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    I just retired, now I can work on my car.
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  1. What is the slant 6 conversion ? I already have the Pertronix and it works great . My brother in law did the distributor repair for me when i was in the hospital. What i thought was a new vac advance unit turned out to be spray painted grey ! I am trying to find one to buy now and not have to wait for my core to be rebuilt. I will put new bushings in and check the springs.
  2. Well ,I'm pretty sure I found a big portion of my issues. I pulled the distributor and vacuum unit , I can breath in and out with no restrictions. I have been searching for a new vac unit but keep running into walls and cannot find one for the IGS distributor. Anyone have a leed for this part? And THANKS to all that offered advice. It was a real help ! Butch
  3. Thanks for the info , the distributor was repaired about 1 year ago , I did not feel hardly any play sideways on the shaft. I am pretty sure that I am 1 tooth off on the distributor as when I got it the engine was moved with the distributor out and the oil pump out of index. when I reinstalled them the dist. was almost to the stop , but my timing light showed TDC so I left as is. I just pulled the plugs with about 100 miles on them and they look great . My compression is 115 lbs. average. Can my electric fuel pump be forcing gas by the needle when I am just cruising and not using much gas? Or what ??? This is really baffling to me as the motor runs so much better with some new parts, but just NOT quite there. as for pic's here are a couple. Thanks , Butch
  4. Hi Guys, I am new to this site and it's my 1st post. I have a 49 bus coupe that I am working on getting it road worthy. Here is the story, motor is stock with a new carb , generator , voltage regulator , coil ,plugs , wires , Pertronics Ignitor ignition , electric fuel pump mounted by the tank (Pressure is 7.5 lbs. ), new exaust pipes with a Thrush Cherry Bomb . Timing is at TDC , Carb is set with a vacuum gauge witch reads a pretty steady 19 in. at idle. Engine accelerates strong but as soon as I let of the gas it stumbles at cruise. I have tried all I can think of . I thought fuel pressure might be to high, (manual says 4.5 to 5.5 lbs.. Also my distributor is maxed out against the stops to get TDC, no room for advance. HELP, I'm at my WALL ! Thanks in advance , Butch Record
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