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    1947 WD-21 one ton single wheel w/ flatbed. Currently unsticking the flathead.
    1960 Dodge 40 series bus. Runs but doesn't have brakes yet.
    1962 W200 3/4 4x4. Off road beater.
    1954 Chevy 3.4 ton tow truck.
    1949 Chevy 1/2 ton daily driver.
    1949 Chevy 1 ton dually.

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    Ex Missourian moved to mountains to enjoy outdoors and rust free trucks.
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    Deliver propane


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    Denver, CO
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    Love working on old trucks & offroading.
  1. I saw this & thought they stole my truck. Looks just like my 1 ton. This is from the land of no rust, so it's probably a good buy. I'll try to add the link, but if not it is in Craigslist western slope cars for sale. It is in Dove Creek, CO near Utah. I'm 2.5 hours away. https://westslope.craigslist.org/cto/d/1947-dodge-pickup/6527135262.html
  2. new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Engine still won't turn, so dropping pan. Nice thick layer of sludge in bottom. Tried to take distributor out. It will spin, but not pull out. Guess I need the engine to spin first. Check out that new looking flywheel and splash pan.
  3. new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Didn't get engine free yet. Did get rear #'s sorta. Looks like 4.30 ratio. The top line has to be T-116 to match my VIN. Had to remove starter to free up linkage. What a pain. Had to take off oil filter & lines, and remove vac advance line.
  4. new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Thanks, guys. I plan on keeping this truck just like it is. I recently moved to this area and can't believe all the vehicles laying around. It's like every farmer is required to have his own antique salvage yard. Plus being CO, very little rust. I'll keep my eye out for these windshields. Mine just needs detail sanding & paint to look like new, but then it wouldn't match the truck. Well, that and rubber & glass. As for gauges, I know the temp works. I had to heat the sensor to get it out of the head & it went to 180. More pics to come. Work is very busy during week, so probably Saturday. Dozerman51: You read my mind. I was looking through the gallery and didn't see a year pattern for the wing windows. I'm used to Chevy where it was standard for certain years. And I'll find the gear ratio. Pflaming. Are you a S10 guy? I think I saw your user on a site. If so, you will like what I'm doing with a much dogged engine. I bought a rolled '96 S10 w/ 2.2 & 5spd to put in a '75 chevy LUV. Hoping it will do good with only 2400 lbs & 4.10 rear.
  5. new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Cool. Thanks. I'll clean it out better & see.
  6. new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Engine still won't turn. Guess I'll let it soak more. I did get interior cleaned a little & opened vent & windshield. What is that little chrome circle above speedo? It's some kind of electrical switch.
  7. new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Thanks, can't wait to get her going.
  8. new guy's 1947 WD-21

    I have a question... what is up with the vent on bottom of seat? Is it supposed to firm the cushioning? You can laugh, but at first I thought the handle was to move the seat. Then I pulled the seat out to get all the dead mice & poop. Flipped it over & saw what was going on. I can get pic if needed.
  9. new guy's 1947 WD-21

    The sides swing down. The interior isn't too bad. I vacuumed, but didn't wash yet. Headliner is falling out, missing ignition switch, seat needs recovered, and only rust is at the front cab mounts. I am very happy with the condition. I will start lubing everything. I'm digging the windshield. Just need rubber and glass. Wish I had the original bed. Bet they are hard to find. This is my 3rd truck w/flatbed, so not upset. The original owner bought this truck to haul freight. His door lettering is almost visible on driver side. Engine is still stuck, so I figured I would spend 2 hrs scraping dirt off oil pan & trans. What better way to get to know your truck?
  10. new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Howdy! I just bought a 1947 WD-21 one ton single wheel w/flatbed. I believe the flathead is the 218. The door tag says 80hp. I saw the ad in our local paper for $400. It was only 3 miles away. I knew I would buy it if I went & looked. After 3 days, I couldn't resist. Now it's mine. They bought it back in the 70's to use on the farm. It got parked about '95 and they just used it to grind corn in the bed. It is in fairly good condition other than a stuck engine. I took the head off & cyl 2 & 4 have some rust. Been soaking for few days. Should have it free today & hopefully running. I'm not familiar with pre '60 Dodges, so I had fun looking her over & comparing to my Chevys. Better location of brake master & tube shocks were a couple things. Chevy had the master under floor & had knee action til '50. Interested to see what type of brakes this has. Huck or Bendix? Looks like the windshield opens out? The plan is to get her running & drive it since I got the title. One cool thing...I knew this truck wanted to come home with me. The tires aired up & the brackets for my tow bar bolted up perfect to the bumper bolts. Easiest tow ever!