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  1. Al Peterson

    Defrost Vents

    Very nice! I'll have to remember that as I might want to upgrade to disc brakes. Thank you for sharing!
  2. Al Peterson

    Defrost Vents

    I have a '47 WC and I haven't seen any listings for the defrost vents. I am relatively new to the WC scene but I've looked in a lot of places, no luck in finding them(I might replace mine as well). Post pix of your rig! Did you swap a new front end in or modify the original frame?
  3. Al Peterson

    218 Oil Filter question

    For those with the Fram Military filtration system(OE), the Wix 51100 is the correct cross for original Fram C21P(obsolete). It comes with the correct gasket as well.
  4. Al Peterson

    218 performance bump

    Thank you to everyone adding their input, truly appreciate it. question: is the 230 the same as the 218 except for the crank and rods?
  5. Al Peterson

    218 performance bump

    I am thinking about doing an engine rebuild in the next year, has anyone done one with a mild bump in power? I'm not looking to race or any such thing, just looking at get a few more ponies so the powerband is more highway friendly. My ultimate goal is to keep this truck as stock as possible but with mild engine mods, I don't really have any desire to jump up to a 230...for now anyway. I do have a generous offer (free) for a 230 but I am not sure what other mods I'd need to make if any on a '47 WC to make that conversion work. So, in the mean time I am looking for suggestion of tried and true remedies for the 218. Al
  6. Al Peterson

    1942 Dodge WC

    Also, you can drop the first "5" in the wix part number. The actual part number of the Wix is 51011, NAPA will call it a 1011. It'll lessen the confusion at the counter of your local retailer. Just an FYI, Good luck!
  7. Al Peterson

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    I really enjoy when people get creative and create art or repurpose, I have a couple project ideas but haven't had the time to make them yet. Plus, I have to get the salvage yard to part with one piece.
  8. Al Peterson

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    I'm liking the old school pencil sharpener! 😁 So many cool things going on in this thread! I recently decided to redo my garage décor from beer signs/neon to automotive(I did save a few beer signs). I've collected some things in the past but didn't have them all hung up. Since this is my first Dodge endeavor, I'll be looking for some new signs/memorabilia. I took this picture after finally getting me taillights to work(no lights worked when I got the truck). Edit: website cut off the newly working taillights in the picture! 😭
  9. Al Peterson

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    I like the Gopher Hockey and Castle Danger beer sticker( @ggdad1951took me a second to find the beer sticker, love the MN connection!)
  10. Al Peterson

    WC and Pilot House

    Really? Ugh, I was looking for inspiration when I went there but didn't find much. My truck was originally Red over Black but is now a nice patina. I actually live in Two Harbors, just north of Duluth. I'll have to take some more pictures, I posted a few a couple weeks ago in a different thread.
  11. Al Peterson

    WC and Pilot House

    Where do you have room for all that stuff! LOL I'm glad to know I'm not the only one in MN! I was at Back to the Fifties and only saw one WC and one WD. We are a pretty small group!
  12. Al Peterson

    WC and Pilot House

    I'm in Duluth, about 3 hours north.
  13. Al Peterson

    WC and Pilot House

    I am new here and have noticed a disproportionate amount of B/C to W trucks. I have a WC and was wondering who else does? Where I live we don't have hardly any older Dodge trucks around, so I really am just starting to see and learn about Dodge trucks in general. I've also noticed a lot of similarities/carry over of W, B, and C's. ultimately I'd like to know who has a WC/WD. Sound off
  14. Al Peterson

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    @Jim Shepard I thought about doing one of those as well but updating it. Then the more I thought about it the more I'd want to stay true to it's design. I will probably being building one from scratch...if I have time. I also thought of building an arcade game. @48Dodger I've got some Pink Floyd on mine but it's from The Wall Album(my personal fav)! I am currently really into Dean Martin, Frank, Peggy Lee, Nat, Andrew Sisters, etc. It's kind of surreal working on the '47 and listening to music that was all the rage back in the day.
  15. Al Peterson

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    I found this gas pump last winter from a pub that went out of business, the outside was finished but had no face and was gutted. It was missing a handle and hose as well. So there it sat...looking at me for help. I came up with an idea to repurpose it as a jukebox. I built a new computer for it from scratch and bought both a touch screen monitor and real jukebox software. It took me about a month or so to build it in my spare time. I absolutely love it, the garage is my man cave. I have over a thousand songs on it and it can stream via wifi, so you can listen to just about anything.

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