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  1. Is there a special trick to getting the worm assembly out of the box? I have the cross shaft out and the back plate, spring and washer off. Service manual reads as if I should be able to pull it right out now?
  2. Im 16, and I wish this site handled #hashtags# ๐Ÿ˜œ
  3. Seriously can the forum police kick my dad off this site. We opened the steering box this afternoon because it froze after we sandblasted the chassis with the box still on. lesson learnt. Good news is that the worm gear, cross shaft, bushings and other parts look pretty good for the age. Box was filled with oil and not grease. Just need to clean out some sludge and sand and take the opportunity to change out the seals and gasket. Dad still wants to think a lot about changing that solid shaft to something that would collapse in an accident, so not sure we will be done with this one anytime soon. Additional advice welcome.
  4. It's a 16x6 5x4.5/475 Smoothy with a shiny new valve stem mounted with a Coker American Classic 215/70R/16, 2" WW. I want to add a two inch "Vanity" ring when we are much further along๐Ÿ˜Ž. The four original wheels would not clear the new front disk break set up but they were also 16 inch wheels mounted with 16x6 Bias Ply tires. This new combination is a wider wheel but the whole set up is only marginally wider than the original and has the same total diameter as the old so we don't think there will be any clearance issues in the end. Not gonna lie, I like that primer grey on the wheels. Need to find an adapter to accept the original hub caps. I do need some advice. The disk break conversion set the whole wheel assembly out 1/2 inch. We plan to put the same wheel set up on the back which will stay with the old drum brakes. Should we add a small spacer in the back to compensate for 1/2 inch that the front wheels have been pushed out? If so, how stable would that be and how can I firm it up?
  5. Used mom's rotozip to enlarge the third mounting hole. All set
  6. Thank you. we were overthinking it. It's literally just a fraction
  7. Dual Master Cylinder Modification. We're going to have to mess with it a little more because only two of the three mounting holes were aligned. The top mounting hole is off just enough to keep the bolt from threading. Dad believes sending it back to ECI would be hit or miss as its just as likely that the mounting plate on the frame is tweaked as the hole on the bracket is off. It seems easier to just drill into the frame and add a washer and lock nut behind the mount than to bore out the new bracket a little. Advice?
  8. Front brakes! We'll put back linkage and wheels and have a rolling chassis again. We used ECI because the support team actually returned our calls and because we could get the conversion kit, duel master cylinder and related ?equalizing? valves all from a single sources. That means were going to have to get different wheels though.
  9. were starting to sweat it too. So much to do so little time till the cruze. It all coming together but it seems to have its own time table ๐Ÿ˜
  10. Okay this is too cool. Went on vacation in the U.P. MI on Round Lake this week end where my dad use to go when he was young. Great grandfather had a cabin that now my dad's uncle owns. My great Aunt showed me a picture of my great grandmothers plymouth. The picture was in Graford TX and the girl is my great Aunt. picture is black and white but she says it was charlotte ivory. I know its four door and mine is a two door, but I'm starting to believe the car (and the color) picked me rather than me picking it.
  11. Wish the Zerk tip was posted a day earlier ๐Ÿ˜
  12. Control arms and knuckle back on. Holding off on spring till we POR-15 and top coat the exposed metal. Brushing on the paint to keep spindle and zerks clean. Will add step by step to the the technical topic already started on this as we complete the left side. Learned a few tricks on the right side that should make the left easier. Most important one I think is to keep everything except where the control arms connect to the frame slightly relaxed (loose) until its all together and somewhat lined up. This helps make everything easier to work with. Also think if I were doing it all over, I would have added the kingpin and spindle after getting the rest put back together. The spindle was just in the way. Note that the Impact sockets were used only for size (we don't have larger than 1" in normal sockets).
  13. Thanks -- we've visited the Plymouth Doctor a few times so far and Mr. Branden also paid us a "house call" in the fall. He's been a great help. That said, the braces are not something he can get for us.
  14. Wish I could blame the autofill/spell check function on the computer rather than the one in my head.
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