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  1. Todays project the steering box: Opened it up, got it apart, seems to be in very good condition(worm, sector, bearings etc). A good cleaning/reassemble/adjust should do it. I would like to replace the sector shaft seal though, does anyone know a "modern" part# that works and is easily obtained. Got to add really like working on my Dodge excepting the "parts chase". Thanks. Good idea to add this it is a Dodge B3B
  2. Working on exactly what thread/size in used for this. Got out my calipers and checked the plug/threads, 18 TPI and outer thread dia. is ~ .743. Been poking around online and can find no pipe fittings etc. that come close to what is used. Scratching my head here, can anyone inlighten me? Thanks.
  3. Thanks guys!!! Really like the idea of the remote tank, current set-up is hard to fill, impossible check the fluid level.
  4. Work continues on my 1952 B3B, when temps permit(cold spring - winter just won't let go here in Maine) ... looking to rig up a pressure brake bleeder, having trouble figuring out what fitting I should replace the cap with on the master cylinder so I can attach a hose to the pressure tank. Any advice much appreciated.
  5. Thank you Merle, Yes, I did use both sides to come up with my end play number.
  6. Thanks, End float is big .040, manual says .003 to .008, each side has a .030 shim, bearings are in very good shape even with the loose end play. I do have brass shim stock, could make my own, if available thought it would be nice to go that route.
  7. New to the this forum and new to Dodge, purchased a 1952 B3B a few weeks back, have been working on it when the temps permit(unheated garage), cold here in Maine(especially this year). Sure I will have many questions as I get further into this project. Todays question: Need to adjust the rear wheel bearings, wondering if anyone knows if and where shims are available? Thanks guys...