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    1949 B1 1.5 ton

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    Not much more than love trucks and farming
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    Charlotte-ish NC
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    Meat, cars
  1. Danielandersen2

    B-1-F-170 Farm truck in the making.

    Bringing life to an old thread, but I also have a 1.5 ton pilothouse, interested to see what you ended up going with/doing...
  2. Danielandersen2

    1949 B1 1.5 ton brake question

    I was told the brakes have “problems” but didn’t notice it the little bit o drove it... the truck gets delivered on Monday to my parents place (since I’m out of town) so I’ll have to check it out there.
  3. Danielandersen2

    1948 Dodge B1F

    I just picked up a 49 1.5 ton also, can wait to get it home and start wrenching on it...
  4. Danielandersen2

    1949 B1 1.5 ton brake question

    Is there a source for front disc conversions on this ol’ truck, I saw the stuff for the 1/2 through 1 tin trucks, but was unsure if there was anything for the larger ones... This old gal gets delivered to me in a little under a week, and I’d really prefer disc brakes at least on the front. Especially with how hard it is to find replacement drums for this.

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