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  1. New owner, 51 Plymouth Cambridge

    Thank you all for your input. I finished the brakes today(just redoing all drum brakes not changing to front disc). Pulled the clutch out and waiting on the new to come in. It was pretty easy to remove, hope it goes back just as easy. I wanted to change to 12 volts because the local shop here wants $120 to rebuild my generator. I can buy the 12 volt alternator for $60. I know there are more pieces to get, and mods to make, but I think it will be more reliable.
  2. New owner, 51 Plymouth Cambridge

    Yes Merle, there is a removable cover on the bottom. That is what i was thinking, separate the trans from the bell housing, just as you described.
  3. New owner, 51 Plymouth Cambridge

    Hi all. I just traded a 72 f350 stake bed for this 51 Cambridge. It is a 218 I6 with 3 speed. Can someone please explain the "p" and "d" numbers and what they mean? Also if someone could give me leads on places to get parts.(i need a front passenger window glass, mine is cracked) I am redoing the brakes and converting it to 12 volt. Heres the big one Im not sure of, I need to put a new clutch in. Im not sure of the best way of doing this. The trans crossmember is welded and the bell housing will only fit through the front. After removing the clutch/flywheel bolts, do you seperate the trans from the bell housing or pull the motor forward to change the clutch? Thanks for any help!