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  1. Engine

    Hi I need to order some gaskets and seals for my engine and gearbox, so I can cure some oil leaks, but I cant seem to find the engine number I have looked where it is supposed to be and it not stamped I have the vin number and I know its a short block because It 23" head, where is the best place to order the parts from. cheers Damon
  2. Hood

    Thanks for the pictures every thing helps Cheers Damon
  3. Hood

    Thank you for the pictures, your chrome strip looks a lot flatter than mine, but will try again tomorrow and see how I get on thanks again Damon
  4. Hood

    Here is what I have sorry the quality is not great but will try again tomorrow
  5. Hood

    Hi only just bought the car last week I can open the hood but it falls out of the chrome strip that holds the two sides and I was told it could possibly be the wrong trim peice but I don't know what the original one look' s like to compare it with. So I could do with some pictures, so I could either try to make one or buy one if can find one. I will take some pictures today and post them to show you. Cheers Damon
  6. Hood

    Hi just been in the garage today and my butterfly hood (I think that's what it's called)on my 41 dodge luxury liner won't open properly and I think the chrome trim is incorrect does anybody have a pictures of what is the correct trim should look like and if it is incorrect does anybody have one for sale or know where I could get one from. Cheers Damon
  7. Hi from England

    Hi not my sort of thing really we do have a nice collection of gasser's here in the UK and we have the gasser circus that race at two tracks here.
  8. Hi from England

    There you go just a few got loads more just need to upload them onto my pad
  9. Hi from England

    Hi I am also a member of the VHRA and the 39 you are talking about belongs to my mate Steve and I am not to far from you as I live in Wiltshire and my parents live in reading
  10. Hi from England

    Hi my name is Damon I now own a 1941 dodge luxury liner sedan, this is my first 40s car and one with fluid drive which confuses me but I am sure I will get the hang of it any way thanks for letting me join I am sure I will ask some stupid questions at some point, as you all probably know more than I do, thanks Damon.