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  1. '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    I am working the next few days. Probably be at least Saturday before I can do any investigating
  2. '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    Does this mean (model C-1D6) that it is sub model C?
  3. '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    It has 6 lug split rims. I am not sure if I am responding correctly to everyone's suggestions. Is this how I am supposed to respond so my response appears below what I am responding to or is there another way to respond so it appears along with the suggestion?
  4. '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    No luck. I looked all over the door, both sides, front and rear, the dashboard, everywhere... no vin #. The title has the vehicle identification # on it - 81480917, Inventory Control # - A7498767, and a title # - 02058230041.
  5. Good afternoon, I am completely new to this forum, but not forums in general. I have rebuilt a 1950 Ford 8N tractor and a JD MT tractor, both from the ground up, so I know my way around a garage. They are both now 'garage queens'. I recently purchased a 1955 Dodge C10 pickup (that is exactly as it appears on the title). You can see the outlines on the hood showing it is a Pilothouse. Also, on the title the body style is a 'TK'. I am assuming that simply means 'truck'. I am intending on restoring this from the ground up and using it only on Sundays for Ice Cream and shows (great weather only). I have it stripped completely down to the frame ready for blasting and painting. However, I need to replace a couple of items before that is done. On the rear, where the leaf springs hang the "baskets" (that is what I call them, I am sure it is not correct), I need to replace one of them. If I am going to replace one, I plan on replacing all four. This "basket" is not the shackle that the spring actually hooks to, but what the shackle hooks to. It (the basket) is riveted to the frame. Also, on the front where the leaf springs hang as well, I need to replace those as well (although this is a different setup from the rear). My deeper question is where do I go to get a catalog? Hard copy or online, it does not really matter. I am only at the beginning of my project and I can't be searching for items that I do not know the real name of or that I cannot see a picture of to ensure I am ordering the correct item. One more question, when I have been at an on-source (I do not know if I am able to say it by name) the criteria for searching does not have a 'C10'. The lady that I chatted with said that I should "probably" use the "C1" selection. Needless to say, that did not inspire a lot of confidence. Does this mean that it is a 'C' sub model? My research shows that a 'C' replaced the 'B' from '54-'56 (I think). A lot of questions here. Anyone out there care to start helping a new-be at this? Thank you