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  1. FourCornersGreg

    P23 engine timing

    Best to set timing with a vacuum gauge anyway. I am at 7100' above sea level. If I were to set timing using a strobe and reccomended settings the results would be terrible. This and today's fuels are different which can effect predetonation if you are advanced too far. Also use the same fuel for consistent results.
  2. FourCornersGreg

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    mrahc, Thanks for the reply. That's a nice looking set up. Liking the Edmunds intake. The wife and I and a few buddies are heading to Bonneville for the big rally in August. About an 8 hour drive up from Durango where I live. Looking forward to meeting the Montana Dodge Boys (my buddy says they are there every year) and looking at some their rigs and picking their brains. I will be trailoring the 51 Cranbrook Belvedere home in two weekends from now. Greg
  3. FourCornersGreg

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    Casper 50 where did you get that carb guage?
  4. FourCornersGreg

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    First thing is get all of that old gas out and clean the fuel tank and clean up the carb, all new fluids, filters, etc. Compression test, oil pressure test. I could probably use a fuel can just to determine if it runs. And of course crank it over by hand a few times. Maybe spray some fogging oil in the cylinder chambers. Some Marvel Mystery Oil in the oil for an engine clean out, and see if I can get it to at least fire. I don't know if it's still original 6V or it's been converted to 12V. Lotta work ahead. I'm assuming 10W-40 minimum thickness, maybe even 15W-40 or 20W-50 in the summer, what are you guys running? What is consensus on rev limit on the 218? 4K? 4.5K? I don't really wanna push it hard just wondering. Too many questions.
  5. FourCornersGreg

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    I appreciate all the responses and nice to see an old school pre facebook forum is alive and kicking. I have all kinds of questions, like the overdrive upgrade and some other stuff which is for another thread, wouldn't mind adding some seat belts maybe, etc. Great info on everyone's twin carb, dual exhaust setups and the milled head spec sheet is handy. I've convinced myself I'm staying with Carter ball and balls. I will find out if this old 51 Plymouth Cranbrook Belvedere runs when I get it home next month. Hoping to avoid a complete overhaul but I'll do what it takes. Under the hood the spark plugs and plug wires were relatively new along with newer oil and fuel filters, which makes me think it's been running in the not too distant past. Getting it from an antique dealer, it's last owner passed on. Being out here in the four corners area, it has relatively little rust, and everything is mostly original and all there. Thanks everyone.
  6. FourCornersGreg

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    Thanks for the welcome comments guys. Seems like a good bunch here. I will probably be on here a lot with a bunch of rookie questions, wrenched on cars most of my life but new to old flatheads. That's a nice setup andydodge. It looks like you cut the stock exhaust manifold in half and welded or brazed on caps, then drilled and welded on dual flanges is this correct? Nice. Looks like you are running Carter BBs as well, what kind? The Edgy heads are nice looking but appear to be really spendy for a modest increase in HP. Wonder how much increase in HP people are really getting with the shaved head. The Edgy head is probably on the dream list for now.....
  7. FourCornersGreg

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    Casper50, That sounds sweet! What carbs are you running? I see they are Carters but what model? Also, what is downsteam of those exhaust manifolds? Glass packs?
  8. FourCornersGreg

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    Thanks for the advice. Were the original single carb intakes on these engines water cooled? I don't have the car in my possesion yet so I can't take a look.
  9. FourCornersGreg

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    I am sorry for the double post, can a mod please delete one of the redundant posts. Sorry about this.
  10. Hi everyone, I am new to this board. I have purchased a 51 Plymouth Cranbrook Belvedere with stock 218 flathead 6 that I will be trailoring home next month. I've been scouring the internet looking for ideas on a dual carb, dual exhaust setup for this engine. I have seen people using everything from weber 32's, to strombergs, to holley 94's, to 9 super 7's for twin carb setups. I would prefer to stick with a pair of carter ball and balls to stay true to period. I see the offenhauser dual carb manifold available on summit racing with two hole flanges which appears to made for original carter carbs. I am looking for the right pair of carter ball and balls to pair with this engine. My homework tells me I need two single barrel carbs which are approx 125 cfm's apiece based on the amount of air the 218 is capable of sucking. I didn't a picture of the stampings on the existing carb, but it looks like this car would have rolled out of the factory with either the Carter BB D6H1, or D6H2. Just looking for advice on a pair of Carters for this setup, I don't want to be running rich, want to be right in the sweet spot. I cannot find any technical specs on any of the old Carters on the web anywhere, if someone has a pdf file or link on this can you please share, or just let me know what has worked/hasn't worked from personal experience. Not looking to get performance crazy, just looking for a modest step up in performance. I may add an aftermarket head for a modest increase in compression at some point down the road. I'm at 7100' above sea level which means I'm already losing HP, and will need to run smaller jets than most of you. I want to stay stock but will need every ounce of HP this engine can make, without spending thousands of dollars on boring cylinders, performance cam, etc. Thanks in advance, Greg for SW CO.

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