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  1. ok first thing you should check how much vacuum you have your power valves might be to big you have to have them under the vacuum of it you could block one off and try that to see how it works
  2. hi from minn

    I have the worst luck I had a 9 inch Ford rear end for sale had two guys that never showed up they talk to me and set up a date to come and pickup the rear axle never showed up I make a appointment I show up before I set the time you never know what could happen might have car trouble or something else He wanted 2500.00 for it I made him a offer of 1400.00 then he came back with 2000.00 I told him to stick it were the sun don't shine I was not in a good mood at that time
  3. hi from minn

    person word is no good anymore a guy word are not any good anymore
  4. hi from minn

    Yes it does he could of call me and let me know what was going he called me 3 hours latter and asked me if I was there I said I called him when I was on his road and he said he had to stop at his shop and he would be there I got there at 10.20 and left at 11.45
  5. hi from minn

    went and looked at it today not very happy with the guy I drove 125 miles one way and he never showed up so why do guy make a deal with some one and not be there
  6. hi from minn

    I been around Mopar most of my life had couple demon had a old street rod I had a 1939 Plymouth coupe with a 360 magnum and a 518 transmission 1974 w100 440 727 lifted truck just for sum
  7. hi from minn

    trying to buy another Plymouth 3 window coupe I had 2 of them but they were not in the best of shape I will find out more this weekend on it
  8. hi from minn

    I live north of alex thanks
  9. hi from minn

    I from minn