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  1. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    As my front end rebuild is pretty much complete, I started mocking the front disc conversion. So far everything is looking like it will fit pretty good and no clearance issues as of yet. Before I move to far, I plan to also clean and replace the tie rods. Here are some pics of what was under years of mud and gunk.. lol As for the steering, not sure what is considered as to much play in the steering as this be a good time to get the box rebuild. In the meantime, I was able to remove and clean some parts.. Ran some parts thru my parts cleaner and after a fresh paint and rubber bushing, its looking almost good as new. One thing, I did not remove was the steering arm itself, for one because I am not quite sure how to remove and don't want to start banging away so need to do more research on how to remove the steering arm.
  2. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    @Bob Riding, My approach was to take apart inspect, clean and use solvent as you mentioned for all the parts., Also, as I took the components apart I used my judgement on what had excessive play mainly on all the bushings for both upper/lower control arm. If there was what I considered to much play, then I replaced. Definitely not the most accurate and best method but seemed to work for me. On the other hand, just about all the rubber seals on the suspension was in pretty bad shape as you can see from pics I posted, so in this case it made sense to replace all rubber seals with a kit since I had already taken apart for cleaning/painting. Now with all that said, please note that I don't turn wrenches for a living so should be noted that you might want to ask a professional and keep researching here on the forum topics.. a lot of good info. Hopefully that helps a little and please feel free to reach out as I am also learning as I go. All the best,
  3. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    Happy New Year 40desoto, would love to see some pictures for reference and possibility a future project as my budget wont allow for the moment.. lol
  4. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    Happy New year Plymouthy Adams, Yes that is definitely on my list to but still need to do more research for myself so I can wrap around my head. But YES to this
  5. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    Hi Bob, Happy New year, for the most part I cleaned all stock mopar stock with the exceptions of a few odds and ends. The main items I did end up replacing with NOS parts possible: Passenger upright (Moog) Lower control arm shafts (Moog), I prob could've still used original but found a good deal on ebay. Upper control arm shafts (Moog), same as above. Eccentric bushing (Lion) For the rubber parts I was able to find a rubber upper suspension kit from robertsmotorparts.com which I was really happy with the quality of the seals and also excited that it came with the correct hex seal for the lower pin screw that goes between the bottom of the upright and lower control arm. Tie rod kit from robertsmotorparts which I have yet to complete. Lower pin from Andy Bernbaum My thought was to use as much as I can and install only what I need to replace. Probably why this is taking me so long but for a weekend warrior I can't complain
  6. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    Some more progress here... I have a little more loose ends to wrap up for the front end and then can finally move onto what I was originally intending to work on which was the disc brake conversion.. LOL But all in all, I am finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.. Well at least for the front end suspension.. Happy New Years everyone!
  7. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    Home for the holidays and was able to sneak away for a bit this morning... Things are finally starting to come together. As it stands, I was able to install oil pan with clutch cover but so now I get to start working on the front end suspension. Well wasting no time, cleaned the upper control arm using my parts cleaner and brushed away... Using the dead stock parts I received from ebay now the only thing to do was clean and paint.. Not bad for a days work... Once I the other side done as well, I will start putting things back together... I know it's taking me a long time but hey gotta do it right and no one else will do it, unless I pay them LOL, but that ain't gonna happen Merry Christmas to all and best wishes!
  8. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    The holidays are busy times for sure so staying focus on the project is challenging to say the least. Last weekend I was able to test some paints for the engine color and I believe I've found the "one" The color is bronze From Hirschauto.com and I have to say, really digging where its going. Also, did my best to knock out the dents but well just leave it at that... Next week I definitely plan to sneak away in the garage to install the oil pan and clutch cover.
  9. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    @Andydodge that is a beautiful car... Appreciate the insight. I'm running stock wheels and firestone 6.50-16 and sure hope it comes out looking as good as your Dodge looks on your picture. Any more pics of the suspension, motor and interior? Please share if you do All the best and thanks for sharing!
  10. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    @Plymouthy Adams thanks for the heads up, I've also seen some use moog p/n 8234 Here are some of the specs I found https://www.fmmotorparts.com/fmstorefront/federalmogul/en/USD/Suspension/Coil-Spring-Sets%2C-Seats%2C-and-Insulators/CS-CoilSpringSet/MOOG-Coil-Spring-Set/p/AMGCC850?categoryCode=CSCoilSpringSet#.W_2DaWhKiUk If I have mis-quoted please correct me 8234: Dimension - ID 3.88 inches Bar Dia 0.62 inches Spring Rate/lbs - 283 Load - lbs - 1668 Installed Height - 10.50 inches Free Height - 16.31 inches CC850: Dimension - ID 4.07 inches Bar Dia 0.75 inches Spring Rate/lbs - 605 Load - lbs - 1825 Installed Height - 8.75 inches Free Height - 11.65 inches The obvious difference is height and spring rate.. .Now I need to do further research on my 1940 Chrysler specs and try to interpret how spring rate and height get me to where I want... Also, sorry if this is an obvious question but what exactly is the spring pockets? Is that the same as insulator? If so mine had both upper and lower insulators along with a spacer only onthe driver side... weird but that's what i found LoL.
  11. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    @40desoto I am going with rustyhope brake kit. Already purchased the parts needed for full conversion (from parts list) other than master cylinder. Since the front end needed a full rebuild my brake conversion has drifted to a full front end rebuild, so in other words, I haven't focused on the master cylinder yet... I know I need to but will do when I get there.. Man I also wanted to go with fatman dropped uprights but since the front end needed a full rebuilt I needed to shift the funds to making safe and fun to drive... My plan is to lower the front just enough where the wheel well meets the whitewall so to get there will be to either cut coils or purchase shorter coils. Ya will definitely be interested on what you end up going with... Will be looking out for that so please post share your insights on a master cylinder.
  12. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    Happy thanksgiving to all, this was a great week here with family and friends. In addition, I was to be able to sneak away and work on the C25.. I was able to finally attach the lower control arms with new bushings/seals on both sides and so now to move on the upper control arms. Luckily I was able to find some american made Moog NOSR parts for the upper shafts w/bushings as well as NOSR eccentric bushing for both sides. Nothing against anything new nowadays but some of my experience with "new" parts made overseas has not been or worked for me the best. On the other hand, still looking for tie rods both inner/outer so any insight with positive feedback where to buy would be helpful... In the meantime while waiting for parts to come in...clutch cover before and after with my HB parts cleaner in action.. Next I plan to move onto the oil pan, which I been trying to remove little dents here and there... not to bad but after using my grinder with a wire wheel its starting to look promising. This is probably a good time to experiment with engine colors which I am leaning for bronze or copper color... well see as how that "pans" out...
  13. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    A little bit of progress this weekend, the lower control arm kit came in the mail (yay). Also, I got the king pins back from machine shop which were pressed and done right! They look really good and have no play so pretty excited about how they turned out.. The spindle bottom holes and steering arms have also been drilled/tapped for my Rustyhope disc brake set up. Next paycheck will be to order the upper control arm kit which I was able to find some NOSR american made parts.. But will still need to find some eccentric bushings. Here are some pics of how its looking at the moment.
  14. dangulo

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    Yes - thank you all for the great feed back. As some of you mentioned, I am considering replacing the lower rear main seal since I already there.. As I am reading topics here on p15-d24 in regards to replacing the rear/front main seal, I should first remove prior to purchasing to match the upper seals (since I wont be pulling engine).. On a separate note, my only confusion is the clutch housing dust cover. Mine is seen better days so I will be replacing. The rubber or what seems to be cloth is riveted and if you fellas or gals know where I can find one would be great to know. I 've searched for hours last night and can't seem to find one. It covers where the oil pan rear meets the clutch housing. I'm not even sure if I identified it correctly as the clutch housing seal.. LOL

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