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  1. Good afternoon, I am continuing to break down my truck (1954 C-1-D6) to get the frame, front end, and rear end blasted and painted. I am having difficulty figuring out how to remove the rear springs and rear end. I have removed what I believe to be called the spring bolt lock as well as the grease cirque, but I cannot figure out how to remove the spring bolt. The manual I am working from speaks of a "Tool DD-431", but even the picture demonstrating how to remove it does not look at all like my rear end. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?
  2. Jeff Mead

    Front leaf springs

    Thank you so much. I was hoping to hear from someone that had the same situation. It just did not make sense to me that the leaf spring is not threaded and the shackle is. Again, thank you very much.
  3. Jeff Mead

    Front leaf springs

    This sounds like you are describing the front of the front leaf spring (there is a threading bushing that gets pressed in). My question is with the rear of the front leaf spring.
  4. Jeff Mead

    Front leaf springs

    Thank you for the suggestion (Rare Parts). I just tried their website and it seems like they are re-doing it. I will try calling them on Tuesday.
  5. Jeff Mead

    Front leaf springs

    I have dropped my front axle on my '55 Dodge as I continue to get the frame ready for blasting, priming and painting. The shackles were shot. I ordered new front and rear shackles for the both sides of the front leaf spring. The front comes with new bushings which I will press out and press in the new ones. The rear is a problem though. I also had to remove the shackle holder on the rear of the front spring (both sides) in order to clean them up. They cleaned up great and are ready to go. The leaf spring, however is another issue. I have cleaned it completely up and it measures right at 7/8" ID and the new shackle has an almost exactly the same OD measurement (which is externally threaded). The leaf itself (both sides) has something that looks like it may have been threaded at one time. I can't tell for sure. It may just be wear marks from the old shackle. I can't find any type of print or schematic that says whether or not the leaf is supposed to be threaded or not. I find it hard to believe the leaf just rides on the shackle, or is it supposed to? I do not mind buying a new top leaf if necessary, just not sure where to get one (if necessary). Any thoughts?
  6. Jeff Mead

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    Thank you very much for your suggestion. I called Roberts and the gentleman I spoke was a ton of help and I got everything ordered for my front end. The pricing was not that bad at all either. I get that together and I will move to the back. I am sure I will have questions about that. Again, thank you.
  7. Jeff Mead

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    You are exactly right. It was hard to make out the old outline, and since I was told it was a Pilot House, my brain told me that is what it was. Once I googled how the emblem for 'Job Rated' looks, it is obvious that is what it is. Thank you.
  8. Jeff Mead

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    Hmmm...that is strange. I was sure there is an outline where an emblem (Pilothouse) would mount on the front end. I believe it is on the hood. I will look tonight when I get home.
  9. Jeff Mead

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    I am continuing to breakdown my Dodge even further before starting to put it back together. I have been able to identify (through your help) it as a C1D6, produced in '54, titled as a '55. The picture I have attached is of the items for the front leaf springs. I would like to replace all of them. Not sure what it is called, but the item on the right (in the pic) I am going to try and clean up the internal threads, otherwise I will need to replace it as well as the one on the other side. I am wondering if I could get recommendations for a source (s). After I finish the front springs I will move to the rear. Thanks for all of your help.
  10. Jeff Mead

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    Thank you
  11. Jeff Mead

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    Thanks. I will give it a try.
  12. Jeff Mead

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    Can you tell me how to post pics? I know it sounds dumb (on my part), but every time I try I get an error that says something along the line of "You cannot upload more than 3mb". I have been trying to do only one pic at a time and they are just taken from my phone.
  13. Jeff Mead

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    There is the outline there of where a plate was. Very obvious. However, no plate.
  14. Jeff Mead

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    I have looked everywhere on the frame and I have found nothing. It does need to be cleaned up a little bit, but I do not believe there is anything there.

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