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  1. I have an upcoming project to convert the column shift in my 39 Plymouth P8 Business to a floor shift and want to ensure that I have all of the parts needed before starting. I have the inside shifter and transmission rails, On E-Bay there is a clutch gear pn# 692684 for a 39 Ply, however indicates that it is only for a P8 (with column shift) and will not work with a P7 transmission with a floor shift. My concern is, will I also need a "clutch gear" from a P7 transmission to make the change, is it possible that the rails require a different gear? Does anyone know the purpose of the clutch gear? Your help and comments are greatly appreciated. Regards, Richard
  2. Richard Cope

    More starter problems..

    Always a great feeling when you can make the repair yourself
  3. Richard Cope

    More starter problems..

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family also. That is correct, He is converting my starter and generator to 12 volt. He showed me what is being changed in the starter, I believe he called it the field coil, however I am not familiar with the parts. When the car was being restored, 20 years ago, he rebuilt the carburetor, distributor, starter, generator, water pump, steering box and machined several hard to get parts. He has a lot of old NOS Chrysler parts. He is a good source to have a part rebuilt, or to have a part machined to match an original. It is a one man shop sometimes difficult to get by phone, if you can't get through , the number I gave is a cell number can text that number. Good Luck, Rich
  4. Richard Cope

    More starter problems..

    Was just talking with Todd about my starter, mentioned the part you are looking for. He indicated that he has it,
  5. Richard Cope

    More starter problems..

    There is a small shop in Glaassboro, NJ, (Todd's Auto Parts, 856-881-6935). that may be able to help, he has NOS Chrysler parts, rebuilds and machines parts. Twenty years ago he rebuilt my starter and generator, still work great however this summer want to change the car to 12 volt but keep the original appearance. Today I gave spares of each to Todd, he is going to convert the starter to 12 volt. He indicated if it is not converted, could possibly break the end of the starter off. Going to try to convert the generator to 12 V, however for the generator may have to use the housing from a 50's Plymouth and use the ends from my original
  6. Richard Cope

    leaf spring axle u bolts

    Recently purchased new leaf springs from Eaton Springs. Sent them an original U bolt and they made up new to match the original however the tops are round, not flat. Price was reasonable.
  7. Richard Cope

    Disc Brakes

    I purchased an ECI kit from Andy Berbaum for 39 Ply, however later contacted ECI direct. Their # is 860-872-7046, spoke with Mark several times - was very helpful. If you are going to use a remote fill, recommend telling ECI prior to ordering.
  8. Richard Cope

    Replacement Gas Tanks

    I haven't received the stainless one ordered yet from Rock Valley, takes a few months. I believe the cost to install a drain plug was around $20, also installed a new sending unit that will work with current fuel gauge from around $25.00. The tank was not cheap, however the car sits most of the time in an attached garage and was concerned with gasoline in an 80 year old tank. After the issue with the tank sealer, and the fuel cell taking up space decided to go with a stainless one. Their phone # is 1-815-645-2271 & 1-800-344-1934. Tanks are grouped by years and capacity and probably priced differently. For their literature, their tank models for 1941 to 48 Ply & Dodges are 619-1050 (stock capacity), 619-1050-TB and 619-1050-TPI with pump installed.
  9. Richard Cope

    Replacement Gas Tanks

    If you buy a new tank don't make the mistake that I did. Many years ago, probably 15 - 20 purchased an NOS tank from Andy Berbaum, Before putting it on the car, coated the inside with a sealer. Several months later went through several fuel pumps, at that time there were two thories, one was it was due to the alcohol in the gasoline causing he rubber in the pump to become soft and another was that particles from the coating were affecting the pump, we did see a couple of particles when one of the pumps after disassembled. Spoke with Bill Hirsch, he indicated that the sealer should not be used in new tanks, the tank should be used for awhile. He indicated that MEK could be used to dissolve the coating. I ended up replacing the tank with a fuel cell, as I don't have the area to use MEK and installed an electric fuel pump. Recently ordered a stainless tank from Rock Valley, the fuel cell takes up too much trunk space. Regards, Rich
  10. Richard Cope

    Change a 39 Ply Business Coupe (P8) to a floor shift

    Like to thank everyone for your input, really appreciate. As I recall there is a circular cutout in the floor above the transmission with a cover, will the shifter align with this hole or will another hole have to be cut. I would probably leave the shift lever on the column, however recently came across a banjo steering wheel and when changing wheels will probably remove the lever. Will leave the cable in place so that it wouldn't take too much to switch back to a column shift. This is going to be a winter project, as want to enjoy the car a few more weeks before the weather sets in. While the floor is out will be a good time to put the radio back in and change some gauges out. Does anyone know if there is a rubber boot available for the inside portion of the shifter for the P7 or possibly a universal one that works? Once again, many thanks! Regards, Richard
  11. Next summer I want to use my 39 P8 Ply Business Coupe more than in the past, therefore need to make it more reliable. Only happen a couple of times, however the gear **** on the column locked up at the most inconvenient times. I want to change shifting to a floor shift, until I can locate a good shift cable. I purchased a transmission, was told came from a 39 Ply. I wasn't able to verify the numbers, however appears to be same in shape and dimensions as my current which uses a gear shift on the column, with the exception that the brake band appears to be heavier built. I have attached a photo of my current one, before it was put in the car and the floor shift version just received. I only want to change the shifting mechanism on the top of the transmission not the complete transmission. It appears that if I change the two flat bars (one is raised upward on the floor model) from the floor shift to mine and use the cover with the shifter it will work. Am I missing something, seems too easy? The spring is firmly attached on the underside of the shifter. Does anything go on the underside to help keep the "socket" lubricated? Appreciate everyone's help and thank you in advance. Regards, Richard
  12. Richard Cope

    suggested master cylinder conversion 1939

    Dennis, I am located in central NJ, if you are in the area welcome to come and see the car. The shop did document everything with photos, if interested I can upload this afternoon.
  13. Richard Cope

    Disc brake convert 48 desoto

    Recently purchased a kit from Engineering Components for my 39 Ply Business Coupe. So far works great
  14. Richard Cope

    suggested master cylinder conversion 1939

    A few months ago had front disk brakes and dual master cylinder installed on my 39 Ply. Business Coupe. Purchased the kit from Andy Berbaum which sells a kit provided by Engineered Components, Vernon, Ct. (860-872-7046) . No complaints with how it works, the pedal is more firm and definitely stops better . Attached are photos of the master cylinder's location, it had been moved back several inches. It is too long to fit into the original section of the frame, push rod had to be lengthened. It comes with a plate which is fastened to the frame, and the master cylinder bolts to this plate. Definitely recommend a remote fill and or cut an access opening in the floor. If you decide to use ECI recommend indicating when it is ordered that a remote fill is to be used, I didn't find out until later that ECI offers one. I purchased a remote fill from Summit works great, however did not work with the master cylinder provided, the clip on the lid didn't match the lid with the remote fill, ECI won't take the master cylinder back. Basically using the same master cylinder with a different lid. This winter, I am going to cut an access opening in the floor in the event that it would need servicing, as it is very close to the underside of the floor. Master_cylinder_location.docx
  15. Richard Cope

    Fuel pump block off plate

    I found one on e bay a year or so ago, don't recall the seller. Someone is making them.

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