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  1. leadheavy52

    1952 Suburban restoration project

    Well, the work on the Suburban continues, though slowly. My garage gets too cold to do much. I have spent my time doing rust repairs, cleaning and cataloging parts. I have a lead on some tail lights that will hopefully be here soon. I also just picked up a ‘51 Cranbrook that I will use for parts (floors, transmission tunnel, shifter handle/arm/linkage, driveshaft, bell housing, and other important bits). This will greatly expedite the search for al of these parts individually. On a side note: I did verify that my ‘52 was ordered with the high-clearance package 6.00 x 18 wheels. Only one I have still to ever see. In review of the owners manual that came with the ‘51 Cranbrook, I ran across this tidbit of information on page 28 when discussing the suburban. Pretty interesting and confirms my plans for the car. I’ll keep updating with more as the weather warms up and allows more time in the garage. Cheers! -Austin
  2. leadheavy52

    Officially addicted

    Well, I can officially consider myself addicted. I purchased a '52 Suburban (in process of a full restoration) back in July, and tomorrow will be heading up north to look at this. From what I gather from the seller, it is a 1951 (he listed it as a '53) Cranbrook Club Coupe. It's pretty straight and it runs and drive, though the owner says it smokes a little. He referred to it as a semi-automatic, but I know that the Hy-Drive wasn't introduced until '53 so I know it's not that. I'm hoping it was one of the post-'52 OD conversions that were offered at that time. Initially, I wanted to purchase this as a parts car, but it is too complete AND has a clear title, so I will keep this from the scrapyard as well. I will post more once I have it home and can give it a once over. It's from northern New Mexico, so it should be mostly rust-free. I guess I am now in the Two-Plymouth Owner's Club. LOL On a side note, I might try to pick up the sedan in the rear for a parts car if the price is right. -Austin
  3. leadheavy52

    Similarity between ‘52 Concord and ‘53 Cranbrook?

    Merle, it is a 4-speed with a date of 7-12-49 on the case. Who knows when it was put in, but I’ve got a Plymouth overdrive tranny out of a ‘53 to replace it. Still looking for all the right parts. This is going in my ‘52 Suburban.
  4. leadheavy52

    Similarity between ‘52 Concord and ‘53 Cranbrook?

    I am going to look at a '51 Desoto coupe tomorrow in hopes the floors, specifically the transmission tunnel, is similar. I have to replace it since the previous owner cut a good section of it out, including one of the supports. It would be easiest to find a suitable replacement rather than fabricate it myself. Fingers crossed that it is somewhat close. These old Plymouths are hard to come by here, or people want an exorbitant amount of money for their non-titled, no driveline, missing interior, project cars.
  5. leadheavy52

    Similarity between ‘52 Concord and ‘53 Cranbrook?

    That’s what I suspected. Thanks for the confirmation. I guess the search continues for a good ‘52 donor.
  6. How are similar are these models? Specifically the front floor and transmission tunnel? Are they close enough to match up?
  7. leadheavy52

    New 1952 suburban project

    Awesome! I am looking forward to watching your build come along. I too recently picked up a '52 Suburban. My floors weren't too bad, but someone tried to wedge a 4-spd '49 dodge tranny and bell housing under there, so they had to cut out the tunnel. Bummer, because it will be much more work, but it's my winter time project. Did you create your own floor panels or use pre-made pieces? Keep up the great work!
  8. leadheavy52

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Looking good! Making solid progress.
  9. leadheavy52

    Tail-light upgrade?

    Installation of a plug in, hidden third brake light in the rear window would be the most effective, and least invasive. This is my plan for the Suburban, when I have it back on the road.
  10. leadheavy52

    Overdrive Questions

    I bought the overdrive unit. It’s the right one, being the R10G-1. I have all the necessary electronics and linkage to make it work. Overall, it seems like a good deal and I am excited to better the highway ability of my car. Thanks for all the input!
  11. leadheavy52

    Bonnet inside structure Plymouth 1949

    well, I took the photos this evening, but due to the seriously archaic and dated forum platform, I cannot upload them from my phone. I’ll have to email them to myself, Dave them to my computer and post them that’s way. I’ll have them up in the AM
  12. leadheavy52

    1952 Suburban restoration project

    Wow! That’s quite the repair! I hope mine isn’t as bad off, but I know what to expect if I have to get in that deep. Thanks for the reference photos. Metal work doesn’t scare me too much. It’s a labor of love to do what I’ve seen some members do to their cars in this forum. Truly awe-inspiring.
  13. leadheavy52

    1952 Suburban restoration project

    Thank you, TodFitch for changing the thread title!
  14. leadheavy52

    1952 Suburban restoration project

    - Getting the front seat out was a pain as the PO lifted the seat up with 2x4s (which rusted the bolts beyond use). I used a Sawzall to remove the bolts and a pair of vice grips to remove the rest. The seat tracks had been in the forward-most position since who-knows-when. Some white lithium grease (my best friend so far) and some good ol' fashioned elbow grease got them moving again. -Austin

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