correctly when the lobe hits them. I have checked the breaker and points with a test light and the open and close with the lobe. The issue I have found is when the car is TDC neither adjustment will allow a lobe to hit the breaker.
  12. When attempting to start the car manipulating the throttle will get it to putter momentarily but won’t stay running. Looking to replace distributor with a Langdons HEI.
  13. The dizzy cam will spring back when twisted and let go.
  14. Sorry for not being clear. At cylinder 1 and 6 at top dead center neither adjustment will get the points to open. Timing had to be adjusted to as close to TDC as possible to get them to open. About an inch away from the timing marks.
  15. They open and close properly when a love actually reaches them.
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