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  1. Oh I know the tank is vented as the cap does not deal in the slightest. The knowledge coming from the forum is some of the best responses I've had from a forum in years. As for the holding the spark plug wire I know it works ;) I did it once when I was a kid and learned immediately not to do that without gloves haha. I'll check the sender and the lines coming from the tank when I clean the carb.
  2. Thanks Guys, I'll be pulling the carb apart tonight to make a shield and put new gaskets in, and while I'm doing that I'll check the coil and fuel lines. It had no gas in it when I first got it running as it had been sitting for 20+ years. I wouldn't doubt that there is debris in the lines/carb. I pulled the top off the carb off the last time it stalled on me and the bowl level seemed very low compared to normal so it my be the pump maybe?
  3. Hello Everyone, I recently pulled my grandpa's old Plymouth out of the barn and have been giving it the attention it deserves. He bought it "restored" in 1999-2001 ( he can't remember exactly what year haha). The paint and interior look phenomenal but the engine and drivetrain are original and untouched. It runs and drives but after about 30-45 mins of normal driving it stalls abruptly and just won't stay running. I let it sit for 10 mins and then it fires right up and can make it home. My best guess is that it is vapor locking but I don't know too much about these cars, hence why I joined this forum. What are some suggestions? I have read about heatshields, risers, and heatwrap. What works the best? One more question should I install a fuel filter before the mechanical fuel pump or before the carb? I We don't get the best gas around these parts so I want to make sure im not sucking water and dirt into the carb/engine. Thanks in advance and here's some picture of the car.
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