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  1. MarkB2PW

    Internal Fuel Tank line or sump is clogged

    I've never liked buying something I could just fix. But, it's time to buy a new one. Thanks for all your input again. What an awesome community. mm
  2. MarkB2PW

    Internal Fuel Tank line or sump is clogged

    Joe I've got some CLR. I'll try that tonight. I seen a nice tank for 300 bucks but would rather not spend the money for this driver. Thanks Mark
  3. MarkB2PW

    Internal Fuel Tank line or sump is clogged

    120PSI doesn't work. Hitting the end of a Coat Hanger still doesn't work Solvent doesn't work. Unless someone knows where I can get a clean looking 7/8-20 to 5/16 right angle hose barb fitting... $230.00 at Summit Racing might be the ticket.
  4. MarkB2PW

    Internal Fuel Tank line or sump is clogged

    I'm going to try the compressed air tomorrow.
  5. MarkB2PW

    Internal Fuel Tank line or sump is clogged

    The ferrule fell out when I removed the line. I 'm not sure of it's function. I just put it back in when I reinstalled the tank. Should it slip around the internal line? It looked like it was compressed from the flare at each end.
  6. I had the fuel tank line off the '48 P15 today. The old fuel looked like WD-40 but the inside of the tank looked pretty good. I'd like to save the tank but the line going to the sump internally seems clogged. It seemed like it had some flow so I remounted it. Nope, could not get fuel from the tank. Any suggestions on clearing this out? I tried soaking it in diesel, then gas. I tried sticking bailing wire through it from the outside and the wire goes down about 8" then stops. Nothing seems to be clearing it. I'm now considering just using the tank bottom drain for accessing the fuel, if I can find a fitting. I welcome any thoughts.
  7. MarkB2PW

    '48 P-15 rear brake drum

    Has anyone ever used Kanter Auto Products? Are they a reliable source of parts?
  8. MarkB2PW

    '48 P-15 rear brake drum

    I'm replacing the brake system completely, but saving the drums and re-cutting them. My drivers side rear brake drum is bent😟. Wobbles like crazy on the lathe. About .070-.100" maybe. Where can I get one at a decent price? And if I find a passenger side drum can I use that one? Or am I overlooking something? I know the thread will be right hand , not left but I'm ok with that. Rockauto has been good for most of the parts , but not the drums. Thanks for your help.
  9. MarkB2PW

    Misses at higher RPM

    Nice diagnosis Dr Plymouthy Adams. The spring tension arm on the first set was floppy. I took em back to NAPA. The second set, from Autozone of all places, has very high tension and worked like a charm. Noticeable difference in power. This forum saves me so much time, I'm very grateful for your help. 1) Yep. Me. 2) Yep. Or .22 3) Nope. And skunks are rodents around here. 4) Mark 3, Skunks 0.
  10. MarkB2PW

    Misses at higher RPM

    Heading to the shop now. I'll let you know soon. Gotta take care of a skunk in the trap first though. An entire family wandered in through the shop rollup yesterday!
  11. MarkB2PW

    Misses at higher RPM

    Good suggestion, thanks. How do I know if its too light?
  12. Need a little help here. My 1950 B2 Power Wagon, 230ci flat head, was running OK until I changed the points, rotor and cap. Now it sputters,spits and misses under load(Higher rpm). Runs better than it did before I put the new parts in, but not at the higher rpm. I tried changing the timing with no success. Other notes: I bought a new condenser to install with the points, but it would not start at all after installation, so I put the old one back in. I converted to 12V a while ago which worked well. Added and alternator and new internal resistor 12V coil. Any suggestions are welcome. Hope I'm in the right forum for this one.
  13. MarkB2PW

    '50 Plymouth arrived

    That car is nice shape. Is that all original metal?
  14. MarkB2PW

    1950 Distributor on a 1948 P15

    I got the distributor back in, new points, plugs, condenser, cap, rotor. Fired it up and it ran like new! Thanks for the help. So I changed the oil & filter. Something about the smell of 20 (30?) year old oil that makes my day. I'm moving on to the brakes. I need help again. Maybe that should be in a new topic?
  15. MarkB2PW

    1950 Distributor on a 1948 P15

    Thanks Dozerman51. I picked up the distributor parts today but I've been preoccupied with the '50 power wagon. $%^&*( Brake Issues... still!).

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