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  1. Looks good and the best part not spending money. You won't be starving the engine with that beast! What did you use to plug the original dipstick hole in the block? I was thinking of using a short chunk of aluminum rod?
  2. Was thinking I could change the angle of the rack I cut some 22.5° spacers. It looks like it would work except the captive nuts would have to be tweaked or removed and another shim put in behind the nut
  3. Well i got the last 600ac of harvest off. Finally got some beautiful weather for this time of year. My headers had arrived earlier in the week so today I did some test fitting. Fits pretty good except for steering shaft
  4. Funny thing, i ordered from tdotperformance.ca they were $9 more than summitracing but i thought I'd support a canadian company. I get an email the next day, saying, before they can process my order i must specify year make model and engine size of vehicle, to ensure a proper fit. I emailed them back basically telling them to just hurry up and ship them. Just thought it was odd, do they double check every order people make to be sure they know what they are doing?
  5. I ordered some 78070 hedmans I have no idea if they will fit.
  6. Or maybe these instead of running boards
  7. I moved the engine over 1 1/8" so everything is parallel and driveshaft clears tank. I'm planning on using a fuel regulator and using factory fuel pump. Also it looks like i can plumb the fuel filler pipe into back of cab and use the stock 1951 location for filling. Rough fit the box yesterday. I like the look of the box sitting slightly lower than original. I know the running boards won't line up, but I may shorten them to cab length or not have running boards at all.
  8. I thought was interesting you were doing more or less same thing as i also. I started by shortening my frame to exact wheelbase as original truck, then set driveline in on blocks to get my aprox squat, then fitted the body to the approx ride height i wanted. Lots of measuring! As you read above, i wanted to center the engine, but found fuel tank clearance issue, so will redo front mount plate. I am considering cutting the floor out of dakota box and grafting it into the 51 box. It will be very shallow, I farm and need large shop as i do all my own repairs its 60w80L18h The cnc is a 4x8 plasma table, i built the table and bought a bulltear gantry to put on it, i think he calls them starlab now. http://www.plasmaland.com
  9. This 400 4bbl is out of a 1978 new yorker. Its stock. It did have the lean burn computer on it but got converted back to regular electronic It has very few miles on it. Interesting thing is i presumed it had a cast crank, and when i swapped pans i never checked if it was forged or cast, but just yesterday i noticed it looks like a forged crank damper on it. I wonder if maybe by fluke it got a forged crank from factory. Build date is 77. Ill check next time i pull the pan its just on temporary anyway. Kind of interesting story behind it, my father bought the new yorker new, we had a camper trailer and he wanted more power, so within the first year of buying it he bought a 1970 chrysler 300 with a 440, pulled it out, had it rebuilt to hp specs and swapped engines into the new yorker. He put lower gears in it also. Needless to say it was probably the quickest new yorker in the country. The 400 went into the 300, and never got driven much. Ended up pulling the 400 out of the 300 and here it is. Ill prob run the thermoquad for starters, love the howl they made when 4bbl opened up. The 440 i ended up putting in my 1971 satellite, which was a 318 car to begin with. I think ill have enough hp for this little truck for now.
  10. After rereading my post i want to clear up a potential misunderstanding. After mounting my engine parallel, and centered, i had to move the trans tailshaft about a 1/4" to get driveshaft to properly clear fuel tank. Looking at my post it looks like i offset rear of trans the amount of that trans mount i made. That mount is offset because the original dakota driveline is approx 2 1/4" to pass side The pinion on rear is approx 1 1/2" offset to pass side. So to line up driveline exactly with rear (i know its not required as long as everything is parallel) I'll still have an offset trans mount. I just want to say that the engine is not sitting at the extreme angle maybe some were thinking it was. It was very slight and im sure it would be fine as is. But just to be sure i will take the time and redo the mount so everything is parallel. I just never expected the fuel tank to interfere after all my initial measuring
  11. Ok so I just redrew my motor plate with 1 1/2" offset that will line driveline up exactly. It'll be easy to install bushings later.
  12. I actually have done some research on the subject and the conclusion is there might be a slight vibration. Like i said it'll be an easy thing to correct, and I may address it if it is a problem. Maybe you should do some research on race cars, they often mount the motor plates solid to the frame. Actually not so uncommon on some street cars also. I'm not expecting this to be as quiet as a Bentley on the road. Do you really think mounting the engine solid to the frame will put me in the ditch, or cross the centerline?? Wow. edit: rereading this comes across as snippy, that is not my intent.
  13. I know its not recommended, i suppose if worse comes to worse i'll cut a new motor plate with the proper offset. Next is cutting firewall out of Dakota cab and welding it in Fargo cab. If the offset is a problem then i'll correct it then.
  14. Easiest way to mount engine with a motor plate I made. Lots of room for exhaust I hope. Planning on using 78070 hedman hugger headers Centered engine in frame then found the fuel tank would interfere with driveshaft so I offset the trans mount to clear. Engine is slightly angled. Hope that's not a prob.

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