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  1. Where on the transmission do I find the identifying numbers?
  2. Does the diameter and bore make much of a difference? I’m not opposed to use something intended for a different model, but I think I read that the original had something like a 9.5” booster, I’m not sure what the bore is on the second cylinder yet though.
  3. http://www.amsnos.com/Help/MMPDTPRE54.pdf just in case anyone is looking for more information.
  4. Just realized it said 2 or 3 holes, not , bolts lol
  5. I’ve used the search, but couldn’t find much... Ok, in looking at the brake booster on the truck, it has “HY-POWER” stamped on the booster, also, 2 mounting bolts, are those the bolt mount talked about on vintage power wagon? There’s a rebuild kit for a 2 bolt, and a 3 bolt version... any help is appreciated.
  6. I was there a little while ago (it’s at my parents until I get the brakes road ready... I’ll get back there this weekend and check it out.
  7. I’ll have to verify on the road (after I fix the brakes), but it definitely felt like a 5th gear next to third that wasn’t reverse... sitting still, I stuck it in that gear to see if it went forwards or backwards, it started lurching forward (and bogging down of course) definitely felt different than the third gear.
  8. Ok, the guy I bought the truck from described it as a “rocker” I figured it was just a granny gear, but why directly across from reverse? Just thought it was odd
  9. On my 48 B1J170, it has 1-5 and reverse on the far right and forward, if I go far right and straight down, there is a forward gear that is really low speed, a higher gearing (it felt like) that normal 1st gear... I was told this was to help trucks get ‘unstuck’ easier. How common is that transmission setup? Does anyone know?
  10. Bringing life to an old thread, but I also have a 1.5 ton pilothouse, interested to see what you ended up going with/doing...
  11. I was told the brakes have “problems” but didn’t notice it the little bit o drove it... the truck gets delivered on Monday to my parents place (since I’m out of town) so I’ll have to check it out there.
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