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  1. Cold Blue

    Mopars in Oz

    I get it now Andy! - Dj194950 cued me in. Here in Tennessee we call blokes "fellers" (really "fellows") but in the deep south we have a "country" way of talkin'. You oughta hear hear my friend Wanda talk - she's as country as a load of pigs...
  2. Cold Blue

    Mopars in Oz

    Andy - Excuse my ignorance but what does "Oz" stand for? Can't be for Australia - it begins with a capital "A"....and it doesn't have any "z's"in it...LOL.
  3. Cold Blue

    Questions about my 48 p15 coupe

    Here is my 1948 Plymouth Club Coupe. 4" lowering blocks in the back. Sits level, and rides good. Those bias ply tires on it will follow road grooves; but that's OK - I like the look.
  4. Cold Blue

    Need starter advice...

    Don't know if it would..it has 9 teeth; but there may be a couple of issues with it. The original bendix drive anchors to the armature shaft with a set screw and keyway that goes into holes and recesses in the armature shaft. Is the set screw and keyway on a 2K1089 in the same location? Is the set screw and keyway the same size? The original bendix has a big old spring on the screw shaft assembly - the 2K may have a spring, but just shows a metal cylinder where the spring should be...
  5. Cold Blue

    Need starter advice...

    I was going to go to a 12 volt starter, but I found one of the "upgraded" bendix assemblies on Ebay. I ordered it yesterday; scheduled to get to me by this coming Thursday. The unit is a rebuilt bendix, not NOS. The price was $38.00 plus shipping; I thought that was quite reasonable. By the pics, it looks quite good..we will see. Unfortunately, it was the only one the seller had. Searching the WEB this morning, I could not find any more. Plymouthy - My Plymouth shop manual also says that this bendix was introduced in 1952 thru 1954, and is an upgrade to the previous bendix. My manual says "This drive can be installed on all 1946-1954 Plymouth cars". It says that the bendix drive I have was installed on 1946-1951 cars. I will continue looking for a source, Young Ed. When I get the part and install it I will let everyone know how it turns out....Blue.
  6. Cold Blue

    Need starter advice...

    Thanks Dodgeb4ya and Plymouthy! I thought that was the way to go. Just needed some assurance.
  7. Cold Blue

    Need starter advice...

    I rebuilt the starter for my 48 Plymouth. Installed it, and it works OK, but has problems. The set screw that anchors the bendix drive assembly to the armature shaft has some play in it. I can feel the slight amount of play in the bendix drive assembly when it is installed. And no amount of tightening the set screw that anchors the bendix drive assembly in place will remove the play. I think the keyway also has a minute amount of play in it. The armature shaft has a dead-end hole drilled in it for the set screw to go down into; the hole is slightly oval shaped from the set screw whacking against it's sides over 70 years of use. The set screw itself looks fine. I do not see a way to fix this issue other than to buy a new armature. And the old pinion assembly appears to have problems too; there is an internal spring that retracts the pinion gear from the flywheel that is quite weak. It is inside the pinion assembly and it's called the "meshing spring". The toothed gear will not retract itself if you manually turn it to it's fully extended position. And my shop manual says that you cannot disassemble the pinion assembly to replace the meshing spring. I think this, in conjunction with the "slop" in the bendix assembly set screw and keyway causes the starter to have a fairly loud "whack" when it initially engages. Am I right? I am guessing here...I want my car to start without any "noises" that shouldn't be there. I read a previous post from Don Coatney that said the 6 volt's starter increased speed tended to invite a "hard" start and contribute to that initial "whack" sound. I have looked and looked, and I cannot find a rebuilt or NOS bendix drive assembly that exactly matches mine. My shop manual says something that gives me some hope - It says "1952-1954 Plymouth cars are equipped with a Bendix follow-through drive assembly. This drive assembly can be installed on all 1946-1954 Plymouth cars." It shows a picture of the 1952-1954 pinion assembly which looks totally different than mine. It appears that I can swap out my pinion assembly for the later model one, with no problem, which would fix all my starter problems. Am I right? The good thing about the 1952-1954 pinion assembly is that it is readily available! BUT - am I fooling myself trying to fix the original starter? Should I just pitch it and get a 12 volt starter and be rid of my starting problems? If so, does anybody know which starter is a direct bolt-on replacement? Thanks so much!!!! Blue.
  8. Cold Blue

    What is it?

    So it is a wheel chock. Are these very rare? I've never seen one before...
  9. Cold Blue

    What is it?

    I found this metal "thing" in the trunk of my '48 not long after I bought it. By looking at it, it appears to be as old as the car is. I think that it may be an original wheel chock? If it is, I think you would position it under the tire like shown in photo No. 2. Thanks!
  10. Cold Blue

    More starter problems..

    Thanks Richard. Fortunately, I was able to repair the starter. I disassembled it and found that the bottom spring washer/retainer had broken where the spring tang fit into a notch. I closed the washer back into position and welded it back together. A little grinding and filing and she's good to go. Got it all back together; gonna install in the 48 tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed that it's gonna work like new. I need my steering box rebuilt; glad to hear that Todd can do that; I will call and talk to him about it. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why that washer/retainer would break and spring open like it did. The washer is about 1/8" thick mild steel, and very hard to bend. I had to put it in my vise to close the gap where it broke. Easy to weld, though, because of it's thickness. Maybe when it broke, the washer had tension in the steel, and it sprung open when the tension was released? Just guessing.
  11. Cold Blue

    More starter problems..

    Thanks so much Richard! And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I will give Todd a call. Am I correct in saying that Todd can convert an original 6 volt starter to be 12 volts?
  12. Cold Blue

    More starter problems..

    The starter off my 48 Mopar has new problems. The starter drive pinion end housing broke; I was able to find an NOS replacement. Took the broken one off the starter, and found that the starter bendix needs replacing. The bottom thick washer/retainer (not sure what you call it) is either broken or somehow spread apart so that the spring bottom tang is not held in it's proper position. Look at the photos and you can see that the washer at the bottom of the spring is sprung apart (or broken) where the spring tang used to go, and is off center of the spring. It should look like the washer holding the top of the spring in position, I think. Dad gummit! I have searched the Web for a replacement bendix with no luck. Does anyone have a source? And how do you get the old bendix off? I've looked and looked and I can't figure out how to remove it. Thanks in advance. (The starter is an Autolite No. MZ-4133, 6 volt)
  13. Cold Blue

    Plumbing- Oil

    Thanks everyone for the info. I am going to take the filter element out, clean the canister, and examine how it works. It does appear that the oil lines need to be reversed. I need to fabricate a hard line for the supply to get rid of that rubber line section anyhow. Thanks!!!
  14. Cold Blue

    My broken starter...

    The drive pinion end housing. Hot dog! I found one on Ebay, and I have ordered it. I have had a change of heart, and decided to repair the starter I have. I searched the Web till I was blue in the face, and had just about given up, when I found an NOS end housing for a reasonable price.
  15. Cold Blue

    My broken starter...

    I need ya'lls help. I cannot find a replacement 6 volt starter for my 218 flathead motor. I called a bunch of places which refurbish starters and they all told me that they only recondition the electrical components, brushes, etc. They would not fix mine if the nose piece was broken. I think I read a post somewhere in the forum that someone had replaced their 6 volt starter with a 12 volt starter from a mid-50's model car. That is what I want to do. Would anyone know what car the 12 volt starter came off of so I can get one too? Thanks in advance. Blue.

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