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  1. We have hotel room for the 27th & 28th, plans are to be there
  2. Thank You very much Jerry and Rich, I see where I had 8 is B, there is a scrape in the middle of figure. I've had my 48 for about 8 months and it's been a mostly fun experience. lol Rick Schneider
  3. Ok, when I ordered a tune up kit from Andy Bernbaums last month they ask for the part no. on the distributor, but the Autolite number is IGS 42078-1, I saw on RockAuto some of their distributor parts also have oem part numbers, I'm just trying to figure out how to order some parts on my own for later on. Thank You
  4. I'm wondering if someone could help me understand the parts numbers for my distributor assembly. I have a 48 Plymouth with 49 Dodge engine # D30-196i03, the distributor part no. is 1308206, so would I look under the column of assembly of 1300 795 or 1479 589? Thanks for any help
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