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  1. Excellent!! But what was the source of the matching paint? Thanks!!!!
  2. I thought I would add some information for this post. My 48 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe is a P15. Carb data from the 1946-1950 service manual is shown below. My car should be equipped with a Carter B&B D6G1. This carb has a manual choke.
  3. Thanks everyone for your help. Sorry for not indicating that my car is a 48 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe of unknown history. With your help and some research, I've concluded that the carb is probably close to a D6H1, probably slapped together. To really assess the carb, I will need to remove it and examine its operation more closely, especially relative to the fast idle linkage. I also bought a 1946-1948 carb and air cleaner off ebay in hopes of restoring the engine to stock. I'm also not sure whether the engine is original or not. I need to check the engine serial numbers. The car has been lowered and I'm seriously considering getting back to stock height. I may need some advice on that in the future. Meanwhile, I'm going to go to the El Segundo Driving Museum where they have 50 or so vintage cars on display. I'm hoping they have a 46-48 Plymouth or Dodge that I can examine more closely. Also, I'm heading to the Long Beach Auto Swap Meet on Sunday to get back into the correct mindset. Thanks again for your help.
  4. Thanks desoto1939. I think maybe I searched ebay only for D6H1 and came up empty. Here is an ebay photo of a D6H2 and a photo of my carb from the driver's side. They are looking a lot alike. I'm probably missing something. I'm not expecting a cable clamp on the carb since the throttle cable clamp is on a bracket attached to the head.
  5. casper50 and Mark D, Sorry for the confusion. I'm new to Plymouths and to this forum (how to work the photos). I'm hoping that the images are properly inserted. At any rate, I assumed the carb model was the number stamped on the web as in photo 1. It certainly is possible that the carb is not the original. Photo 2 is from the passenger side and photo 3 is from the driver's side.
  6. Hi. As you can see from the attached photo, I am missing the choke cable clamp for my D6H1 carb. Some help in words or photo of the missing part would be appreciated, as well as, any help in locating a source for that part. Thanks a lot, Don xxx.tif
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