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    Weslaco, TX
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    1950 Dodge Meadowbrook

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    I am 17 years old and working on my first project car, a 1950 Dodge Meadowbrook.
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    Need one for car money


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    South Texas
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    car restoration, metal detecing, coin collecting

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  1. GCastle50

    Meadowbrook Project

    I almost forgot, I need to remove the valves as well but I need to find a valve spring compressor. Does anyone know stores that stock them either in-store or online?
  2. GCastle50

    Meadowbrook Project

    This is the engine so far. I practically have it down to the block, just need to pull the camshaft and remove the oil strainer tubing
  3. GCastle50

    Meadowbrook Project

    @Adam H P15 D30 thank you, nice to know
  4. GCastle50

    Meadowbrook Project

    @Dan Hiebert I don't know very much at all except that the owner's brother bought it in Houston and brought it down here. It is in surprisingly good shape and I would venture to say it's probably more than 80% stock. The vacuum thing is a brake booster but I'm not sure exactly how rare or odd it is to have one ?
  5. GCastle50

    Meadowbrook Project

    Yes, It is a brake booster. I'm not sure where it came from as the person i bought it from didn't know too much about the car because he had acquired it from his brother who had bought it from someone else back in the 80s or 90s.
  6. GCastle50

    Meadowbrook Project

    This is what the engine bay looked like when I bought the car but I have since painted it and am currently rebuilding the engine. I hope to upload more pictures but I am having some problems with the size of the files.
  7. GCastle50

    Meadowbrook Project

    Hey y'all, I decided to create this thread to show the progress of my 1950 Meadowbrook restoration. I've worked on the car for almost 2 years now but I only recently found out about this website (which I'm glad I did). This is my first project so I'm probably going to be asking a lot of questions which would probably seem like common sense to a lot of you but I would greatly appreciate the help.
  8. GCastle50

    Carter Carburetor

    I am in the process of rebuilding the engine in my 50 Meadowbrook and realized today that the carb is a Carter D6H2 , not the stock Stromberg. This surprised me because the car and engine are fairly stock. The carb did come from a Chrysler vehicle and I wanted to know which vehicles came with these carburetors ?
  9. GCastle50

    Who does this??????

    I recently removed the cylinder head on my 50 Meadowbrook and the cable was attached under a head bolt.
  10. GCastle50

    Off topic hobbies

    I collect coins, more specifically wheat cents. Been doing it for about 3 years now.

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