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  1. Dodgeed

    Who has the oldest B1b?

    What a glutton for punishment. 😲
  2. Dodgeed

    Man are these old trucks tough!

    Good news story! Glad it turned out okay for you. Have any pix? 😁
  3. Dodgeed

    Cuba’s Vintage American Taxis

    There have been several posts that show the amazing number and variety of '50's vehicles there, and you really need to look closely to determine which are survivors and which are held together w/wire and bondo and Russian drive trains, etc. I haven't been there, but would be interested in going if the opportunity arises. 👍
  4. Dodgeed

    Sleepless nights

    That sounds awful. Here I thought I had it bad; two of the grand children sleep walk. When they stay w/us, the boy, who is now 15, and taller than me, gets up and moves around asking questions, then goes back to bed on his own; the girl, age 7, will get up, carry on a full conversation, which is pretty much nonsense, and then goes back to bed, w/assistance from us.
  5. Dodgeed

    title issues

    For what its worth, mine is a '51 B3B, as verified by the VIN forum registration numbers, but the rear fenders are rectangular, from a '53, as has been pointed out by some here in this forum, and must have been done by the previous owner in the restoration, using whatever parts were available. See the picture of my pickup.
  6. Dodgeed

    "Farmer fixes"

    I've heard that in Cuba, they many times use cooking oil in their engines and the smell wafting rearwards reminds you of a fast food restaurant. 😜
  7. Dodgeed

    "Farmer fixes"

    Yeah, I forgot about the coffee grounds in the leaking radiator. I've heard that that works too; but, haven't actually tried it myself, nor know of anyone who has done it. One thing, though, for sure, it would smell good. (I love that smell of coffee). 😁
  8. Dodgeed

    David Sackett

    Welcome to the Forum. Lots of good experts here. How about posting some pix? We luv pix! 👍
  9. Dodgeed

    "Farmer fixes"

    Yeah, I agree, I approve of all of these fixes. I've done some of them myself. One that wasn't mentioned so far yet, on the side of the road, I took a wire coat hanger, bent it around the drive shaft and exhaust pipe which broke off and was hanging down, and proceeded to drive many, many miles like that. 😜
  10. Interesting discussion about how to treat running boards..... either like a cream puff, or a step to get into the cab. I honestly appreciate both approaches. My truck was restored to show room condition by a previous owner, and I like it like that. I won't be hauling farm supplies or animals in it (certain friends may be considered); but I also won't be entering it into shows. I just like to drive it around and greatly appreciate its appearance. But, I also admire those who continued to use them as a truck, with all that implies, even though they are 60 years old, or older. Different tastes is all. BTW, thanks to all who responded w/tips on running board treatments. I appreciate all the ideas. 👍
  11. Dodgeed

    polar vortex

    It does seem that the recent weather is closer to what I remember from back in the '50's & '60's; there just wasn't a name for it. It was just brutally cold. 😁
  12. Dodgeed

    Me and the B-1-D

    Sounds like a good friend to have. 👍 Watch out for those brutal temperatures. Stay warm, if you can. 😜
  13. Dodgeed

    Sleepless nights

    As others have mentioned, it is related to getting "older". Don't worry about it. When your body is exhausted, from worry, work, or running after the grandkids, your body will take care to give you the sleep you need. Try to stop listening to the chiming clock too, which only reinforces how long you've been awake.
  14. Dodgeed

    Me and the B-1-D

    Hadn't seen it before; and yes, it does look cold & lonely. Thanks for posting. 👍
  15. The annual touch up approach will probably be the way I go; in addition to trying to use a cloth of some type when getting in and out, to minimize the wear and tear

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