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  1. Got the box floor all welded in. I made a new rear panel, the old one was really bent up. Decided to make room for taillights and license plate. I'm not planning on a rear bumper
  2. It has 295/50r15 on the rear Im going to go with the torq thrust d with black centers, https://www.americanracing.com/wheel/6393/vn105d-torq-thrust-d 15x10 with 3.77" backspace Front will be 15x6 with 3.66" backspace (basically oem spec on front) I like the look also, it looks much better proportionally in my mind. When you look down the side of the truck the rear fenders are not sticking out really it just evened everything up. I just wish my rear fenders were a bit better to start with. I had to remake the curved angle iron where it meets the box, Theres alot of work to do on them yet obviously
  3. Been busy with other stuff but still picking away at the fargo. Barely got the floor in and it's already full of junk Haha
  4. f_armer

    Radiator Replacement 49 B1B

    http://www.wwwsuperiorradiator.com I think this is the proper link.
  5. Just guessing it looks like id have room for a mechanical fan. I'll do electric if i dont have room. Im not sure what rad ill use just yet, i have looked at champion rads, im hoping to fit one in the u channel, just havent found one with an offset filler neck. Although i could move it to the side, id have to practice my aluminum tig welding skills on something else first. What rad is that you have pictured?
  6. Bolted the thermoquad on to check air cleaner fit. Fits great!
  7. I did 1 1/8 offset, I may have to do something similar as you with the steering shaft but I haven't got that far yet.
  8. Looks good and the best part not spending money. You won't be starving the engine with that beast! What did you use to plug the original dipstick hole in the block? I was thinking of using a short chunk of aluminum rod?
  9. Was thinking I could change the angle of the rack I cut some 22.5° spacers. It looks like it would work except the captive nuts would have to be tweaked or removed and another shim put in behind the nut
  10. Well i got the last 600ac of harvest off. Finally got some beautiful weather for this time of year. My headers had arrived earlier in the week so today I did some test fitting. Fits pretty good except for steering shaft
  11. Funny thing, i ordered from tdotperformance.ca they were $9 more than summitracing but i thought I'd support a canadian company. I get an email the next day, saying, before they can process my order i must specify year make model and engine size of vehicle, to ensure a proper fit. I emailed them back basically telling them to just hurry up and ship them. Just thought it was odd, do they double check every order people make to be sure they know what they are doing?
  12. I ordered some 78070 hedmans I have no idea if they will fit.
  13. Or maybe these instead of running boards
  14. I moved the engine over 1 1/8" so everything is parallel and driveshaft clears tank. I'm planning on using a fuel regulator and using factory fuel pump. Also it looks like i can plumb the fuel filler pipe into back of cab and use the stock 1951 location for filling. Rough fit the box yesterday. I like the look of the box sitting slightly lower than original. I know the running boards won't line up, but I may shorten them to cab length or not have running boards at all.

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