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  1. Patvh

    Electric fuel pump

    Anyone using aftermarket electric fuel pumps? I dont want to spend the time on the original fuel pump and im curious if i can just put an electric pump on it for now.. ive got a complete 48 d24c and i plan to get everything on the 48 repaired and running, then swap everything over to my rust free 46. Any advice? Am i overthinking this?
  2. Patvh

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    Might sound tacky but love tractor supply's epoxy paint. I live at 8k ft in elevation and it holds up the best.
  3. Patvh

    Kubalwagon build

    Ah nice, an empi sportster. Mid 60's. Right color even. Restoring it?
  4. Patvh

    Cracked old wires

    I kind of figured the harness was toast. I was hoping there was a product that would soften the wire coating. Too bad, guess ill use it as a template for the new harness. Thanks guys. Im sure y'all will be seeing me and my ignorance on here with more questions. One question i have is, what year did they switch from the 2 horn relays? Ive a 46 and a 48 d24c. The 46 shows no signs of mounting anywhere. The 48 has the horn relay inside the engine compartment on the inner fender.
  5. Patvh

    Cracked old wires

    So i came across a complete wiring harness for my d24. Problem i know many of you have faced is the old cracked wires. Is there a method to breath life back into the wires so they wont crack?

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