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  1. Hi. Have a 39 Ply coupe which gets very hot inside. Has anyone converted the emergency brake hub into a pulley to power an AC compressor. Would keep under hood clean and wouldn't expect as much drain on engine. Downside, would need modern rear with emergency brake and would only work when car is moving Richard
  2. Just purchased a carpet for my 39 Ply. Business Coupe from Newark Auto Products located at 23 Centerway, E. Orange, N.J. Pattern fit good, they did not have the pattern for the small area behind the seat, however provided enough extra material to cover. I plan on cutting to fit the rear area and then taking to their shop to have binding installed (fortunately I am only and hour or so away). They have two qualities of carpet, recommend paying a little extra and get the better quality if you use this supplier. It doesn't look like the hogshair, but rather that used in new cars.
  3. Hi Does anyone know what year / car a pitman with part number 1137164 is for . Haven't been able to locate it in my parts book, assuming the seller is giving the correct number. Thanks many, appreciate your help Regards, Richard
  4. I am converting my car to 12 volt. I recently sent my 6 volt fuel gauge to D&M Restoration (800-722-0854). They put the face plate from my gauge on a 12 volt GM gauge, fits into the original gauge cluster and looks stock. I already had a 0-90 Ohm sender for the tank. With this set up it is an easy one wire connection between the sender in the tank and gauge.
  5. Hi, Looking to replace the exhaust system on my 39 Plymouth (stock 201 engine w/ overdrive). The current OD of the exhaust pipes are 1.75 in. from the muffler going forward and the OD of the tailpipe is slightly over 1.5 in. I am looking at a ready made kit which uses 1.75 in. stainless for both pipes. It seems that the slightly larger diameter tailpipe is a plus, however would like to get the opinion of those with more experience with the exhaust for flatheads. Appreciate your comments Regards,
  6. Thanks for the info, great that is available. Believe I have a short piece of broken tubing in a junk box that I removed from a parts car years ago, will use that for comparison at a hardware store.
  7. Hi, appreciate your comments for a recent issue. Recently the line to my oil pressure gage (1939 Plymouth) started weeping and needed replacing. The flare fitting that forms a seal with the gage is unique, a friend and I were able to remove the old flare and reuse with a new tubing, however removing it from the old tubing took some time. Does anyone know of a source where these flares can be purchased? Thank you for your help,
  8. Rich, Many thanks for all of your research. You mentioned that the spacers would go on the bottom of the springs. Early 39 Plymouths had forged lower control arms and later models used stamped steel much like cars of today. My particular car has stamped ones and the bottom of the control arms are formed in a curved fashion to accept the curved end of the spring. Therefore to use spacers they would have to go on the top (flat) end of the spring that goes into the frame pocket. Did your research show any of the spacers being placed on top of the spring? Appreciate your help. Richard
  9. Hi, I have an upcoming project in the next few weeks, going to be changing the front coil springs, tie rods on my 39 Plymouth Business Coupe. Does anyone know if the 39 Ply. used spacers on top of the springs and if so where they used on both sides? Not sure what is on the car now, however have two NOS if needed. Plan to get the new springs from Eaton Springs. Don't believe my current springs are correct, the car sits 2.5 to 3 inches higher in the front than in the rear. With 20 lbs. on the front bumper and the front will drop to the correct height, however an additional 200 lbs. will not bring it any lower, spring seems to bottom. Passengers have no effect on front height. At first, thought perhaps the shocks are too long, remove the shock and no difference was seen with additional weight added to the bumper. Last summer replaced the rear springs from Eaton Spring, the rear height did not change. The car is currently about 175 pounds heavier than stock for an overdrive unit was added, however its weight is in the center of the car. Thank everyone in advance for your help / comments Regards, Richard
  10. I have one piece, believe it is the one that goes against the steering box. If anyone hears of a 39 Plymouth being parted out - let me know.
  11. I received the rubber steering box insulators from Andy for the 40 Ply. They have the same shapes and holes line up with the 39 insulator, however that is about it. The three rubber projections around the bolt holes are on the opposite side and the 1940 insulator has three heavy upraised pads on one side, whereas the 39 has pads on both sides that are less thick. I spoke with Chris, which also has a 39 Py. He indicated that he would consider having insulators made for the 39 Ply if he had good original to copy from. I have an original for one side as seen in the earlier photo, believe this goes on the inside of the frame between the steering box. Does anyone have an extra original that would go on the outside of the frame that they would be willing to share so that we can get copies made. Perhaps I should put in the classified section so that more individuals would see. Regards,
  12. Thank everyone for your replies, unfortunately the rubber that I have from the parts car is as hard as a rock and brittle. Expect to have the one that I ordered from Andy this week and will be able to compare the differences. Not sure if the piece of rubber that I have goes on the outside or inside of the frame, hopefully when I receive the ones from Andy will be able to tell. If the ones from Andy are way off, going to try to locate a complete pair of originals and try to find a supplier to reproduce a few. Steel Rubber did some parts for me years ago and they are now in their catalogue, unfortunately it is a slow process therefore can't use the ones in the car. Regards,
  13. I spoke with Andy this morning, unfortunately he feels that the rubber insulator will not work as the sections with cushions are not located in the correct location. I ordered a set, to see if possible they can be made to work. If anyone with a 39 Ply. has came up with a solution would appreciate if you would pass on. I have one section of rubber, if I can located the other section will try to locate a supplier that will replicate. Not going to remove the ones on my car at this time, don't want to take the chance of damaging them. Regards
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