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    Car was restored stock several years ago. Want to modernize lights , brakes for safety and up date

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  1. Richard Cope

    Mopar Oil Filter

    Appreciate your help, appears that the Baldwin sock filters are available on-line. The filter is a Mopar Type MN 16, photo attached. Any idea how affective the sock filters are? Any thoughts on the design in which the oil enters the bottom of the filter and exits the top, seems like it may be somewhat pressurized and if so can this affect the engine oil pressure. Am I correct, as long as the inlet is high enough, oil would drain back to the oil pan during an changes. Thank you in advance for your help. Regards, Rich
  2. Richard Cope

    Mopar Oil Filter

    I found the following Mopar oil filter at a garage sale, appears that it has never been on a car just some surface scratches. I have a 39 Ply. stock engine and have been using the disposable filters, thinking of changing to one that the media can be changed. This is longer than most that I haver seen, diameter is about 4 in., however height is about 7 in. without the cap. Is there any reason that this wouldn't work on the 201 engine? Does anyone know what filter it would take and are they available today, if it is usable will take to NAPA and see if they can match up a filter element ? A concern is, on the threaded connection near the cap, it is indicated as "Outlet", seems that it would be the inlet for the 201 engine. Thank you in advance for your help Regards, Richard
  3. Richard Cope

    Paint detailing on chrome ?

    Several years ago I used Eastwood's Sign Painters 1 Shot - Lettering Enamel. (L102 Fire Red) with a small artist brush. Been at least 8 years and has held up good. Richard C.
  4. Richard Cope,  This is rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com.  Your 39 Plymouth has alot of the same styling as my39 desoto.  I have a great deal of cross reference catalogs for this year car.  I live near valley forge PA so you are somewhat cloe since you live in JAckson NJ.


    My cell number is 484-431-8147  home 610-630-9188   Desoto1939@aol.com  feel free to call me if you have any questions about your 39 Plymouth.

  5. Richard Cope

    Electrical Disconnect Switch

    Thank everyone for your suggestions, got the switch in - a time saver. Getting to the battery in the 39 takes a little effort, bottom seat has to be removed, then the battery cover. Installed the switch on the floor, just back of the front edge of the seat. When the seat is in, hardly noticeable. Cleaned all of the terminals and put a connection on the battery so that a trickle charger can be connected from outside the car. The battery is a good distance from the starter, haven't had any issues however considering a adding a second Optium battery in parallel as a insurance for evening car shows. The current battery is sitting in an old 6 volt wet cell that I gutted, if I remove the old battery case will be plenty of room.. Once again thanks for the help Scan0001.pdf Rich
  6. Richard Cope

    Electrical Disconnect Switch

    Great, Thanks for the help. Positive will be easier.
  7. Richard Cope

    Electrical Disconnect Switch

    Would like to get advice on an electrical question. I have a 39 Plymouth, 6 volt - positive ground with the battery under the seat. Want to install a heavy gauge disconnect switch in the floor that would break the circuit at the battery. Thus when the car is not being used, will be easy to disconnect all of the electric. My concern is, should the switch be connected to the positive or negative battery cable. Thank you in advance for your help. Regards, Richard
  8. Richard Cope

    disc brake conversion

    Have a 39 Ply. just had a kit made my Engineering Components (860-872-7046) installed, purchased from Andy Berbaum. Disk and calipers were bolt on as per the instructions, however master cylinder had to be moved back for was not room in the frame where the instructions indicated, push rod was extended. Works great, Mike at ECI was very helpful. Recommend indicating when at time kit is purchased that want a remote fill, for master cyl is under the floor. Was told that the original wheels would not have enough clearance, however after looking under car believe original wheels would have worked. Will be removing wheel on car and confirming. Richard
  9. Richard Cope

    Automatic Choke

    Thank everyone for your feedback. My thought was to make the car more reliable, however the automatic choke isn't what I had imagined. Believe I will stay with the manual choke and make sure that it is closed after warming up.. Regards, Richard
  10. Richard Cope

    Automatic Choke

  11. Richard Cope

    Automatic Choke

    Hi, Have a 39 Ply. stock 201 engine with a carter carburetor D6A21. Does anyone have any thoughts if a Sisson Automatic choke can be used? If so, would it replace the manual choke completely or can it possibly be used along with? If so, appreciate a photograph of the set-up. Thank you in advance for your help Regards, Richard
  12. Richard Cope

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    Hi thebeebe5, I have had good success with powder coated parts. Have to change the front wheels on my 39 Ply coupe due to installing disk brakes and will change the rears to keep consistent, believe the body of the 37 coupe is similar in size. For your wheels, did you stay with the stock diameter and width, if the width was increased is there enough clearance, particularly in the rear? Want to use 16 inch wheels as with the stock, however debating on increasing the width a little which would expand the tires available. Croker indicated that when wheels are purchased, will powder coat for an additional $50.00. Probably more expensive, than I can get done locally. Thank you in advance for your help, Regards, Richard
  13. Richard Cope

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    Nice pinstriping, did you do it by hand? I purchased a tool from Eastwood with small wheels for pinstriping, however don't believe my hands are steady enough to go completely around a wheel and the magnetic strips Eastwood sells wont make the radius. Trying to come up with a way that I can spin the wheel and hold the tool in one spot. Richard
  14. Richard Cope

    Optium battery in parallel, Powermaster alternator

    Hi Pete, Apologize for not getting back sooner, been out of town. Haven't been able to locate the receipt where I purchased the headlight gasket, however most of the parts on the car were purchased from either Steel Rubber, Andy Berbaum or Roberts. Rich
  15. Richard Cope

    Optium battery in parallel, Powermaster alternator

    Thanks for the info. will go to the local Autozone and get one, do you know if they come in 6 / 12 volt ? I threw the other tail lights bulbs in the garbage, ordered two new red ones. When buying at a swap meet and the bulbs are in a plastic bag price is right, however not sure what you are getting.

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