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    Learning about how cars work so I can fix them back to the way they were when new.
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  1. 51_Meadowbrook

    Bluetooth radio set-up

    It says it uses 5v, so it’s saying it will work on 6 and 12v cars?
  2. 51_Meadowbrook

    1949 dodge

    I have a thread about this. I don’t know how to link it into this thread but if you look at my profile it is in there. It’s called Fluid Drive Stumble
  3. 51_Meadowbrook

    How do I fix this?

    I’d also like to paint these hubcaps. Any good ideas as to do this properly? How did the factory make them? Were they powder enamel baked?
  4. 51_Meadowbrook

    How do I fix this?

  5. 51_Meadowbrook

    How do I fix this?

    What metal is this and how do I fix it? It split in several places around that area when it was damaged before I bought the car.
  6. 51_Meadowbrook

    Knocking under car during deceleration

    I checked the u-joints. They are fine. The drive shaft doesn’t wiggle at all. I took the end of the exhaust and jiggled it and it moved the entire system up to the header. I also could recreate the sound of the banging. The gasket has blown out at the header pipe. So I will have to put another one in and then tighten the pipe again.
  7. 51_Meadowbrook

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Mine runs at the second to lowest mark, the last triangle on the left of the dot. It doesn’t matter the temp outside or the type of drive, it is always there. So mine must run colder? I have a 160 thermostat in it
  8. 51_Meadowbrook

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Worden, when your car is fully warmed up where does the temperature needle rest?
  9. 51_Meadowbrook

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    I’m in Rhode Island so that’s a little bit of a drive. Mine started its life the same green as yours. Then spent its days in a barn in New Jersey from 1973 until 2013. A stuck valve, fuel, oil and new battery and it started right up.
  10. 51_Meadowbrook

    Knocking under car during deceleration

    Lol he’d have to have nuts of steel. I didn’t see anything just out at me when I looked under the car.
  11. 51_Meadowbrook

    Knocking under car during deceleration

    My ‘51 Meadowbrook has started making a knocking sound under the car when I decelerate. It’s not all the time. It happens more randomly. It sounds like it’s in the middle of the car but it isn’t always when I’m hitting the brake. Sometimes I am just letting the car slow down on its own and it starts knocking. Where should I be looking for issues? It doesn’t sound like the clinking of a broken brake component but I haven’t taken them apart yet to rule it out. It’s not when the car is speeding up.
  12. 51_Meadowbrook

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Worden, you inspired me to take the Meadowbrook out for a drive today. I haven’t driven it in 2 months but it started right up and the heat worked great. Drove all over the state. Took some friends with me. I always say that the Meadowbrook is the best car to learn how to drive on because the fluid drive won’t stall if you don’t operate the clutch right. Sadly nobody around me wants to learn how to drive it so I don’t get to ride passenger. On a side thought, any guess how many ‘51 Meadowbrooks are still out there? I don’t hear many stories of them.
  13. 51_Meadowbrook

    Reasons for Copying/Stealing Posts

    I think you might be right about the selling thing. The only other thread he made was asking how much some brass items he had would be worth if he was to sell them.
  14. 51_Meadowbrook

    Reasons for Copying/Stealing Posts

    So here is something that I found interesting.. i was on a different forum site that I use for my Cadillac and I saw that a fellow Dodge Meadowbrook owner was having difficulty that I was knowledged in. He was describing it so well that it was identical to an issue I had had this summer. I remembered that I was on here talking about that issue so I went on here and took a couple pictures of the thread I had made and put them on his thread. I felt so good that I was finally imparting my knowledge onto someone else that I was telling the people around me about it. Then I got home and reread the post that he had made and it made me think it sounded too familiar. And I found it odd that the name of the thread didn’t make sense. The second and third words were fine but the first one wasn’t even close to fitting the thread nor was it something that is used to describe the problem he was having. So I went back on here and looked at my original post. Sure enough, it was my post word for word. He had taken everything I had written and put it on there as if it was his. That made me very suspicious of his motives. Not to mention that he had created his profile on there less than 24 hours ago. So with all that being said, I have to wonder, what would cause someone to take a thread and copy it onto a new one as if it were their own? What is the motivation?
  15. 51_Meadowbrook

    Exploring my Meadowbrook

    I did some research and it does in fact smoke at acceleration as well. I did some rapid acceleration and highway driving for long periods of time. Overall it was a fun day of driving around.

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