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    1947 WD-21 one ton single wheel w/ flatbed. Currently unsticking the flathead.
    1960 Dodge 40 series bus. Runs but doesn't have brakes yet.
    1962 W200 3/4 4x4. Off road beater.
    1954 Chevy 3.4 ton tow truck.
    1949 Chevy 1/2 ton daily driver.
    1949 Chevy 1 ton dually.

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    Ex Missourian moved to mountains to enjoy outdoors and rust free trucks.
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    Deliver propane


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    Denver, CO
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    Love working on old trucks & offroading.

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  1. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    I am the proud owner of a newer engine that turns. It is a P25, so could be a 218 or 230. Don't know if it means anything, but there was a diamond before P25 and a star after. The PO said the car was a '53 and it came with an auto trans. In my experience, a truck engine usually had heavier internals than a car engine. Hopefully it will move this truck ok. I want to keep this truck as stock as possible, so thinking about swapping everything 1947 onto this engine. Will test fire before swapping. Not a fan of autos, so look for it in classifieds. Sorry, no photo. Darn camera broke.
  2. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Thanks for the diagram and photo. i appreciate it.
  3. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    I apologize for my flathead ignorance. They are quite different than most engines (OHV) I am familiar with. A factory hole in the side of a block in most (that I have seen) would be a freeze plug. I did get to see the flathead draft tube in person today. I found a backup/replacement engine for the truck. It is in a '53 car with auto. Supposedly ran about 5 years ago. Parked because guy got car in divorce, but woman got title. Turns over by hand. Length measured the same as mine, so might be a 218. Complete carb to pan. Couldn't think of a better trade for a rolled '96 S10. I'm still working on my engine. Used a prybar against each valve spring. Only #2 intake is stuck. Finally got it to twist, but won't move up & down. That with #2 cyl still sticking, means I'm likely pulling the engine. #2 is at BDC & intake open. Never had a stuck engine be this stubborn.
  4. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    I know what a draft tube is, but they usually go into the crankcase. This looks like it goes into water jacket around cylinder. Below is what I usually see.
  5. FlyingEagle

    Original buildsheet

    Wow! That is awesome! I really like the trade in.
  6. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    I was hoping I wouldn't need to rebuild. That is out of budget. If so, I'll find a better engine. I pulled the head when I found the engine was stuck. #2 & 4 had some rust which I cleaned out. I tried soaking with diesel, then tranny fluid, then Marvel Mystery. I even pulled the oil pan and found some rust underneath #2. The plan was to free it up, pull 2 & 4, free up rings, hone cyl, put back together, and see what happens. Sounds hack, but I've had good results with other stuck engines. Will need to get a compressor to pull valves. All the lifters spin. Draft tube in the block? Does that connect to crankcase? I'll have to check it out. I hadn't even noticed the lack of a tube. Would explain why the block still had some antifreeze in it. I forgot to say I freed the distributor. Just needed a little help with big pliers. No damage. I hope. You would think I found this truck in a wet climate, but it is in dry western CO with air cleaner on, hood on, & the truck level when parked. Head gasket looked ok. Only way I see for water getting in is air cleaner.
  7. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Sorry for the delay. Weather & other projects keep getting in the way. Thanks, Duffy. I'm mostly happy so far. I've been having trouble getting the engine to turn over. Been soaking for long time to no avail. Also have at least one stuck valve. Pulled the manifolds Sunday. Found a missing freeze plug. Guess that's why the truck got parked. Cleaned a lot of crap out of the ports and lifter valley. Put a pry bar on flywheel today and finally got a tiny bit of movement. Thinking I should have been looking for another engine. Did find one cool thing, manifold nuts & washers are brass.
  8. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Engine still won't turn, so dropping pan. Nice thick layer of sludge in bottom. Tried to take distributor out. It will spin, but not pull out. Guess I need the engine to spin first. Check out that new looking flywheel and splash pan.
  9. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Didn't get engine free yet. Did get rear #'s sorta. Looks like 4.30 ratio. The top line has to be T-116 to match my VIN. Had to remove starter to free up linkage. What a pain. Had to take off oil filter & lines, and remove vac advance line.
  10. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Thanks, guys. I plan on keeping this truck just like it is. I recently moved to this area and can't believe all the vehicles laying around. It's like every farmer is required to have his own antique salvage yard. Plus being CO, very little rust. I'll keep my eye out for these windshields. Mine just needs detail sanding & paint to look like new, but then it wouldn't match the truck. Well, that and rubber & glass. As for gauges, I know the temp works. I had to heat the sensor to get it out of the head & it went to 180. More pics to come. Work is very busy during week, so probably Saturday. Dozerman51: You read my mind. I was looking through the gallery and didn't see a year pattern for the wing windows. I'm used to Chevy where it was standard for certain years. And I'll find the gear ratio. Pflaming. Are you a S10 guy? I think I saw your user on a site. If so, you will like what I'm doing with a much dogged engine. I bought a rolled '96 S10 w/ 2.2 & 5spd to put in a '75 chevy LUV. Hoping it will do good with only 2400 lbs & 4.10 rear.
  11. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Cool. Thanks. I'll clean it out better & see.
  12. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Engine still won't turn. Guess I'll let it soak more. I did get interior cleaned a little & opened vent & windshield. What is that little chrome circle above speedo? It's some kind of electrical switch.
  13. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Thanks, can't wait to get her going.
  14. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    I have a question... what is up with the vent on bottom of seat? Is it supposed to firm the cushioning? You can laugh, but at first I thought the handle was to move the seat. Then I pulled the seat out to get all the dead mice & poop. Flipped it over & saw what was going on. I can get pic if needed.
  15. FlyingEagle

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    The sides swing down. The interior isn't too bad. I vacuumed, but didn't wash yet. Headliner is falling out, missing ignition switch, seat needs recovered, and only rust is at the front cab mounts. I am very happy with the condition. I will start lubing everything. I'm digging the windshield. Just need rubber and glass. Wish I had the original bed. Bet they are hard to find. This is my 3rd truck w/flatbed, so not upset. The original owner bought this truck to haul freight. His door lettering is almost visible on driver side. Engine is still stuck, so I figured I would spend 2 hrs scraping dirt off oil pan & trans. What better way to get to know your truck?

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