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  1. I am woodworker. They are resawn 1/8" solid black walnut. Trees came from my property. They were felled a couple years ago. Nice old growth with very little sap wood. The visors are 1/4" with a 3/4" back for the brass to press fit into. So they can swivel left and right and up and down. Stay in any position. I ordered some patterns from Reg and plan on doing the rest of the panels out of the walnut. Wilm look real nice once its sanded and clear coated.
  2. Got the door panels done and the visors just about ready. Needs a quick sand and poly.
  3. That's a great idea for fishing the wire back through. Going to get at it this weekend. I've seen some pictures on here after I got some search results. So see what I can jerryrig
  4. I am wondering how to get the nut off with the horn still attached?
  5. I found a couple articles on splicing it to the new one. Going to give it a try. How does one go about taking the steering wheel off. It's got a few cracks in it and want to make a walnut one
  6. That something I can do? What type of shop would donit if it myself?
  7. If I bought the gauge cluster off Ebay. Can you get the temperature probe and line. The one on Ebay comes with a line on it. Looks copper. Not sure how it works in comparison to the ones with a sealed tube ?
  8. Swap meet Sunday. Hoping to find some gauges. The correct ones are square correct?
  9. Ordered the wrong straps. Back they go tomorrow with new ones sent out soon. Got the dash knobs done and installed. Looks decent. Going to get my neighbour to make the ignition nut as he has a lathe. And I have no thread tooling for the cnc at the moment
  10. Got my strips today from midwest. Was told the kit came with hardware but my package did not. But I am just wondering when i lay one of the strips across the crossmembers there are more holes than crossmember and the holes dont line up. I emailed them and am waiting on their reply. I'm not here to complain just wondering if i am missing something with the strips not lining up.? I replaced the cross members but put them in the holes o the frame were the old ones were. I am having a brain fart on this.
  11. I do have a cnc. It has come I handy on a few projects I've done. I like adding the little touches that says its yours. Eventually going to do all the interior panels out of walnut including the head piece formed to the curve.
  12. The weather is starting to turn here so got the yard clean and could do some work on the truck. We have decided to call her Olive oyl. Shes a drab olive green caller and I'm retired outta the Canadian navy so it made sense. Got the box off, strips will be here next week from midwestmilitary. Had to replace the cross members for the box as the strips that were in the box whe I got it were just flat steel with a bunch of holes drilled all over so the cross members had a bunch of holes all over too. There was a rotten frame cross member right behind the cab. Was going to fab a new one but not gong for a restoration persay so just thru in a 2x4 tube 3/16" walls more than stiff enough. The hood was missing a dodge emblem so I made a couple for the sides and one for the grille outta brass and tried to make the font as close as I could, and the gauges are newish so they didn't sit right in the trim piece. So I made new trim for the speedo and the other 3 gauges as well as the heater cover out of walnut also had to make a new glove box liner so did it outta walnut as well. The bed boards are also walnut and the running boards I am making out of walnut as well with brass inlays But as I said not going for a restoration. Want to add my own custom touches to some of the accents. Brass and walnut. The walnut came from one of the trees I fell a couple years ago and is now air dry. All heart wood no sap wood old growth trees so they are nice and dark. Making things is what I do so got to throw some flare I there. Also going to make walnut and brass inlaid knobs for the dash. The gas tank is only a couple inches off the ground so going to relocate to the box and use this old snap on compressor tank. I am sure this will ruffle a few feathers but it is what I can do.
  13. The z shape bolts to the frame at the rear and holds the outside of the box. . The slot I believe goes on the frame and allows some play with the bed.
  14. When using a 6v starter with a 12v system are you getting a grinding of teeth right away. I get a grind pull off the floor push and slowly allow the teeth to mesh when it slows but still spins.? I
  15. Thanks Merle. I didn't think so but you can hope.
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