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  1. How is the whole assembly supposed to look? This is the first time I’ve ever stopped to look at that mount. Did the rubber come loose from that shaft and that’s why it looks like that?
  2. We got distracted from the actual question but to squash the fear yes there is a jack stand right next to the jack. The jack is there as an added safety in case something was to happen and the jack stand shifted.
  3. I went under the Meadowbrook today to take care of the fuel pump gasket and while I was there I was tightening any loose bolts. I looked at the mount, or what I assumed was the mount, on the transmission and saw this strange gap under it. There is a shaft going through the gap but I have never stopped to look at the mounting areas for the engine and transmission. Is this how they are supposed to look?
  4. Great tool. What are your plans for adjusting the rear brakes? They don’t have a shaft to screw onto right?
  5. Thank you to both of you. Unlike a lot of people I like to drive my car even when it’s cold or raining so I need to have heat and a defroster. With the 160 it never seems to warm enough and it takes forever to defrost the windshield.
  6. I was looking in the book for my ‘51 Meadowbrook and it was saying that they recommend a 160 thermostat. Why would they want a 160 vs a 180? Wouldn’t the higher block temp burn the fuel better, not to mention the higher interior heater temp? Is there a danger to using a thermostat not rated to the recommended temperature?
  7. Are you sure that AB doesn’t have them? Their catalog labels them as part G-224 or G-225, depending upon transmission.
  8. When it rains the rain slowly drips into car from the wiper pivot covers. Theoretically I can assume that they are leaking through that hole, that should have a screw/cover in it?
  9. The ones in my car are open. There is nothing in them. Should I get screws for them? And what type of oil should I put in the hole?
  10. Is it supposed to have the Stromberg BXV-3? I took one of those out of my Meadowbrook to put in the BXVD-3.
  11. Is the hole on the top supposed to be covered? And what is it covered with? Whats the purpose of that hole?
  12. Unfortunately my Meadowbrook does not have a clock but my Cadillac 75 has 2 of them. It was explained to me that when the clock winds down the metal tab attached to the winding mechanism comes into contact with the body of the clock. This creates a short which throws the mechanism back up and keeps it wound. When the car sits for a long time without being run the battery wears down. Even though the battery has voltage the amperage becomes too low to throw the clock mechanism. So it heats up and either fuses the 2 pieces together or creates oxidation (correct me if I’m wrong on that last part) that causes the contact to be unable to throw the mechanism when a new battery is put on. In my case, I took the back cover off of the clock, sprayed it with an electrical cleaner, gently cleaned the contact points where the winding mechanism meets the housing and then gently moved the rocking piece that spins back and forth. I don’t know the technical term for that piece. I hooked a wire to the hot stud and the positive terminal of the battery at my work bench and another wire to one of the outer studs on the clock and the negative terminal. It stopped a couple time so I had to keep moving that spinning piece but soon enough it ran nonstop and once the winding got down to the housing it clicked it back up and kept going.
  13. There is a tab that is pressed into the ring and slides into a slot on the top side of the headlight then it is screwed into the bottom. I’m not sure why the aftermarket ones are smaller and flimsier but I don’t like how it looks. Unfortunately my Meadowbrook is hidden in a barn with 13” of snow leading to it and I haven’t shoveled it out so I could take a picture for you. But it’s one of those things where if you replace one with the new one you will have to replace both or it will look weird.
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