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  1. nolan in blaine

    6v stereo wizardry

    Ok that’s probably the way to got. I just through that out there this morning while I was heading out the door to work. I’ll do some more research
  2. nolan in blaine

    6v stereo wizardry

    https://www.powerstream.com/dc6-12.htm Got all excited and posted before researching. I think this is the answer i was looking for.
  3. nolan in blaine

    6v stereo wizardry

    So i need some tunes in my 37 chrsler. The car is 6v still and i think its gonna stay that way. I have a stock radio for a 38 desoto. My thoughts are to gut the innards out of the radio and put in a bluetooth speaker in there so i can run music off of my phone. This idea just popped into my head about 5 minutes ago so i havent quite worked it all out, But will my 6v system charge the 12v speaker? Would it just charge at half speed because its halve the volts or would it not work at all?
  4. nolan in blaine

    Starter upgrade?

    Hot damn! That’s a nice car
  5. nolan in blaine

    Starter upgrade?

    Looking to get rid of the stump start starter in my 37 Chrysler royal. It’s still 6v positive ground. From what I gather Chrysler concerted to 12v before the went to key start. Am I wrong? If so what year/car can I order a starter from that will let me stay 6v but get rid of the floor starter button?
  6. nolan in blaine

    a quick overdrive question

    Ok so i guess i have the early R4 od unit.. from what im reading the r4 was updated and there was a kickdown solenoid added and then it went to the r10 unit. Can i add the solenoid to the unit i have or do i need to find a later one? And Dpollo, you're right up the street!
  7. nolan in blaine

    a quick overdrive question

    Just looking for some clarification. In my 37 royal, when i get up to speed and ready to settle in for a drive, I push the OD handle "in" let off the gas and get back on again to cruise in OD. But when i need to shift down for hill or to pass i cant... It wont come out of overdrive until i slow down enough for it to freewheel back to 3rd. Ive been reading on this a little bit but it seems there is some conflicting info. Are people just letting off the gas and pulling the od handle back out? I tried once and it sounded like it was going to tear something up. I cant disengage the od handle unless the car is stopped. The last car i had with the od option was my 58 rambler super. It had a cable like the chrysler but also had a switch That would let you shift out of od on demand. Am id doing something wrong?
  8. nolan in blaine

    intake valve compatibility

    Bent and intake valve in my Chrysler 228. There are a few NOS ones on ebay but they are not very specific on measurements. Do all mopar flatheads use the same valves? are there differences in valve size between the 23-25 blocks?
  9. nolan in blaine

    lifter adjustment question 35,462,165,195,165

    well thats a bummer... seems im stuck with what i got. Ill just be slow and careful about it. Thank you guys!
  10. nolan in blaine

    lifter adjustment question 35,462,165,195,165

    yes mine have the "jam nut". I also havent seen any write up, pics or in depth discussion on adjusting this style. They do suck though. Ill see about getting a pic of them tonight. I got a busy day in the shop but ill try to get it apart after work. Can the lifters be removed through the covers on the side, or do they need to drop out the bottom? Id like to upgrade them to the later style if possible.
  11. My 37 royal has what i believe to be a 228 I had adjusted to valves in it a few months back and it was a pain in the ass. Most of the write ups on here i see have a different style lifter then i have. They adjust the valves using two wrenches with the car running. Mine I did cold because i saw no way to do it running. The lifters i have need 3 wrenches to adjust. Took me forever to get them as good as i could. Im getting ready to pull the head and pull the valves to grind them and do the seats. Can i switch over to the other style lifter while i got it apart? What years came with which style?
  12. nolan in blaine

    Need help , Engine misses / stumbles

    I see.... That makes sense. might be something to play around with.
  13. nolan in blaine

    Need help , Engine misses / stumbles

    That was another problem i found when i had my distributor out. a broke weight spring on one side and an tiny spring on the other that looked like it came from a pen.
  14. nolan in blaine

    seals for the headlight lenses?

    Good info bluecarsdn
  15. nolan in blaine

    seals for the headlight lenses?

    Cool thats what ill get. Thank you

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