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  1. northerndave

    Our new dodge, D24C

    my big thing is stat the engine is currently stuck. we are trying some soak efforts before pulling the engine and disassembling. I'm sure that's where this is headed though, flip it upside down, pull the crank and remove each piston one at a time. Then see what we've got to work with. I know that's the right way.
  2. northerndave

    Our new dodge, D24C

    The car has an optional reverse light, I haven't looked to see if it's wired to a linkage actuated switch or if possibly that reverse light is manually activated? And maybe lit up as a reminder so you don't forget it on? Don't know, I'm tossing darts. I'll get it on my lift one of these days so I can check things over better from under the car.
  3. northerndave

    Our new dodge, D24C

    There are 2 black nobs below the speaker grill on the dash too. rotary knobs, left side, right side. I have no idea on those either. doesn't seem they would be radio because that has its own 2 knobs.
  4. northerndave

    Our new dodge, D24C

    still don't know what the red switch is, it's a rotary switch with 2 positions, assuming off and on and it has a light bulb in it. The wiring to and from it are convincing enough to make me believe it could be original equipment.
  5. northerndave

    Our new dodge, D24C

    there's no battery in the car. later today if I get time I'll try to have a look at the wiring, see if it looks like an add on or if the wiring appears orig
  6. northerndave

    Our new dodge, D24C

    I don't know what that's for.
  7. northerndave

    Our new dodge, D24C

  8. northerndave

    Our new dodge, D24C

    Yes dual heaters. As far as we can tell, the interior is original. We removed a set of seat covers that were over the blue material.
  9. northerndave

    Our new dodge, D24C

    That makes sense, I only ask because the owner talked about a "shear pin" being out in the transmission or somewhere in the driveline. A bit presumptuous of me, but I have jumped to a conclusion in thinking there may be a coupling issue, beings I'm unaware of any "shear pin".
  10. northerndave

    Our new dodge, D24C

    Thank you. Actually the radiator, related hoses, oil bath air cleaner etc are all in the trunk. All appear to be in great shape, someone started taking things apart, luckily they didn't get very far before they stopped. I have purchased custom radiators before though, We have one in a 35 plymouth street rod we are building for a customer. Here's the 48 next to a 58. amazing progression in styling in only 10 years.
  11. northerndave

    Our new dodge, D24C

    This one we (don't laugh) found in a barn near the Canadian border, MN. I'll have a couple of questions. There's no battery in it but I can see that the cable to the solenoid has a smaller post clamp than the ground cable, so I'm assuming positive ground? The fluid drive, what sort of oil should be used in the coupler? Thanks. Dave

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