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    Looking to learn about dodges. Love being on the open road.
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  1. Saltrock

    1952 Dodge B3B

  2. Saltrock

    1952 Dodge B3B

    Hello Gentlemen. Today I attempted to remove the manifolds. I was semi successful in removing all bolts, accept the exhaust manifold part that attaches I believe to the exhaust pipe? These were a pain. Either I need a air gun, or us a wrench on the bottom, spin it till the wrench hits the block and try to screw from the top, or they are just going to snap. Also I'm concerned why these bolts look the way they do. Is there a bunch of corroded metal in my manifold bolt holes? Hope this isn't too big of an issue.
  3. Saltrock

    Familiar territory

    That is one beautiful ride. Very impressed
  4. Saltrock

    1952 Dodge B3B

    Today I cleaned the top of the block. Got as much carbon I could off the top and on the cylinder walls. Still would like to do one more scrape and scrub. Looks a lot better. Next step is to take the manifold off and clean the valve case.
  5. Saltrock

    1952 Dodge B3B

    Something like this, Merle? Apply with spray bottle? Thanks again for your help
  6. Saltrock

    1952 Dodge B3B

    What is the best product to clean out the valve case? Brake cleaner? Thanks
  7. Saltrock

    1952 Dodge B3B

    Can someone please explain what he means?
  8. Saltrock

    1952 Dodge B3B

    Howdy Gents. Today I was going to pull my manifold apart. But I was experiencing rain. So I decided to take the inner panel over the front wheel off to get better access to my manifold and valve case. Small steps. I love working on this truck. Gives me a better understanding on what goes on under the hood. Still a greenhorn when it comes to mechanics.
  9. Saltrock

    Opinion. 49 pilot house

    Thanks. I feel the truck needs to be rescued. I like that it has all the hardware. I was thinking of using it for parts. A part of me feels bad taking parts off a great truck to make mine better. I'm pretty close to buying it. It has been there for a while . Not in a big hurry.
  10. Saltrock

    1952 Dodge B3B

    Thanks Brent! My next move is taking the manifold off and getting into the valve case. See what kind of goodies are inside. Are the valves hard to remove and clean? I just want to make sure they are closing properly and won't get stuck in the future. The six pictures with the piston are all each individual one. I see some horizontal marks on one of the pictures. Is that a big deal? Thank for any advice
  11. Saltrock

    1952 Dodge B3B

  12. Saltrock

    1952 Dodge B3B

  13. Saltrock

    1952 Dodge B3B

  14. Saltrock

    1952 Dodge B3B

  15. Saltrock

    1952 Dodge B3B


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