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  1. So Plymouthy - you are saying that if your caliper is lower than the master cylinder then remove the stock 10PSI valve and everything is hunky-doory? I am thinking about putting discs on mine too...although my stock drums work quite good....the only time I feel that discs would be an improvement would be going down a long mountain grade. I have experienced drum brake fade back in the 60's driving a 64 Buick Special, going down a mountain in Chattanooga. Not fun....Solution? Slow down at the top of the grade, put her up in second, and let her hold back going down, use the brakes sparingly........like diesel trucks do now on steep grades. Quite fun, actually........
  2. Wow!!! I can't wait!! Thanks so much Don!!!
  3. Found a way to get rid of that poorly done "WE" in the pin striping script.....Killer D meant it to say "Just wanta have fun". Went to a body shop and they advised that matching the paint was pretty near impossible, so no painting over the "WE". I had a ROUTE 66 fridge magnet, and I just hid the "WE" with it. I think it looks super!
  4. Does Murfreesboro have a bad reputation or something?
  5. And Don - notice that the "WE" in the "WE JUST WANTA HAVE FUN" script was added by the guy I bought it from and is poorly done. I am going to have that removed.
  6. Don - I found the car not too far from where I live in Murfreesboro, in a little town called Rover. I do not know who had it before the guy I bought it from. The pin stripe work was done by Killer Designs by Darin Allen. He is a noted pin-striper; he has won the Easyrider's Builders Class Show and Sturgis Rat's Hole award, done striping for F1 cars for Gene Simmons of Kiss, and Gene Wilder, to name just a few. He did sign his work - if you look closely at the photo with the intricate pattern you can see a very small "Killer d" just above the dark blue loop at the bottom of the photo.
  7. Thanks Andy - I notice some big differences between our sunscreens. Yours is much fancier; it has a raised center section (I'm guessing for adjustment, and it is two pieces) and it comes to a peak in the center, while mine is one continuous piece, with no peak. My center support bracket is one piece of metal with no screws at all. So my screen is not adjustable at all, which tells me it was made to fit a 40 to 48 Plymouth. Could it be a factory screen? One thing for sure - it is a quite simple design...one single piece of metal, formed in a gentle sweep, rimmed in stainless. Maybe someone else on the Forum has some answers??? By the way - that is a super nice center support bracket you fabbed!! Regards from USA......Blue.
  8. I saw a previous post about a Fulton sun shield. I have no idea who manufactured the one on my car. I cannot find a label anywhere. Is it a Fulton? Or something else? Thanks! Photos are attached. Blue.
  9. Thanks Joe! With your help I feel like I understand how these things work. Everyone talks about how simple these cars are, but this gauge, to me, ain't that simple!!!
  10. Dadgummit - I have already bought a NOS original fuel gauge, (its on it way..) I have already bought a repro 2 wire sender, and installed it. Already ran another wire from the sender to the gauge cluster. Wish I had not been so impatient. Your way of doing it would have been so much easier, and probably cheaper. A lot less labor too. But at least I can say that all the pieces/parts are like they were when it was built, if thats any consolation....
  11. Uh - oh...Put some power to the unit, with the sensor leads attached, and the heating coils stayed stone cold. New gauge required. Oh well, I learned one more thing about my 48. That is valuable to me. Thanks again, Joe Lee.
  12. I have the ageing eyesight problem too. I had really good close vision until about a year ago - reading glasses are my friend now. I think I found the problem..I took the gauge out, filed the points with my points file, and gave her a good spraying with contact cleaner. Then noticed something - the heating coil on the right side - the fine wires are bridged with rust gobules along most of its length. The left side is fine. I am going to put some power to it while I have it out and see if the heating coils get warm at all ...I am afraid I need a new gauge...
  13. Wow! Thanks Soth! I will pull her out and clean the points and spray her down. I agree - the diagram shows the needle in free float - that makes me breathe a sign of relief. With the diagram I can check everything out. Thanks so much!
  14. Trying to get my original gas gauge working....Installed my new 2 wire sending unit. Hooked everything up. Car is 12 volts so I hooked up a Runtz converter to get 6 volts. Checked that with my multi meter. Yep, 12 at the runtz, 6 at the gauge. Dash gauge is non responsive!! Reversed the wires at the sender. Still no dice. Here is my question. - When I took the gauge out of the dash and looked at it carefully, the needle was on the outside of the right hand coil, keeping it locked in the "Full" position. I did not think that was right, so I carefully got it past the coil so the needle was "free floating" between both coil parts. My thinking was that the needle should read "Empty" when the key was off, not "Full". The needle could then rotate freely between empty and full. I thought that was correct. Was I right in doing that? Or should the needle be on the outside of the right coil like it was when I first removed it? Did I screw up? Please help me. Thanks!! (I searched the Forum for an answer, first, but couldn't find anything..)
  15. Murfreesboro, 22 miles southeast of Nashville. I would love to have one of those old license plates. I still remember when the first number of the plates designated the county with the largest population. Those plates were from Memphis. 2 was Nashville. 3 was Knoxville. 4 was Chattanooga.
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