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    1956 Dodge Coronet, 1950 Dodge B2D pickup, 1952 Packard

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    Married for 42 years, 16 children & 19 grandchildren
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  1. willits18

    What is this?

    As near as I can tell there has never been any electrical connections at all. There is no motor in it. There is a cable that connects to it from the dash panel on the inside. It seems like some kind of venting system but there is no tube to the interior of the truck. The truck was a farm truck in south central Nebraska for over 50 years. I have just never seem any thing like it before. I will probably have to take it off to see what it is and does-if I can figure it out!?
  2. willits18

    What is this?

    I was talking about the round thing with 2 tubes coming out of the top just to the right of the regulator.
  3. willits18

    What is this?

    I have never seen one of these before. This is under the hood of my 1950 Dodge B2D pickup truck. This is the first Dodge truck this old I have worked on. There is a cable and wire to open and close this in the cab. I couldn't find anything about this in my shop manual. It doesn't look like any type of heating device. There is a vent in the cowl. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Tracy.

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