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  1. Norm Knowles


    Thanks to all of you for your comments and suggestions. Ran the engine for about 20 minutes today and saw no visable leaks so went on another short drive and on return found no evidence of any moisture around anywhere. Mystery !!! Had hearing aids on though and was able to hear water pump making a good noise so will be changing it asap. Thanks to all again.
  2. Norm Knowles


    I have just purchased a 1948 Dodge D25C Spl Del Cpe (Canadian Made) which appears to be fully original. It is running and driveable. On my initial 20 mile drive it ran well but on returning home and lifting the engine hood I observed a bit of antifreeze in the third from the front spark plug recession. No obvious leak in the cooling system which never got higher than 180 F degrees. Could someone please advise what this indicates and source of this fluid. Does it mean a headgasket may need replacing? My first question and request for help on this site but I have read many of the items on this forum and am very impressed on the help given to persons needing same. Thanks to one and all. Norm K. Thanks Greg and Neal. Will check your suggestions tomorrow. Also felt that I should flush the cooling system and add some Antirust Inhibutor but a mechanic said this could cause many leak problems. What are your thoughts? I will replace the antifreeze if I do flush with old style green antifreeze. Previous owner advised the water pump needs replacing and supplied me with a new one but in cleaning the water pump area I noticed two grease nipples behind the rad fan that did not appear to have been serviced for many years ( car may have not been driven much since 1974 when last licensed) so I applied some grease and I think (hearing bad) that some of the noise from the pump diminished. Do you think the pump should be changed? Thanks again. Norm.

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