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  1. Mopar 51

    51 engine number

    What info do you have on it?
  2. Mopar 51

    51 engine number

    Apparently I have a one off. 😂
  3. Mopar 51

    51 engine number

    It is a 25 in block.
  4. Mopar 51

    51 engine number

    The number at the distributor is 52 6-25
  5. Mopar 51

    51 engine number

    That is possible. The “cover” that the plugs come through/ are in. Is what I am calling the valve cover. On one of the sites it has pictures of where to find the stamped number on the block. Mine is the same location as a 236 or the 251? The only part on the truck that I know is correct is the metal tag on the firewall and the rear end.
  6. Mopar 51

    51 engine number

    The number I found on the block is on the raised part left side of the block just below the valve cover. On the top of the valve cover it where I found the raised number it also had a symbol that is a diamond with NH in the middle of it. When I get home I will look and see if there is a number by the distributor
  7. Mopar 51

    51 engine number

    I can’t upload the pictures but it is KA 32618CAL that number is on the block. On the valve cover 1120805-1
  8. Mopar 51

    51 engine number

    I have searched all the website and books y’all have talked about and others that I have found but to no avail. Has anyone ever seen a engine number that starts with a KA. ? I can post pictures if needed. Thanks for the help

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