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  1. Electrical issues

    Don't die!!!
  2. Electrical issues

    Thanks you guys. The headlight dimmer Switch was gonna be my first stop!
  3. Electrical issues

    Well, every one was correct. Battery cables!!!! Generator changes, most of the lights work, no headlights, but fan works, windshield wipers.....i was impressed!!!!!! Still gotta figure out the headlights and radio..... But who cares, generator and regulator both work.... And just to think..... the guy we bought it from sold it to us with the idea that the motor was frozen solid!!
  4. Noises?

    Obviously other than tearing the front of the motor apart.
  5. Noises?

    Is there anyway to test to verify?
  6. Noises?

    To be honest out sounds centrally located. But more so from the passenger front of the engine.... at least that's what my ear hears
  7. Noises?

    Thanks! But where or what would produce such a noise?
  8. Noises?

    So, Does a 1949 Chrysler windsor spitfire engine timing chain make noise? I have no idea....i can only explain it as a noise that sounds like a chain on a chain saw.
  9. Newtons law

    60% of the time.... it works every time. Ha ha
  10. Newtons law

    Got the crusty broken lower shock mounts out. Bought the dorman 31001 universal shock mount studs. But the stud part of it was way to short Could only get 3 or 4 threads to bite. So...... thank goodness for an angle grinder!!!
  11. Electrical issues

    Uncle-Pekka, The ammeter clicks all the the time. (Ir shows in the discharge side) Unless I rev it up... then it stops ( and the ammeter shows zero)
  12. Electrical issues

    Does anyone know the length of the cables off hand? And what length of ground straps?
  13. Electrical issues

    Could the generator need to be polarized after sitting for so long?
  14. Electrical issues

    Would it be a good idea to clean up all the posts of the generator....and take.the regulator off and clean up the firewall behind? I've read that can be a grounding point.
  15. Electrical issues

    I've got it hooked up positive ground currently.