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  1. Dodgeed

    12 days until Halloween

    Wasn't that look popular back in the 1970's? That was a great look on college campuses. 😜👍😁
  2. Dodgeed

    incoming hurricane

    Good news for you PlymouthyAdams. Glad to read it. Here in Wilmington, we seem to be getting only a brush-by. Winds only 35 mph or so, only a couple inches or rain. More tonight on the way, then it should be over.
  3. Dodgeed


    When it first came out years ago, I was on it mostly to find out about old friends who I'd lost touch with; but then all the political trash started to hit, and between that and receipts and pets, I've lost interest. I still check it maybe once a day, but hardly ever post anything.
  4. Dodgeed

    incoming hurricane

    Best of luck to you as you manage your way through the hurricane. For me, in Wilmington, it looks like we're only going to see a minor tropical storm, maybe 35 mph winds and a couple of inches of rain, much better than a few weeks ago when Florence hit us w/30 to 50 inches of rain, and 100 mph wind, which lasted 4 incredible days, as Florence stalled right over top of us. I hope you don't have to go through anything like that. Take care and keep us posted.
  5. Dodgeed

    incoming hurricane

    Yep, hunker down. That is what I'm doing too. Last month, Florence crushed two of my cars, and damaged all of the investment rentals I've got. I'm pretty fed up w/Mother Nature right about now.
  6. Dodgeed

    7 hours on the road

    Boy, having a comfortable vehicle while on an all day drive, lets say at least 500 miles, can make all the difference. Our Acura is great for that kind of trip, and so is our Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  7. Dodgeed

    Worse drivers?

    Rome, Italy has the world's worst drivers, and I've been all over the world. Next to them, however, the worst I've ever seen are here in Wilmington, NC. I've lived all over the US, and these drivers are the absolute worst. 😜
  8. Dodgeed

    Let's see your other rides

    Unfortunately yes, the garage was smashed almost flat, and the 56 Club Sedan had its roof crushed into the belt line, all windows broken, trunk smashed, doors buckled out almost in half. I also had a Jeep Grand Cherokee in there, and it was totaled too.
  9. Dodgeed

    Let's see your other rides

    Yup, I retained the wheel covers, fuzzy dice, back floor mats, and owner's manual. When the 'replacement' ride gets delivered next week, I'll be sure to add as much as reasonable from the 'old' to the 'replacement' to make it my own. I understand completely what you're saying. 👍
  10. Dodgeed

    Let's see your other rides

    Yeah, it is sad, but, as you say, I've "upgraded" to the hardtop, which, back in the day, we called a convertible hardtop. With all the windows rolled down, and no center B bar, it was supposed to simulate a convertible, if you used your imagination, I suppose.
  11. Dodgeed


    Thinking back to the original point of the thread, that CL advertisers don't take down the ad once its sold, I've experienced that so many times that I've practically given up on CL. For me, eBay has worked better... there just seems to be a more serious seller there, and more "responsible" in how they describe the product, and it taking down the ad once sold. 👍
  12. Dodgeed

    Great Grandpa's Truck. It's time.

    Man, I love these types of stories and all the pix are a bonus. Keep 'em coming please. 👍
  13. Dodgeed

    Let's see your other rides

    Here is my '64 Vette I've owned for 14 years.
  14. Dodgeed

    Let's see your other rides

    I've owned this 56 Ford for 35 years now. It was crushed in hurricane Florence a couple of weeks ago.

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