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    Love old skool Chrysler Dodges and Plymouths. Run an automative engineering company down under.
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  1. Just completed my 25' manifolds in both triple and dual carb to suit Stromberg 97s. I also made up some risers to play around with too Next stage to bolt them up and have a play on both of my 1940 Windsors. These are for double barrel, but will be making also for single barrel ( dual and triple). Also will make the 23 inch versions ...need them for my D5 and D24!!
  2. Hi Guys, I have a three speed standard transmission in my 1940 C25 Windsor 230 and want to upgrade to an overdrive version. I found a 50s three speed with overdrive. My question is are 1940 and 1950 Mopar three speed transmissions compatible and can i just bolt up an early 50s Chrsyler/ Dodge/Plymouth to my 40 WIndsor ?
  3. Hi Guys Just an update . Completed my 23" single barrel manifolds to suit B&B today ...Looking awesome and incorporated some of the feedback like leaving bosses to make it easier for the linkage setups. Here is a couple of pics. Next is the 25" setups. Like always Feedback Welcomed......
  4. Thanks justtold ...your 100% correct in making sure cfm lines up ,,,going to make sure pump keeps up as we move forward
  5. Thanks Guys Just enjoying the feedback and R&D and yes we love these old engines ...cant hurt having a little fun with a bit of Art and a little bit of performance The background behind the development of the manifolds was a result of two brother over a few beers waging each other who would go faster...one with a 23 inch and the other with a 25 inch block ...no radical engine builds....carb/cam/exhaust/intake manifold combos allowed BUT...needed to be done tastefully...no 9 inch grinder with welded hacked manifolds. One of the brothers is an Senior Engineer... AUTOCAD/CASTING/Modelling ...bla blah blah....Vs the other brother who is a car guy engine builder with plenty of run/ blown/build experience R&D the grass roots way Fun and games .....:)...Will post some of the other items soon that will be tested
  6. Just an update guys...finished the first of the machining on these bad boys . Starting to take shape and ready to test them soon
  7. hi 55, not exactly ..have done preliminary research and just testing the waters in terms of what footprint to machine the castings ..so many options with 2 /3 and 4 bolt setups! We designed them around the mindset of 97s, but want to give rodders plenty of options. Have looked at the old designs and their limitations. We will be designing anything from mild(dual x 1bbl ) to wild ( triple x2bbl allowing for plenty of cfm on built performance engines) for both 23 and 25s. Hopefully the range will be dual 1bbl triple 1bbl dual 2bbl triple 2bbl Have you cast or designed and dual or tri carb intakes for single barrel carbs yet? yes Have you run any of your cast intakes, on an engine or any road testing to date? no not yet - going to run them on three of our cars Will follow along and see what develops.....thank you and any feedback positive or negative would be appreciated. As mentioned we love these ol girls and whether they are built for times on the salt flats or beach sands or just to look fast standing still we'll be happy.
  8. As I PMd we are planning to produce manifolds from mild to wild. The Triples are for the larger builds for some beach/salt flats! . For the 23 inch blocks we'll have twin single and triple single options. I also have a D5 that I cant wait to start working on . Thank you so much for the advice really appreciate it ......agree with the triple bneen too much for standard/ mild setup.......but do look cool
  9. Definitly progressive
  10. Thanks Don and nice setup. I will have setups for both 23 and 25 inch blocks with : double barrel triple manifold single barrel twin manifold I'll post up some of the picks in the coming weeks Appreciate the feedback
  11. Hi Guys, New to the forum . Just wanted to share one of my projects. Just completed the intake castings for my triple carb for my Windsor C25 coupe. Just interested to know what members recommend in terms of Carbies to use. Just wanted some feedback , before i start machining them. I will also be casting a duel carb setup for both the 25 and 23 inch block ( I own a few early dodge brother projects). Also any experience with triple setups and what to watch out for would be appreciated. I designed them so there are no flat areas for fuel to gather and have a direct path into the cylinders. Tkxs
  12. JPetrakis66

    1939 business coupe build

    love it ...looks so cool

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