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    1951 fargo f01 08
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    I farm in west central Saskatchewan
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  1. f_armer

    Photo’s of my Truck

    Beautiful truck!
  2. f_armer

    Pretty nice 1952 find.

    Good info on the heater. My guess is that the heater was installed when truck was new, maybe by the dealer., but never had the defrost tubes installed. The wood rack looks very factory made, but must have been made later by someone.
  3. f_armer

    Pretty nice 1952 find.

    What's everyone's opinion on this wooden headache rack? Would it be original? Or home made? And the heater doesn't have any ducting to the windshield defrost is that normal?
  4. f_armer

    Pretty nice 1952 find.

    I'm sure rear axle is original. Top speed is about 55, if the Speedo is accurate.
  5. Hi I'm new to the forum and thought I'd let people know what my truck looks like. I bought this 1952 dg1 08 thinking I would put it on a Dakota frame and a v8 or Cummins 3.3 that I have. But I think it is too nice to chop up. So I've ordered new seat vinyl and padding from Roberts motor parts and ill drive it as is. The original wheels tires and hubcaps were in the back of the box when I bought it. And he had a brand new tailgate from a same year 1 ton he threw in also. The 1 ton tailgate is wider than this trucks. In the meantime I've found rougher 1951 Fargo fo1 08 that ill start my other project with.

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