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  1. Thanks for the advice. Looks fairly clean in there(some rust but not scaly). Will find a wire brush to help make sure the "path" is clear of any scale/built-up. The tube I plan on using is the second one purchased, the first one seemed way to bulky(too thick/tall). The second looks/measures a lot closer to the one I pulled out. I will add, wish I could have found a brass one...
  2. Working on putting my engine back together. Ready to install the new water distribution tube, wondering how tight a fit this should be? Will not slide easily into the block, not comfortable forcing this in with a hammer. The old tube actually came out fairly easily, rusted thru in a few spots but came out in one piece. Just how tight a fit is to be expected? Thanks.
  3. Yes it is July 4 and I am working on my truck. Been tearing down the engine(getting set-up to send out for a much needed rebuilt), first time disassembling a Mopar flathead 6. Wonder about the camshaft sprocket and hub. Sprocket was easily removed from the hub. Assume hub removal or installation on the camshaft requires a heavy duty press?
  4. TFC

    B-3-B-108 Engine Removal

    Have a "tired" engine, very much in need of a rebuild, removed my "dog house" yesterday(single handed). .
  5. TFC

    Exhaust manifold nut issue

    Had the same issue with the kit I got from VPW, I ended up chasing the threads of the nuts with a tap, they installed fine after that.
  6. TFC

    ANSWERED Clutch Installation

    Having clutch issues and came across this old post that fits my problem almost exactly. One difference is that my truck has a 10" disc not the 11". Finally got my B3B started for the first time, could not get it in gear/grinding gears/trouble getting the clutch to disengage. During my work on this truck I did replace the disc and was able to get 1 inch free play in the pedal( although the adjustment was set all the way at the end). Finally did manage to get the clutch to work a bit by starting the truck in gear with the clutch pedal down, this did free it up enough to shift gears and scoot up and down the road for my first run in this vehicle(I really needed that after all the time I've spent working on this one). I did notice when I depressed the clutch there was a "rubbing" noise when the pedal was to the floor. Decided it was best to stop and check-out what was happening. Found the rubbing noise is the clutch plate arms brushing the springs on the clutch disc, ouch! I also found that my flywheel is .875 thick, and from this thread sounds like it was 1.300 thick when new. Find it hard to believe that this flywheel has had 1/2 inch removed over the years. Best to look for a newer/better flywheel right? Any advice gladly accepted.
  7. Decided to check the cold valve clearances on my B3B as I have the manifold off and room to work. I copied the following adjustment sequence from the "technical section". Adjustment of #5 and #2 inlet valves are listed in both Stage A and B. Thinking that: #5 both valves should be #5 exhaust? #2 both valves should be #2 exhaust? Stage A, #1 and #6 at TDC, #1 in firing position Stage B, #1 and #6 at TDC, #6 in firing position To move from Stage A to B, manually turn the engine 1 revolution. Stage A – Adjust #1 Both valves, #2 Inlet valve, #3 Exhaust Valve, #4 Inlet valve, #5 Both valves. Stage B – Adjust #2 Both valves, #3 Inlet valve, #4 Exhaust valve, #5 Inlet valve, #6 Both valves.
  8. Pretty sure my radiator is original. Just did a close inspection of the hood, mine has the "stress cracks" Brent mentioned. Like the idea of foam rubber support to eliminate metal to metal rub and help spread load of supporting the hood over a larger area of the top of the radiator. Thanks for clarify this issue for me guys.
  9. 1952 B3B: Todays question is about the hood and how it attaches the front of the grill/cowl. On my truck the back of the front center hood piece is resting on the overflow tube of the radiator(the tube is actually halfway crushed from the hood resting on it. Can't imagine this is correct? Can you guys set me straight on how this should be? Pic attached. THANKS...
  10. Am I bad, LOL. Went back to the barn, counted the studs, 11?, missed the 2 long bolts that Don's pic showed so well, Thanks for setting me straight, an yes the manifold did come free. Thanks again...
  11. I did look under there, and found that the previous owner did not install that nut. Worked on a 62 Willys awhile back, it had a 226 Super Hurricane that had a very similar set-up with that hidden/hard to get at middle nut/stud.
  12. Been working on my 52 B3B a lot since good/warmer weather has returned to Maine. I have run into an issue today while trying removing the intake/exhaust manifold though. Got the nuts & washers off however the previous owner used high temp RTV when the manifold was installed. Seems very well glued in place, understand how brittle/easily damaged a manifold can be, anybody have any advice about a good approach to resolve this problem? Thanks.
  13. Thanks guys! And JBNeal really liked "but wait, there's more" link. I love to get lost in the volume of great insight and wisdom available here just waiting to be read/absorbed. The only thing I like more than reading about what/how to do work on my truck is actually doing the working! Thank again.
  14. Todays project the steering box: Opened it up, got it apart, seems to be in very good condition(worm, sector, bearings etc). A good cleaning/reassemble/adjust should do it. I would like to replace the sector shaft seal though, does anyone know a "modern" part# that works and is easily obtained. Got to add really like working on my Dodge excepting the "parts chase". Thanks. Good idea to add this it is a Dodge B3B
  15. Working on exactly what thread/size in used for this. Got out my calipers and checked the plug/threads, 18 TPI and outer thread dia. is ~ .743. Been poking around online and can find no pipe fittings etc. that come close to what is used. Scratching my head here, can anyone inlighten me? Thanks.

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