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  1. Great looking mounting on the passenger side. Have you tried it out yet on the highway? The reason I ask is twofold. I've got another old car which has its passenger side mirror mounted there, and the A pillar blocks the view. I, too, need a passenger side mirror for my '51 (see Avatar), and would like to know where you got yours, and why you needed help from friends. 👍
  2. Only a few??! You should look closer 😁
  3. I've got running boards like that, well, almost, and I put down a non slip piece of rubber like material, each and every time I get in & out, of the cab. 😁
  4. My brother in law collects, and resells, antique (100 y/o, or older) plates. As a gift, he gave me a 104 y/o plate, in perfect condition, which is also hanging on the garage wall, w/the others. I know what those kind of plates are worth; truly a work of art. 👍
  5. Here are some of the plates I'd mentioned in the earlier post.
  6. I have every plate for every car I've owned in every state I've lived, beginning with 1966. I also collected plates in countries when I was on business, especially Western Europe. When I was on business in Puerto Rico, trying to explain to the plant manager that I wanted a car license plate was amusing, since I don't speak Spanish, and he was having a hard time understanding this strange request. But, we finally communicated, and he got me a plate. There is a problem in Puerto Rico, and in Europe, smuggling a plate out, since the 'authorities' want them back, for some reason. But, I wasn't ever stopped and had one confiscated. They all line my garage now. Interestingly, to me, no one cares; not the grand kids, nor any relative, nor neighbors. But, to me, each is special, and I could tell you the history of every one that I got, where, when, how, etc. 😁
  7. This area is still trying to recover for the last hurricane, Florence, twelve months ago. Hundreds of houses still have blue poly tarps on their roofs, thousands of apartments were closed and folks evicted due to mold growth, and downed trees still litter some areas.
  8. Local guys now saying it prob will pass 15 miles off shore of Wilmington, and we'll only get 65 mph winds, and 10-15 inches of rain. Will hit this area at 2 AM Friday morning. Winds and rain starting Thursday and peaking Friday. Saturday is supposed to be sunny. 😁
  9. Yup, I'm in Wilmington, NC., right in the path of landfall. We were hit directly last year, w/Florence, the first time in 54 years that happened. Now, again! Impossible, right??! Wrong. We won't know for sure though, until tomorrow just where, and when, and how badly, it'll treat Wilmington. I'm hoping the Jet Stream pushes it out to sea. Its coming here, one way or another, and its just a matter of how powerful it'll be.
  10. Gives me the willies just looking at it; can't imagine me getting under that contraption. 😁
  11. Yup, I've heard of this before too. 👍
  12. This may seem really simple, but, it happened to me, I'm embarrassed to say, probably the first three or four times I tried to start my '51 truck; I'd stomp on the starter peddle, and it would slowly turn over, but not 'catch'. I'd then realize, holy moly, I'd forgotten to TURN THE KEY. Once I'd turn the key, then stomp on the starter peddle, all was well. I actually made this mistake probably three times, before I finally remembered to TURN THE KEY. Scheeeesh. 😁
  13. For me, the home owners insurance covered the loss of the garage, which was about two thirds the cost of a replacement building; and the two cars were insured by two different companies, since one was an antique, the other a sort of daily driver. The antique was covered at an agreed value, but to replace it was three times the cost, which I did. The sort of daily driver was in perfect condition, and ultra low mileage, but the insurance company didn't care about that, and only gave 'book value', which didn't consider the car's condition, nor ultra low mileage, so, to replace it, I'll need to find a one year old vehicle, or just buy a brand new one, to get equivalent value. That hurricane cost me similar value lost w/my house and investment properties too. It was a disaster.
  14. Sorry, didn't mean to bring up a bad memory. Good reminder, though, to have enough insurance, for anything. I had two precious "old" cars destroyed in hurricane Florence last year. Insurance covered about half the 'real' value. The sentimental value can never be recovered though. 😢
  15. Yikes. Was the fire within, or the outside?
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