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  1. I will try this the next time the weather clears around here, but, I recall sitting the truck on a very slight grade, in first gear, hand brake off, ignition off, and the truck rolled forward a couple of feet until it settled, which was amazing to me, as I've never had any vehicle roll when in first gear. This episode is what started me on the quest to repair the stuck hand brake, which lead to other issues, as you've seen in my other posts.
  2. I was previously told that sychronizers didn't get installed until the '52 year model. You're saying that they were in the '51 model as well? For sure, I don't have sychronizers as going both up through the gears, and back down, they will grind if I don't double clutch.
  3. My '51 pickup truck has '53 rear fenders, and some on the Forum have pointed out one or two other items in the cab which really belong to a '53 not a '51. One of the items I've got some curiosity about is that it has an emblem on the side of the hood which says "Fluid Drive". I thought Fluid Drive was a type of semi automatic transmission. I don't have anything close to that on this truck. Its a three on a tree, and requires double clutching to avoid grinding the gears (which, BTW, I've become somewhat good at). So, my question is, how can I determine if this truck has Fluid Drive? I'm thinking that the previous owner used most, if not all, of a '53 cab, and the emblem "Fluid Drive" was already there, and it was retained. What does the all knowing MOPAR Flathead Truck Forum think?😁
  4. Humm, now I'll have to see if I have that bracket or not. I don't remember. Again, thanks for posting the videos. πŸ‘
  5. Thanks Dave. Always amazing that there are videos for everything. Glad I was able to see these. They confirm what I have, so at least I know I'm on the right path. πŸ‘
  6. Dodgeed

    Merry Christmas

    Very nice picture of your truck, and topical too. Thanks for posting. We always like pictures of these old trucks. πŸ‘
  7. Dodgeed


    Yup, something isn't right about the logic when the snowflakes try to change the rules after the fact. Going forward, yes, it might make sense to be sensitive to lyrics that in today's environment wouldn't pass muster. But, new rules can not be applied retroactively and used to ban innocent fun & intentions. It was a simpler time, back in the day, and the context of the song's lyrics need to be remembered. πŸ‘
  8. Okay, it was on the rack today, and the mechanic and I were underneath and he spun the drive shaft and the wheels rotated freely, and the shaft wasn't touching the parking brake pads, so the smell I smelled which I thought was a brake hanging up, was only the dripping WD40 onto the exhaust. In fact, while I was driving over to the shop this morning, there wasn't any smell, and I was calm enough, since I wasn't worried about all the things that "could" be wrong, to notice there wasn't drag at all on the vehicle while moving forward, that would have been there if a brake was actually hanging up. So, all in all, a good day at the shop. I've got a lead on a used cable, and I'll look for a parking brake kit to replace what I've got, even though the current one is fine, it looks like it could use a replacement kit at some point in the distant future. Might as well get it now, when I don't have a crises and have the luxury of available time. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. πŸ‘
  9. Its always a good idea, for me at least, to bring up the obvious, as in my case, not knowing all that much about it, I need to have the obvious pointed out. However, in this case, I'd already checked out the return spring and other parts and all was A-Okay. BTW, I sent you a Private Message.
  10. Thx for the tip. Someone on our Forum here has offered a used cable to me, and I've gladly accepted his offer. I'm waiting for him to get back to me. I really should post a picture here of the cable I've got now..... its got a loop in it and a metal clip w/a screw to hold together two pieces. Looks like MacGyver was here. 😜
  11. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I've tried a few of the usual vendors, and no luck, but, there is a possibility I might have a lead on a used one. In the meantime, I'll be taking it back to the shop tomorrow afternoon, and getting it up on a rack. (Laying on my back on the cold concrete floor so close to the undercarriage doesn't afford me the opportunity to check it out thoroughly. I did, however, do that yesterday, and can see the cable is twisted into one knot, and a couple of inches further down, its got a clip holding the cable together w/a screw to tighten it up. Everything is covered in WD40, and so maybe that is dripping onto the exhaust, and causing the smell?) But, it sure smelled to me like burning brakes, like they are partially engaged. 😜
  12. Yup, it seems to me I don't need to overthink this; just need to get it unbugger for right now, which is the way it was before the "service" at the shop, then try replacing it. πŸ‘
  13. Hey thanks for the tip. I did not know such a company existed. I'm going to the shop Tuesday afternoon, and get the truck up on the rack and see what is what, and maybe look into your suggested company. I guess there is a company for everything, and anything, anymore, if you just take the time to look for it. Again, thank you for the info. I had no idea. 😜
  14. Great picture of your truck. Very nice looking. Pictures are always appreciated, especially of good looking, and seasonal, ones like yours. πŸ‘

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