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  1. J-GMan

    windsheild wiper issue

    Seems like that could be why my wipers end up parked like this; in the center of the windshields. So if I reverse BOTH shafts (not sure what you mean without a diagram) that should solve the issue? A prior owner must have installed the current wiper assembly incorrectly, but the wipers actually run pretty well.
  2. J-GMan

    Windshield Wiper Positioning

    I have the opposite problem. My 1947 P15 wipers work but “ park” in the upright position angled slightly against the windshields center divider. From pictures I’ve studied they are supposed to lay flat against the bottom of each windshield when in the parked or off position. Does any know how to reverse this? I’m pretty sure they are still vacuum operated. ... and yes I’m extremely thankful I have any wiper action at all on this car!
  3. J-GMan

    100 3778[1]

    Ughh. So sad. I have a picture just like that with a tree on the hood of my 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ. However, when the tree was lifted off by two backhoes the Jeep started right up and drove down the street - a little crooked. ..
  4. J-GMan

    A couple P15 questions.

    Thanks for the shift picture. I am taking delivery of a 1947 Plymouth with a 3 sod column shift and I don't want to look like a complete newbie I've had many old cars and many manual shifts but no column shifts!
  5. J-GMan

    data plate stamping?

    Hi, does anyone have a photo of what an original “Chrysler Corporation Serial Number Tag” should look like on a 1947 Plymouth (car). The one I’m looking at is on the firewall, driver’s side. It looks too simple to me to be an original one. I’m wondering if someone perhaps made their own to display the serial number. The vehicle has a “Body Tag” on the firewall, nearby the Serial # tag and another tag in driver’s side door jam, near the hinges.

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