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    Motorcycles, woodworking, home projects, tractors
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    1950 B2B with fluid-drive and market-side-bed. 40K miles, all original, no modifications.

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    Male, 51, love to putter on things
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    Mechanical Engineer - HVAC / Mechanical systems


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    Minot, Maine
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    Old trucks, Woodworking, motorcycles, home projects.

About Me

IMAG0217.jpg.93a50b06ba7ea4ea4354c5d9f3121b5a.jpg51 years old, work for semiconductor company, live in a small Maine town.  Like the pilothouse Dodges and was lucky to find this one.  Needs plenty of work to be a beauty but we love her.  I do most work on her myself but I'm no expert mechanic. 


About the truck: Runs and drives but only beautiful to my wife and I.  Truck sold new in Kennebunk Maine to "Brown Street Florists" and was their delivery vehicle.  Oddly, the glove box had registrations from all (?) if not most previous owners.  I purchsed the truck in 2012 near Kennebunk and we live north of there in Minot.  Truck has never left the area to my knowledge. 


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