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  1. Thx for the update. It is always good for us readers to see what the outcome was. 👍
  2. Boy, I get the sentiment of calling your former car "your" car. I'm glad all my former cars are no longer in the area where I live. Even with the cars I now have, I tend to think of them as not being mine yet, and still being someone else's car, until I've had them a significant amount of time, and put "myself" into them, either with maintenance, or added features. It takes a few years to get the feeling of it/them, being "mine". 👍
  3. Great looking truck, and I especially like that passenger side rear view mirror, and the chrome in the front, both of which are kinda rare anymore. Am enjoying your pix; keep 'em coming. 👍
  4. I had that same thought when I saw the picture. Would be easy to do. I'd keep it open ended on both sides for easy in and out. 👍
  5. Good looking container and paint job. Those are showing up around here as apartments, either as a stand alone, or w/an addition built on the side. After painting and landscaping, they actually don't look too bad either. 👍
  6. Interesting, and almost like its done for the 'real thing'. 😁
  7. I luv the order of the restoration pieces; kinda reminds me of the kid in Christine. 😁
  8. According to Urban Dictionary: overly tight shorts, or pants, which conform to every fold, nook, and cranny, front and back, of the person wearing them. See Camel toe. They are generally the sad result of hot pants, daisy dukes, and spandex being worn by the wrong woman.
  9. Great looking wheels & tires, plus those new tail lights look good too. 👍
  10. Cool story; both today's, and yesterday's. Thanks for posting 👍
  11. Beautiful looking truck, pretty much just the way it is. New tires, clean up the wheels some, and leave the rest alone. Looks terrific. Have fun. 👍
  12. Oh yeah, you've got it bad..... the 'need' for yet another old car, and the only thing holding you back from getting one is lack of space. Yes, this is common. An additional garage is definitely in your future, or, at least, a rental garage. I know, I've been there and done that. 👍
  13. Unusual looking Studebaker. I never could make up my mind if I liked, or disliked, the Studebaker, but this one, looks good. 😁
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