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  1. Richard Cope

    Coles notes on 12 volt conversion please...

    Had my radio converted to 12 volt by "Old Car Radio", Charles Fogery, Harrison, TN. 423-344-8357. Works great, he added FM, leads for extra speakers and a jack for a Scandisk which I can easily transfer songs from the computer to. Through the Scandisk also have access to blue tooth for wireless speakers. What I am doing won't work for everyone, but it works for me.
  2. Richard Cope

    Coles notes on 12 volt conversion please...

    I use the fan a lot in the summer to circulate air, for without rear windows the coupe gets warm inside, even with the cowl vent. Unfortunately the original fan motor burn out last summer, rather than replace with a 6 volt, opted to go with a 12 volt. Jegs reduced the cost to $47 for a three speed motor, provided dimensions therefore I was confident it would fit before starting and I had a three speed switch. I'm not familiar with other fan motors specification that would work. Put the motor in this last weekend fit perfect. Seven or eight years ago my original gas tank developed a leak, at that time no replacements were offered for the 39 Ply. Not something you want to come home and find. For safety, opted not to have it repaired and put a fuel cell in the trunk, as the car is kept in an attached garage. Recently purchased a reproduction tank and will be taking the fuel cell out as it takes up space, however can use the sending unit from the fuel cell, which is 12 volt. My original fuel gauge never worked that well, so rather than find a working fuel gauge and sending unit probably more practical for me to have the fuel gauge face put on a 12 v. GM gauge. If the fuel gauge and sending unit were in good working order would of went with a reducer. Went with the 12 volt generator to keep the stock look, not many accessories on the 39 to use electric, radio is about it. My goal is to improve starting, headlights and able to get headlight bulbs easier.
  3. Richard Cope

    Coles notes on 12 volt conversion please...

    I forgot to mention, for the fuel gauge I spoke with Instrument Services (800-558-2674). They can convert my fuel gauge to 12 volt with the ohms that I want for $167. May using a new sensor in the tank from ISSPRO (33 to 240 ohms). Actually they find a new gauge and adapt the original face plate to it. Haven't decided yet if I am going to do this or use a voltage reducer. My tank sensor doesn't work so if I keep the original gauge will have to locate one with ohms to match. Another option Rich
  4. Richard Cope

    Coles notes on 12 volt conversion please...

    I am in the process of changing my 39 Ply to 12 volt, at the point of gathering parts and will make the conversion in the spring. Jegs sells a three speed 12 volt heater motor part # 70603 ($59.99) and switch 70604 ($19.99), fan shaft dimensions are the same and length & width slightly larger but still smaller than opening in heater . My original fan motor wasn't the greatest, this seemed better than buying a voltage reducer. Recently ordered, however haven't received yet, hopefully will be able to test this weekend . A local shop in Glassboro N.J. (Frank Todd) converted a spare starter and generator to 12 volt. The only visual difference is the generator is slightly longer and the voltage regulator will be different (same used on a 50s Plymouth). Frank indicated if the starter isn't converted, run the risk of breaking front of starter due to sudden torque. The generator won't put out as much as an alternator, but I want to keep the original look.
  5. Richard Cope

    Three Point Seatbelt

  6. Richard Cope

    Three Point Seatbelt

    Hi Doc. I will be using the original headlight bulb, in a 12 volt version. Found that Ford cars of that time period also used the same bulb, and suppliers are now offering in 12 volt. Even with the best of grounds my six volt original bulbs weren't as bright as I would like. I am using a relay which does help. LED headlights are OK - not great, don't' require much electric and expensive. Have tried the 12 volt version with a battery and they seem brighter, will see. I like your idea of using a longer bar inside the pillar instead of the shorter version in the photo, will provide more support. Thanks for your comments Regards
  7. Richard Cope

    Three Point Seatbelt

    Thanks Andy, Your car is very nice, the color of the body and interior really set it off. I like the concept of pulling a bar upward through the door pillar. Will probably make my own bar / bolt, if I hadn't seen this concept would probably did something more complicated. My Plymouth is pretty much stock, well until this past summer. Added disk brakes to the front and a Mitchell's overdrive, which make the car much more drivable in traffic. In the process of replacing the 600x16 in. tires / wheels with 6 inch wheels and using modern radials 215/70R16. Got caught in a light rain last summer and the 600x16 don't provide much grip on the road. Diamond Tire sells this size with a 3 in. white wall, pricey but like the look. The side appearance of the car will be very similar as the radial is only .4 inches lower, however about 2 in. wider. Purchased a standard tire locally and there was no issue with fit, will use as a spare. Will keep the original tires on wheels, in the event that I go to that special car show. Next project will be to convert the car to 12 volt, a local shop converted a spare generator and starter to 12 volt, therefore the outward appearance won't change, except for the voltage regulator. The 6 volt is OK and with LED bulbs almost as bright as 12 volt, however seems that the LEDs and halogen don't project through the 39 glass headlight lens as well as the standard bulbs. Also finding that I am keeping a spare 12 volt battery in the trunk for the stuff we are so use to using now days.
  8. Richard Cope

    Three Point Seatbelt

    Thanks Adam, Recently moved, still have a two car garage however during the winter months space is limited and been trying to hold off on grinding and cutting due to dust. I agree wouldn't take much to make, will probably do so and cost much less.
  9. Richard Cope

    Three Point Seatbelt

    Hi I am considering adding three point seatbelts in my 39 Plymouth Business Coupe. Many years ago I was against wearing seatbelts and received at least one ticket for not using. However now that my sons and grandchildren occasionally ride in the Plymouth want to make it as safe as possible. One concern is installing the upper bolt on the door column. Came across a company on the internet "Juliano's Interior Products, LLC", Julianos.com which seems to have a way to install the bolt. The kit comes with the bars with bolts (see below), one is to drop a string in a hole of the door post. When the string reaches the bottom, it is tied onto the metal bar and lifted upward. The bolt is pulled through the hole and then the bar is fastened to the sheet metal with screws. I am curious if anyone has ever used one of their kits and what your impression is. Also, if anyone has a photo of the door post for a 39 Ply. Coupe without the interior would be greatly appreciated. Would be helpful to know what the sheet metal looks before loosing the upholstery. Thank everyone in advance for your comments and suggestions Regards, RC
  10. Richard Cope

    suggested master cylinder conversion 1939

    Apologize for the haven't signed in for a while. From looking at your frame, very different from the 39 Ply, appears larger with more space. The master cylinder had to be moved a little to the rear a little due to limited space where the original was. The size of my photos are too large will transfer some and get back this afternoon. Works great, only problem was the proportional valve went bad recently. Regards,
  11. I have an upcoming project to convert the column shift in my 39 Plymouth P8 Business to a floor shift and want to ensure that I have all of the parts needed before starting. I have the inside shifter and transmission rails, On E-Bay there is a clutch gear pn# 692684 for a 39 Ply, however indicates that it is only for a P8 (with column shift) and will not work with a P7 transmission with a floor shift. My concern is, will I also need a "clutch gear" from a P7 transmission to make the change, is it possible that the rails require a different gear? Does anyone know the purpose of the clutch gear? Your help and comments are greatly appreciated. Regards, Richard
  12. Richard Cope

    More starter problems..

    Always a great feeling when you can make the repair yourself
  13. Richard Cope

    More starter problems..

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family also. That is correct, He is converting my starter and generator to 12 volt. He showed me what is being changed in the starter, I believe he called it the field coil, however I am not familiar with the parts. When the car was being restored, 20 years ago, he rebuilt the carburetor, distributor, starter, generator, water pump, steering box and machined several hard to get parts. He has a lot of old NOS Chrysler parts. He is a good source to have a part rebuilt, or to have a part machined to match an original. It is a one man shop sometimes difficult to get by phone, if you can't get through , the number I gave is a cell number can text that number. Good Luck, Rich
  14. Richard Cope

    More starter problems..

    Was just talking with Todd about my starter, mentioned the part you are looking for. He indicated that he has it,
  15. Richard Cope

    More starter problems..

    There is a small shop in Glaassboro, NJ, (Todd's Auto Parts, 856-881-6935). that may be able to help, he has NOS Chrysler parts, rebuilds and machines parts. Twenty years ago he rebuilt my starter and generator, still work great however this summer want to change the car to 12 volt but keep the original appearance. Today I gave spares of each to Todd, he is going to convert the starter to 12 volt. He indicated if it is not converted, could possibly break the end of the starter off. Going to try to convert the generator to 12 V, however for the generator may have to use the housing from a 50's Plymouth and use the ends from my original

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