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  1. Ouch that hurts. Seems the longer you wait (and parts are so scarce nowadays) the more you will pay. Hank
  2. Sorry to hear that Keven. It's good to know he walked with Jesus and a big difference knowing he is with him now. Hope his family are doing o.k. Hank
  3. Hope this helps, I have some extra parts so PM me with your address if you'd like. Hank
  4. That's wierd, my Roberts Floor Mat still looks to be in good shape despite how long it's been on and how much abuse it gets. I have to agree with Gary and he has always made good on anything that I purchased from him. The only time something wasn't right for me is that my 51 has the "hump" on the door panel. I got the straight one and when I asked Gary about it he sent the correct one out to me no charge.I know Gary and Gary always tries to do the right thing by us. Hank
  5. Quite Magnificent ! If it still has the siren, it would be perfect to drive in LA (especially for Jeff, but maybe for Rod too) It's getting close to gridlock, I don't do Freeways (yet...pending new differential and dsc brakes up front) Welcome, Hank
  6. This year we can both run away from Paul ...How's that sound..Funny last year Paul was running away form me too..what's with that Guy. Plymouthy will probably keeep him occupied kind of like Trump on Hillary ? Geez it's less than a month away... Hank
  7. Better'n a dump truck anyway... Hank .. minicooper enjoy the short turning radius while you can...(Just Kidding...don't worry you'll love your 3/4 ton they are all great trucks !)
  8. Best way to go ! Always have two master cylinders, one installed and working the other rebuilt when you have time and are not in a crisis. I'm also planning to change to discs up front and am also interested in seeing pics and hearing how other forum members accomplished this. I'll be lurking, Hank
  9. Hope this helps http://p15-d24.com/topic/19395-steering-box/ Hank
  10. I never heard of doing that, but what do I know about ice, I'm in Southern California (I went swimming today) Hank
  11. May your gears not grind, may your oil not leak and may your Flatties runs smooth as silk. Sorry I'm not going to make it and get to meet all you guys and your rides. Have a Great Time, Hank
  12. Paul, There's a little known adjustment for just that. The adjustment allows the shift lever (the steel cane looking part) to lift the cane more so that the transmission has an easier time finding first (and reverse) Hope that's all it is and you get it shifting properly. Hank x
  13. Most likely Ash. A beautiful wood to work with. Protected, it will withstand the elements pretty well. I'd love to have that Woodie too, Hank
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