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  1. Hoping to tinker with the 49 this weekend. I have a few antique tractors. I'll borrow the battery of one. With that said, would someone let me know what the charging systems were in these trucks? 6 or 12 volt, positive or negative ground?
  2. Never heard of it. My interest is peaked. Will research. Thanks for the info.
  3. Checked out your profile picture Todd. That is a great looking truck. Have never seen a Dodge semi in that body style. What does it have for an engine and transmission?
  4. Measured both sides and the wheel base looks to be cut down to 104.5 inches. Strange number. Wonder if someone overshot the shortness they were going for.
  5. For now it's just getting it up and running. Find out what I have to work with. Hoping the engine is in decent shape. It's loose. Know it will need brake lines. One of them is leaking somewhere. Once all the operating things are lined out, the plan is to drive it. Town is only 3+ miles away. I see making a lot of trips to Home Depot in this thing. Maybe someday down the road a rebuild will happen. Rebuilt and restored a 1/2 ton Dodge for a customer about 7 or 8 years ago. That was a ground up, frame off build. Will see if I can find photos.
  6. Yep, that's what I came up with also. Thank you for verifying. Does anyone have a photo of a two speed rear diff from that era?
  7. Picked up a new project last week. Really, really excited about it. I'm over 50 and have always had vintage cars, trucks, motorcycles and tractors. Have an extensive background in mechanics. Although, this truck has me a little stumped. The the previous owner bought this 1949 but never got around to working on it or get it running. He said it was a one ton truck. From the research I've been doing it looks more like a 1.5 ton truck. By the remnants of the door lettering this vehicle was once a Phillips 66 oil company truck out of Aurora Colorado. At some point it ended up in Louisiana. I can't seem to locate any info online regarding Dodge oil company or oil field trucks with exception to fuel trucks. Not sure what this truck was used for or what type of bed was originally on it. Appears a different bed was installed and homemade rear fender wells mounted. You can see center of rear axle doesn't line up with center of bed/fender well area. Kind of have the feeling someone shortened the wheelbase. Even is this is true I find the short wheel base large dual wheeled truck fascinating and very appealing. I also think it had a two speed rear axle, but it doesn't look to have it anymore. It still retains the flat head six cylinder coupled to a four speed transmission. There is a pull knob, left of the steering wheel, for a PTO. And the PTO cable routes under the cab ending near the right side of the transmission but is sitting in the right side of the frame. The is nothing attached to the transmission. Just the pto block off plate. In front the the rear differential, on the left inside of frame, is a large vacuum diaphragm. Not certain yet but appears to be a master cylinder attached to the vacuum diaphragm with brake lines going to it. Think it was used to trailer pulling purposes? Enough of my talk for now. Check out photos and please share feedback. Thanks
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