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  1. Welcome to the forum. It is good to see another WD on here - I am in the process of rebuilding the same exact truck. One thing you have to keep in mind is these trucks were generally worked hard. Engine swaps and changes to the drivetrain were not uncommon. The engine number make it easy to identify exactly what you have. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people on this forum (I am still trying to learn everything I can about my truck) - pictures are always helpful. I hope you enjoy your new toy.
  2. Nice work. You must have a CNC router. I plan to do something similar on the dash of my 47.
  3. It has been a couple of weeks since I made any progress on the build. I got the passenger side rear fender fabricated yesterday. Still have some fab work to do, but had to set it on the truck to see what it looks like. Pretty happy with the the way they turned out.
  4. Great to hear the nut rivit tool worked out. I have been trying to justify buying one for a couple of years now. Since I cut the firewall in my truck, I want to make a removable panel to access the distributor. The rivit nuts would really simplify that process. The running boards came out great. One thing leads to another and, before you know it, you have a shiny new truck.
  5. You could just replace them with a universal retainer like this.
  6. Perfect weather, great host. I was hoping to get some video with the drone but forgot to bring a memory card. ☹️ It was great to put a face to some of the people here.
  7. That’s one way to get the driveway seal coated. Sounds amazing. 👍
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I got the fender in black primer then decided it needed more - I think. I can never seem to leave well enough alone. What do you guys think about the diamond plate? Polished aluminum is too much bling - thinking about going black on the aluminum and the cross bars and the jade green on the fender. In in the end, there will be some kind of step or short running board in both the front and back of the fenders that will tie in to the center piece. I need to get some weight on it before I determine the final height of the fenders.
  9. Nice find. I wouldn’t think it would be common to find a service bed on a half ton truck. 👍
  10. It has been raining the last couple of days - I have lots of time to work on the truck this week so I decided to take another look at the rear fenders. I have access to a tubing roller so I decided to get a little crazy. I rolled some inch and a half square tubing to the same diameter as the fender I made. Looking for an industrial look without getting into the rat rod look. All total, there is over 15 feet of weld on this one fender. Definately strong enough to stand on.
  11. I dropped the old radiator in (the one that came from the Power Wagon) to check fan clearance. Clearance is perfect - bottom outlet tube turns up and hits the fan. I will have to remember that when I look for an aluminum radiator. Everything else fits nicely. As much as I didn’t want to cut into the firewall, I am glad I did. Transmission clears by over a half inch so the floor can stay flat.
  12. I was having trouble visualizing the rear fenders without the rest of the body. I decided to bite the bullet and drop the cab back on the frame. With the engine and trans in their final resting place, I needed to see how much firewall trimming needed to happen anyway.
  13. I got the tires mounted back on the rims - using the motor home tires for now. Old tires with great tread and no signs of cracking. Set the fender on that I had been playing with. Since the rear fenders are temporary until I can figure out what will go on the back, I think I am going with a couple of pieces of square tuning across the top of the frame.
  14. Maybe someone on the forum is close by and would be willing to offer eyes and ears, test drive, etc. That is a great engine - did he say how many miles on the original service Jeep? Someone did a lot of work making it all fit - fire wall set back, hanging clutch and brake pedals, radiator. The question is, did they do it right? Pictures of the drive train would be helpful, but a test drive would tell a lot more.
  15. The more I thought about the wheels, the more I knew they needed something. With a couple of hours of daylight left, I pulled out the orange paint I used on the trim and found an old pinstriping brush that I picked up many years ago. I have never tried pinstriping - another first on this build. I think I am happy with that. Good thing my wife didn’t catch me using the dining room table.
  16. I played around with paint on the dual wheels. Decided to go with a two tone to match the truck. Not sure if I am crazy about the paint scheme on the wheels - might try an orange pinstripe where the green and white meet - same color as the front stainless trim.
  17. Custom spring hanger bolts arrived from SD Truck Springs so I was able to get the rear springs finished up. Spring perches welded in place and overload springs installed.
  18. What a bummer. At least the damage was minimal. On the bright side - you now know you left enough clearance to get the thing apart if needed. Waiting for the brown truck to arrive will be torture. 🕑🕝🕒🕞🕓
  19. Good choice on ditching the fuse. It looks like you have the battery cable well insulated. I am surprised at your choice of battery terminals though. Those cheap clamp-on terminals are a problem waiting to happen - especially under the truck. The link below shows a great system that is foolproof and offers a much better electrical connection. https://youtu.be/SXDkNMDDrBs
  20. I also got the cross member stitched back together and the trans mount fabricated. The new engine placement put the trans mount right at the cross member. I decided to use the cross member - I will reinforce it after I pull the engine back out.
  21. Had another productive sunny day today. I got the engine angle set - 3 degrees on the top of the intake to make up for the rake of the truck. If all goes as planned, the carburetor will sit level. The pinion angle ended up at 6.3 degrees. The driveshaft angle is less than I was hoping for. With a load on the rear, it could very well end up running straight. If that happens, I may have to lift the engine a little.
  22. If my calculations are correct, I should only need about an inch to get sufficient firewall clearance. The nice thing is that I can leave the original radiator placement.
  23. The rain held off long enough today to get back on locating the engine and fabbing up some motor mounts. I picked up a smaller starter from a 94 Dakota to see if it would help with the steering clearance. Turns out that it didn’t help. I decided to push the engine back far enough so the exhaust port for cylinder #7 is behind the steering shaft. This will force me to cut into the firewall - in the end I think it will be better than pushing the engine too far to the right. I ended up moving the engine 1 5/8” to the right as opposed to 3” if I stayed out of the firewall. Front motor mounts finished. I should be able to get the trans mount finished tomorrow.
  24. It ended up raining all weekend so I couldn’t get much done on the truck. I decided to play around with some fenders for the rear. Since I am not exactly sure what will go on the back of the truck yet, I decided to fab up some simple fenders until I make up my mind. I had ordered a couple of trailer fenders to play around with. Couldn’t find anything wide enough so I decided to split one and make my own.
  25. Thanks for the advice. It is always good to hear from someone with real world experience. I kicked around the idea of boxing the frame and talked to a couple of local hot rod builders. In the end both recommended against it. The 360 doesn’t put out much in the way of torque and the truck will only see moderate cruising speeds - mostly in-town driving. As far as balance goes, it will be interesting to see how it comes out in the end. The placement of the gas tank and the fact that I am no lightweight should help balance moving the engine to the right some. From what I have been able to gather, the one ton front suspension is a little stouter than the half ton. I am hoping the forward placement of the engine will offer a better ride ( at least in the front). I still expect it to ride like a lumber wagon.
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