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    1948 Plymouth P15 Special Deluxe

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    Shade Tree mechanic; love motorcycles too. Tennessee native.
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    Golf, motorcycles, old cars

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  1. Cold Blue

    A coil in the Trunk...

    Wow! I bet you guys are right. It would be neat to have flames belch out the exhaust pipe! I will have to see what is necessary to complete the system. Thanks!!!! Blue.
  2. Cold Blue

    A coil in the Trunk...

    What the?? I bought Cold Blue, my 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe about 6 months ago. After getting her home, and looking at most everything, I noticed that an ignition coil had been installed in the trunk, just behind the spare tire, and wires going to it. But there is no main lead plugged into the coil top, it's just open. My 48 has been rewired to be a 12 volt system. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why an ignition coil would be installed in the trunk, or what it's purpose would be. You boys got any ideas? Thanks, Blue.
  3. Cold Blue

    Want to get my steering box rebuilt

    Thanks Nuckle! You might be right, but the steering does feel a bit notchy in the turns. I will see if I can find an alignment shop that will align it for me. It has bias ply tires on it, so no radial tire problems...I will check the tire pressures. Thanks!
  4. Hey Guys - My 1948 Plymouth's steering box is OK, but the steering is stiff in turns. I acquired this car not too long ago, and the steering has always been this way. Checked the lube level in the box, and it had very little. Filled her up with that very thick STP stuff. Really no change...I think the box needs rebuilt. It tracks down the road just fine, but is hard to turn in the curves. I would like ya'lls recommendation here..Send the box off and get it reconditioned? Get a rebuild kit (are they available?) and do it myself? Or another alternate? Any input appreciated!!! Blue.
  5. Cold Blue

    Loud Starter on my 48 Plymouth

    I see you guys were talking about starters; I have installed, quite a while ago, a new 12 volt starter when I converted my Plymouth over to 12 volts. I starts just fine, but sure seems awfully noisy! Press the starter button and the noise is quite obnoxious, but she starts right up. Maybe I am used to quiet starters on new cars???
  6. Cold Blue

    Pictures of my 48 Plymouth coupe

    Hey Don - or anybody else - I bought my car a while back, and have been fixing things on it as I get the time; I have noticed one thing that is missing on it. That is the clutch/flywheel cover. (I probably don't have the correct name for it..) When the clutch was replaced before I bought the car, they left that cover off! Now. if you get under the car, you can see the clutch and flywheel are exposed. Where could I find a cover to put on my car? Seems they are hard to find....Thanks in advance; Blue.
  7. Cold Blue

    Where do I connect the amp gauge wires?

    Thanks guys!!!
  8. Cold Blue

    Where do I connect the amp gauge wires?

    Thanks Plymouthy - my car has been upgraded to an alternator. That's why the amp gauge is not used, huh? So I need to get an aftermarket volt meter and install it? If so, where would I connect it? Thanks in advance, Blue.
  9. Cold Blue

    Dual carb linkage

    Mike C - My carb linkage is quire simple. Just rods with swivel ends on them that connect to the front carb then another rod that goes to back carb. Works great! Pics are attached. The first pic shows the linkage from the gas pedal, second pic the rod that attaches to the back carb. Third pic shows the rod that goes to the front carb. Hope this helps.
  10. Well, I couldn't get the old oil pressure gauge to work, so I connected an aftermarket one to the metal oil line that goes into the back of the engine block using a rubber brake line with the correct fittings, just to the right of the oil filter, as shown in the first attached pic. Works great. Wish I knew why the old gauge won't work...any ideas? And where do the amp gauge wires connect? When I bought the car, the amp gauge wires had been cut at the back of the gauge, so I don't know where to run new wires and what to connect them to. Help!! I have attached a pic of my flat six. Ain't she beautiful?
  11. Cold Blue

    Pictures of my 48 Plymouth coupe

    Don Coatney - the pin stripping was done by Darin Allen of Killer Designs.
  12. Cold Blue

    Pictures of my 48 Plymouth coupe

    Thanks for the background info Andy! Your Dodge is super cool! My 48 Plymouth is the first "old" car (Tee-hee) I have restored. I found the car locally, from a gentleman in Rover, Tennessee, which is not far from where I live. I don't know it's background, but it must have been a western USA car, with an arid climate, as it does not have any rust! It does have some light surface rust on the undercarriage, but no body rust at all. I was amazed that it was really rust free. I lowered the rear of the car about 4" , and installed a late model GM rear end and driveshaft with U-joints, and got rid of the old ball and trunion setup. I am still running the original flahead six (218 cc) which I rebuilt, and installed an Offenhauser aluminum 2 barrel intake with (2) one-barrel B&B carbs. She still has the 3 on the tree tranny. She ain't fast, but I didn't want a muscle car. I drove muscle cars back in the 60's - had a 64 Chevy Impala SS 409 4 speed, and a 70 Camaro 350. I am going tackle those old gauges next, and see if I can get 'em to work. I am going to Google Map South Grafton to see where you live! Later, Blue.
  13. Cold Blue

    Pictures of my 48 Plymouth coupe

    The original gauges are still in the car, so they should still work. Thanks for the info! Australia? Too cool! That explains the right hand drive...beautiful car!
  14. Cold Blue

    Pictures of my 48 Plymouth coupe

    Thanks for the compliments! The tires are B. F. Goodrich Silvertown's 7.60 x 15's, 4 Ply, (Bias) from Coker Tire in Chattanooga. I have the almost original spare in the trunk; it was made in 1953, and has never been used. It is a Goodyear 'Super Cushion", whitewall. Of course, it's not useable, but it is a collector item, and neat to have to let people see what a tire looked like way back when. Being a 1953 tire, I think it was bought when the original tires on the car were replaced for the first time. I have converted the car to a 12 volt system, with all new wiring. The speedo works fine, but the original gauges don't. I have an aftermarket fuel and temp gauge installed, but am unsure how I can get the old gauges to be in working condition being that they are 6 volt. Any input would be welcomed!
  15. Cold Blue

    Pictures of my 48 Plymouth coupe

    Thanks! It is fun, but I gotta do a few other things to it. I am running the original 218 flathead six with (2) one barrel B&B carbs on an Offenhauser intake. I am having carb leakage problems at the throttle shafts I gotta iron out. I also have some clutch chatter that baffles me. Everything looks fine, but she'll chatter a little off the line. The steering's a bit heavy with those bias-ply whitewalls, but I will sacrifice that for the looks.

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