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  1. Richard Cope

    Paint Marine blue

    a light gray epoxy primer was used, even the smallest ding shows up with the dark blue color of the car. If the primer was the same color, wouldn't be as noticeable until repaired. Years ago the shop talked me into to installing an electrode system in which a small positive charge is maintained on the on the body. It required 12 volt, therefore connected to a lawnmower battery in the trunk and periodically charge. The paint looks as good today as it did 10 plus year ago. It is garage kept, however no temperature control. Don't know if the electrodes actually helped, or the shop just did a good job at painting.
  2. Richard Cope

    Paint Marine blue

    Years ago wanted to paint a 39 Ply Aviator Blue, after many hours or going through paint chips at a local paint supplier found that Volvo Midnight blue was a perfect match. The paint shop, buffed out the clear coat to reduce the gloss which gave it an original look with depth, has held up great. Makes it easier to get touch up paint later if needed. Only regret I have is, should of had the primer tinted color of paint.
  3. Richard Cope

    paint for oil filter canister

    It is Valspar 2009-7 Fire Orange.
  4. Richard Cope

    paint for oil filter canister

    I matched up a paint card in Loews that is real close, however can only be mixed as a paint on and smallest size is a quart. If interested, let me know and will forward name and number on the card. Richar
  5. Richard Cope

    Remove Steering Wheel 1939 Plymouth

    Many Thanks. Have another question if anyone can help. Trying to locate the part number or substitute for the horn ring for a 39 Ply. My parts book doesn't have it listed. I have 39 Dodge ring, however three nibs that retain the horn button ring wouldl have to be ground off and then replated. Thanks Richard
  6. Richard Cope

    Remove Steering Wheel 1939 Plymouth

    Really appreciate everyone's response, definitely don't want to damage the threads on the steering shaft. For the 39 going to have to use a different approach and type of puller. Back of the wheel is a metal collar on the steering column, won't be able to get behind it. When looking at the banjo wheel, there are three threaded holes equally spaced around the center opening. Appears if I used a puller with three threaded bolts to screw into the steering wheel and a larger center bolt to meet with the steering shaft that would raise the three equally would work. Photos really helped, going to duplicate the horn ring / steering wheel in the green convertible. From an original accessory sheet, the coupe convertible came with a deluxe steering wheel and horn ring, however for others was a $5.00 option. Thanks again Richard C
  7. Richard Cope

    Remove Steering Wheel 1939 Plymouth

    Recently located a banjo steering wheel for my 39 Plymouth. The metal banjo bars are in great shape, however the "plastic" is going to require work. Does anyone have any information on the type of puller needed to remove the wheel from the steering tube, don't want to mess up the current wheel when removing. The service manual indicates to use a C526 puller, is there a similar tool available today? My current wheel does not have a horn ring, which I am trying to locate. Came across a ring and button however turned out to be for a 39 Dodge, I believe (has a Dodge logo). Was hoping to use the ring, unfortunately the center retainer of the Dodge has a larger diameter. Unfortunately I haven't actually seen a 39 Ply with a horn ring, does anyone know when used is the center button (Ship / "Plymouth" emblem) the same. I believe the difference will be the retaining ring around the button will have three slots for the spokes of the horn ring. If anyone with a 39 Ply is using a horn ring would appreciate if you would forward a photo, trying to keep the interior of the car as stock in appearance as possible. Like to thank everyone in advance for all of your help. Regards, Richard
  8. Richard Cope

    difference leaf springs 1948 to 1949

    I recently purchased rear leaf springs from Eaton Detroit Springs (313-963-3839) for my 39 Ply coupe, they made up to specifications and shipped out in about a week. They knew the specifications for the car and that there is a left and right spring, however I sent them a U bolt to use as a pattern. Cost was around $750 for two springs, four U bolts and two 5/8 bolts for front of spring and shipping. Went on, no issues, new springs have 9 leaves and car sits level, whereas springs on the car had 7 leaves. Regards, Richard
  9. Richard Cope

    Bias Plys or Radials

    If you are going to be installing disk brakes, may want to see if the wheels will be moved outward. I used a kit from Engineered Components, brakes work great however wheels moved outward .5 in. My stock 16 inch wheels will still work. Finding that an offset may be useful to keep wheels inline with rear wheels. Believe Wheel Vintique, (can be purchased through Summit) will custom make the wheels as to width and offset. Regards, Richard
  10. Richard Cope

    Calling all 41 Plymouth owners

    I will be needing one also for my 39 Ply. also, found another domed glass. A word of caution, had the trim nickel plated and was so anxious to install didn't measure the groove on the back of the trim. The plating was just thick enough to cause one corner of the glass to crack. If you have had plating done, carefully measure the thickness of the holding area before installing Rich
  11. Richard Cope

    Rear Spring Shackles - Reversed Threads

    Thanks sser2 Rich
  12. Richard Cope

    Rear Spring Shackles - Reversed Threads

    Great, Thanks for correcting my assumptions. Seems like it would be easy to install incorrectly by flipping the threaded areas. Any thoughts on the rational for having reversed threads on the drivers side Thanks again! Richard
  13. Received new spring shackles for my 39 Ply Business Coupe today from Andy Bernbaum. Reproductions are not marked "L" and "R" like the nos. One of the shackles has reverse threads on one end, I believe the reverse threads attach to the spring eye on the passenger side, appreciate if someone could confirm. Will also help me to disassemble the existing springs if confident about the location of the reversed threads. Thank you in advance for your help, Regards, Richard
  14. Richard Cope

    Rear Spring "U" bolts - 1939 Plymouth

    Thank everyone for all of your help, I purchased a used U bolt and waiting to receive it. Eaton Springs indicated that they can make new bolts if I provide dimensions. I've gotten rough dimensions from those on the car, however will hold off on sending until receive the used one, will be easier to measure. The new bolts will be round and not have the flat surface on the curve, however they indicated that all replacement bolts are such and should not be a problem. Haven't received the parts yet, however at this time Eaton Detroit Springs seems to very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Regards, Rich

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