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    I basically live in the era of my car. with exception to my computer.
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  1. Alrighty, As my luck would have it I had a little incident with the car. No casualties but the rear fender chrome is now off. The chrome isn't damaged but the mounting strip that was behind it snapped (lucky for me it was olllllld.) Anyway I can't seem to find anything on said strip mounting. Its a long tapered bit.
  2. I have been toying with the notion of getting one of those Powermaster PowerGen units that looks like a generator and all that fun stuff. However they dont list a flathead 6 option or mopar as old as mine. 1947. What would fit? I noticed some of the GM ones look similar but answers from someone who knows would be amazing and appreciated. P.s. I am keeping the car 6 volt positive ground.
  3. so then the fact that i dont have fluid drive is a good thing. mine is a manual
  4. See i have the 25 inch block. everything i have found with one exception is all made for the 23 inch blocks..
  5. Okay, here is my little rant. I have been contemplating converting my car to dual carb. for better atomization and such of the fuel. I got in contact with the people who make the intakes, and they told me that they also make a triple carb intake. poured in house. ect. It would mean I wouldnt have to pay to have my current intake shipped to them, and they customize what i have at a cost of some 600 bucks. and ship it back. Or buy the triple? What can i get away with as I am running a 3 speed standard. What can I get away with if i am keeping this trans? didnt they use this same trans in the half ton trucks? please advise
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