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  1. Norm Knowles

    Location of the frame serial number on a 47 Plymouth

    I do not know about the era we are usually most interested in regarding the hidden serial number but for later years, from about 1960 this number matched the visible number on the door post or maybe the firewall. I was a police officer for years and we often found vehicles that were suspected as stolen as the visible plate may appear to be "doctored" but matched the paper documentation. Checking the hidden number on the frame which, depending on the manufacturer, was hard to find and see but when checked would usually indicate a stolen vehicle or a previous insurance fraud. I often had to use a small mirror to read the hidden number on top of the frame with only about an inch of space between it and the body of the vehicle. I never did have to do this on a vehicle prior to about 1965 if my memory is accurate. Just for your info.
  2. Norm Knowles

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    KNUCKLEHARLEY - Your comment about "hobby and contest" was not solicited or required. Please note my original comment This will be solved in time.
  3. Norm Knowles

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    Don, I have read your story and all the responses and photos attached. I am almost 82 years old but after looking about 60 years I just recently found a 1948 Dodge Coupe which I have always wanted since I fell in love with its looks when I was about 18 years old. For many reasons but mostly financial the few that I saw and liked were not available to me. Finally about three months ago I found one that was original and in very good condition. I was lucky enough to obtain it and now am trying to get it in good driving condition for 20 to 100 mile trips to show it off. The main problem today is a major brake inspection and repair that I lack knowledge and physical ability to do on my own. I knew and have found that there is a problem nowdays to find trustworthy and knowledgeable people to work on these vintage vehicles in my area but I can solve that in time. I really want to show it off but at my age how much time do I have left? I do hope you will reconsider and enjoy driving your car for years to come. Good luck!!! Incidentally since joining this Forum the few questions I have posted have been answered promptly and effectively which I am most appreciative of. More will likely be asked.
  4. Norm Knowles

    Heat Shield

    Thanks for your help guys. I will do a little checking further afield as I want to keep car as original as I possibly can but if necessary I will get one built from the dimension drawing Tod sent. If driving without this shield what problems can one expect to have.
  5. Norm Knowles

    Heat Shield

    Hi all, I have just recently gotten a 1948 Dodge D25C and when a friend came over to look at her ( he has an identical ) he noticed that the heat shield that mounts between the exhaust manifold and the fuel pump was missing. I have exhausted all sources here for a replacement and need someone to let me know where I can get one. Thanks for your help.
  6. Norm Knowles

    Cowl Vent Gasket

    I also need one of these for my 48 Dodge. Could you give me "Roberts" address so I can order one. Thanks. I am not sure because mine is really worn (original) but what is there shows that your assumption is correct.
  7. Norm Knowles

    Signal Lights

    I have modified my rear fender clearance lights on 48 dodge D25C so they will also show as brake lights in addition to the trunk lid brake light. I am considering adding an after market steering column mounted signal light assembly and am having trouble getting an answer locally to my question. What has to be done so the signal lights will continue to flash when the foot brake pedal is applied? Also the car has the original 6 volt system and will the modern day signal light apparatus work. Also finding there are four and seven wire units which is the right one or will both work? Thanks for any help.
  8. Norm Knowles


    Thanks to all of you for your comments and suggestions. Ran the engine for about 20 minutes today and saw no visable leaks so went on another short drive and on return found no evidence of any moisture around anywhere. Mystery !!! Had hearing aids on though and was able to hear water pump making a good noise so will be changing it asap. Thanks to all again.
  9. Norm Knowles


    I have just purchased a 1948 Dodge D25C Spl Del Cpe (Canadian Made) which appears to be fully original. It is running and driveable. On my initial 20 mile drive it ran well but on returning home and lifting the engine hood I observed a bit of antifreeze in the third from the front spark plug recession. No obvious leak in the cooling system which never got higher than 180 F degrees. Could someone please advise what this indicates and source of this fluid. Does it mean a headgasket may need replacing? My first question and request for help on this site but I have read many of the items on this forum and am very impressed on the help given to persons needing same. Thanks to one and all. Norm K. Thanks Greg and Neal. Will check your suggestions tomorrow. Also felt that I should flush the cooling system and add some Antirust Inhibutor but a mechanic said this could cause many leak problems. What are your thoughts? I will replace the antifreeze if I do flush with old style green antifreeze. Previous owner advised the water pump needs replacing and supplied me with a new one but in cleaning the water pump area I noticed two grease nipples behind the rad fan that did not appear to have been serviced for many years ( car may have not been driven much since 1974 when last licensed) so I applied some grease and I think (hearing bad) that some of the noise from the pump diminished. Do you think the pump should be changed? Thanks again. Norm.

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