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  1. Great guidance! Thank you so much.
  2. I just came in from the shop after getting the oil pump aligned such that I could get the rotor at the 7 o'clock position. Took me several tries to get the tooth alignment correct. This of course was done with the #1 piston at TDC on a compression stroke. I packed the oil pump with Mopar motor assembly grease. Is this okay?
  3. Gotch'a and understood and thank you so much. It appears that when my engine is on a compression stroke at top dead center, that my cam and crank sprocket dot marks are not together. I assumed, mistakenly I believe, that when both the cam and crank shaft marks were next to each other that this was on a compression stroke TDC. Thanks again.
  4. Are the sprocket dot marks supposed to be adjacent to each other when #1cylinder is in compression at top dead center, mine don't seem to be? Thanks for any guidance.
  5. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed looking at the photobucket too! Nice mopars.
  6. Gotch'a . I may use it as an ink blotter
  7. My gasket set contains a large felt gasket/seal. Does anybody know where it goes on the engine?
  8. Dodgeb4ya, Thank you. This forum is great! I really appreciate you folks.
  9. Got it. Thanks a bunch again.
  10. Got it. Thanks a bunch again.
  11. Mr. Wilson, Thank you so much! Will use your recommended 1/16" hole diameter. Do I aim the oil stream at the center of the crank sprocket? Mike
  12. Thats a great picture! Thanks a bunch! Mine obviously got caught up in the gear or chain some how. Is it orientated such that the oil stream would hit the center of the crank sprocket?
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