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  1. Rear main

    I have been to Reese and also Sun city. Going into the tavern in Sun city was like going back in time, when I first went in there in the 80s. Busters.
  2. Rear main

    DrDoctor, Wichita is my hometown, been in Udall ten years, a lot quieter. dpollo, I had to look up Bucyrus, don’t think I had ever heard of it, now I have. It’s even smaller than Udall.
  3. Rear main

    Thanks Branded.
  4. Rear main

    Ok , thanks dpollo, I’ll check out that pan flange also. Looking closer ,looks like it might have been leaking at the fuel pump, to block gasket also.
  5. Rear main

    Hello I have a question on the rear main on my 50 plymouth 218.dropped the oil pan to put on new gaskets and change the rear main seal, motors been leaking oil sense I’ve owned the car. The end of the crankshaft where the flywheel is bolted on is dry and clean. Does this mean the rear main is still holding?
  6. Pro antique auto parts

    Thank you for your reply. They used to have some beaded wire that looked like the old wire that came on cars in the 40s - 50s.
  7. Pro antique auto parts

    Does anybody know if pro antique auto parts is still in business? Thanks.