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    1941 dodge Kingsway

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    25 years old, just picked up a completely stock, original drive train 1941 dodge kingsway
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    Machinist/pipeline operator


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    Mechanics, vintage vehicles

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  1. Damcow88

    1941 D20 kingsway

    Thanks for that diagram! How many pages is that manual? Got a picture of what it's called so I can look online for one?
  2. Damcow88

    1941 D20 kingsway

    Yeah you need to move the spring perches on the axle. D20 axle perches are set at 47" center to center. So on the 8.8 they need to be relocated.
  3. Damcow88

    1941 D20 kingsway

    From my research the axles with drums are just a little bit shorter sitting somewhere around 59". The stock D20 rear end is 60" and the 8.8 with discs is 59.81"
  4. Damcow88

    1941 D20 kingsway

    I just picked up a 31 spline 8.8 from a 96 explorer, disc brakes and same bolt pattern from the local wreckers.
  5. Damcow88

    1941 D20 kingsway

    I just went through the absolute pain of removing the rear brake drums and assemblies this weekend. The previous owner opted for welding one of the rims to the hub and drum. Thank God I'm a machinist and have access to a lathe to knock the excess weld off the original hub. Are there any rear axle parts from these (brakes, drums, hub) that are the same as other years and models? How long was a tapered/keyed axle used?
  6. Damcow88

    1941 D20 kingsway

    Hey all, New to the group here but I just picked up this 1941 dodge Kingsway and am looking for some more information on it. It runs and drives and has the original engine in it. I'm new to mopar vehicles but couldn't pass up the opportunity to have it. I've gone through the threads regarding brake drum removal but am looking for additional information on wiring diagrams and component names for under the hood. Appreciate any and all help.

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