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  1. Hi all my 41dodge luxury liner trunk lock has stopped working, I have taken it apart and it looks like there are bits missing or broken, I can't find any pictures of what it's supposed to look like, Does anybody have any pictures of what it's supposed to look like, and does anybody have one for sale, or can you buy replacement parts. Cheers Damon
  2. Hi Robin put me and Deb's down as I am not on Facebook anymore
  3. What are the standard dodge luxury liner rims sizes are they 4.5 or 5.5 x 16
  4. Hi all my 41dodge luxury liner has standard 16" wheels and at the moment I have 6.00 x 16 wide white crossply tyres I want to run a wider tyre on the standard rims. What is the widest tyre I can run. As I want to stay with the crossply tyres, what are you guy's running on your cars.
  5. Ok thanks I will give it a try another quick question what is the size of the axle as I can't find any information on it
  6. Hi all just got my 41 dodge luxury liner back form having lots of work done on my fluid drive ringgear starter and service, it now start's run drive's and is a real pleasure to use, my question is I think my rear axle ratio is 4.3:1 and it's sounds like it's revving quite hard at about 45 to 55 mph I would like to change the rear axle ratio to somewhere in the region 3.60:1 or there abouts, does anybody know where I could get this sort of gear set from is there a supplier that you know about. Cheers Damon
  7. Hi guy's after a lot of looking at the internet and lots of pictures and reading what you have all done to your cars I have decided to go with twin element bulbs in the front side lights and in the rear light thanks for all your comments (can't fit trafficators to a American car that would be so wrong) Cheers Damon
  8. Hi all looking to put indicators on my 41 dodge luxury liner and I am looking for ideas, what have you done to your cars so they don't look to modern any pictures would be gratefully received. Cheers Damon
  9. Ok thanks I will give it a look and see do the filler plugs need a copper washer or a fibre washer
  10. Hi às per the picture it is definitely coming out of the the hole and it is not engine oil it's look like a very light oil and when I bought the car I was told that the oil in the fluid assembly (I think that's what it's called) had been topped up, but my concern is that which part is leaking because when we take the gearbox out how long it will take to get the relevant parts sent to the UK and is this a case of replacing every thing just to be safe, or is it repairable with a kit, there are not many fluid drive experts here in the UK, is it something you can do yourself in your workshop Cheers Damon
  11. Hi all today was the first time I have had my 41Dodge luxury liner when i bought the car it had a small leak coming from the gearbox i have been told it could possibly be the graphite seal, but I pulled the car out off the workshop to find a lot of oil all over the floor, so with the car running the oil drips out of the drain hole is like a dripping tap after looking on line there's lots of conflicting information is it the graphite seal or is it the fluid drive assembly, have anybody had the same problem. Cheers Damon
  12. I think it's a Ford flathead It's says it's tri powered turbo board out to 262ci flat head i will ask the question tomorrow and report back
  13. Hi found this and all I can find of the results from2014 was a class win at 89.02mph can't find any later times but I will see what I can find out Cheers Damon
  14. Yes I have actually seen it run at some VHRA event at pendine sands and i think it was at GOW at Prescott hill climb here in the UK
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